Low carbon and eco-friendly travel starts at the airport before your flight departure

Low carbon and eco-friendly travel starts at the airport before your flight departure

Hello, Everyone. Incheon Airport is the place you must visit if you plan to go travel or business trip oversea!

Did you know that all of you have already experienced low carbon · eco-friendly activities on your way to the airport and during journey before your departure?

Incheon Airport is currently providing chance to experience low carbon · eco-friendly activity to passengers through eco-friendly facilities and environment.

Today is the story about experiences that Incheon Airport has provided!

Let’s go to Incheon Airport by eco-friendly transportation!

Carbon emission could be reduced by using eco-friendly transportation such as electric vehicle, hybrid automobile, and hydrogen fuel cell bus, etc. Using these eco-friendly transportation on the way to the airport contributes to low carbon · eco-friendly activity.

Incheon Airport is planning to gradually change vehicles and shuttles in airport into hydrogen fuel cell vehicle(HFCV)

Magnetic levitation train
Magnetic levitation train

Besides, Incheon Airport operates a magnetic levitation train for the convenience of passengers. Thanks to the environment-friendly characteristics of low noise, non-vibration and no-dust, Incheon Airport magnetic levitation train, which is first commercialized in Korea, provides another eco-friendly experience to the passengers.

Right after the arrival to Incheon Airport, beautiful natural scenery seizes your sight!

On your arrival to Incheon Airport, you could meet beautiful scenery!

People who visit Terminal 1 could enjoy view of Haneul Park with seasonal flower gardens such as rape flowers and cosmos, around the avenue. Haneul Park, decorated with beautiful flowers, is becoming a popular place to visit for many people especially in spring and fall to enjoy the airport and nature at the same time.

Haneul Park
Haneul Park

People who visit Terminal 2 could see Rock Garden located around the Cargo Terminal area. Rock Garden is a beautiful place decorated by silver grass and creates an island-like scenery of the west coast by using stone mountain. Rock Garden has been awarded of grand prize in Ecological Sector of Korea’s Landscape Culture Awards organized by the Ministry of Environment.

Rock Garden
Rock Garden

Eco-friendly Incheon Airport Terminal 2!

After entering duty-free area of Incheon Airport Terminal 2, a dense forest greets people.

While appreciating great natural scenery of Terminal 2, a single thought might come up to people’s mind.

Wouldn’t it take a lot of energy to run this place around the clock?

The answer is NO! Incheon Airport was constructed through external design that minimizes energy loss, and has introduced renewable energy facilities such as solar and geothermal power generator to save energy. Due to that, Incheon Airport improved its energy efficiency by 40%!

It is a good chance to experience renewable energy environment, which is upcoming in near future, in the Incheon Airport

Solar power generation facility: Total 13 plants and 5,832kW scale of solar power generation facility is being operated by utilizing roof tops and unused area of Incheon Airport. Through this 3,472tCO2 of green house gas is being reduced annually and 43MW scale solar power generation facility is planned to be introduced by 2023.

Fuel Cell power plant: To ensure the stability of heat supply to major facilities at Incheon Airport, a project to build a 40MW fuel cell power plant in an area adjacent to the airport’s cogeneration plant is being pushed ahead.

Geothermal power generation facility: A method that can be used for heating and cooling using ground and underground heat or temperature difference. Incheon Airport is being supplied of 5,752,682kWh energy annually by installing and operating total seven plants and 8,195kW scale geothermal power generation facility in Terminal 2 and Government Agency Building 2.

The beginning of the excitement, waiting to board

After checking in, outside the window, an aircraft that will carry people shows its presence at Incheon Airport’s mooring. Passengers who have seen this could not hide their excitement.

To repay the excitement, Incheon Airport operates an efficient system to get on the plane quickly. It is the A-CDM(Airport Collaborative Decision Making)! By reducing the waiting time for aircraft with this system, Incheon Airport can save fuel and significantly improve carbon emissions.

A system that shares information on the flight time of aircraft separately managed by airport operators, airlines, handling companies, ground controls, and air control. Through this system that allows prediction of aircraft operating hours in advance and joint response to traffic flows, waiting time could be hugely reduced.

It is not the end. Incheon Airport operates a PC-Air (Preconditioned-Air Supply), which supplies air conditioning and heating directly to the aircraft to ensure the temperature inside stays at a comfortable level! This device reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, by minimizing aircraft engine operation.

Preconditioned-Air for the aircraft

From your way to the airport to your departure! How was your experience of low carbon · eco-friendly world through Incheon Airport? Aren’t you proud of low carbon · eco-friendly world embodied in Incheon Airport?

In the future, Incheon Airport plans to gradually expand the proportion of eco-friendly energy to replace 20 percent of the airport’s total energy use with renewable energy by 2030!

With these investments in eco-friendly facilities and energy saving activities, Incheon Airport will keep on working hard to become a world-leading low carbon · eco-friendly airport! Thank you.

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