Killing your waiting time with amazing advanced technology! ‘Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall’

5G Experience Hall

Hello, everyone!

At Incheon Airport full of people traveling abroad, many passengers spend their time after arriving early to avoid being late for boarding time.

Therefore! Incheon Airport prepared variety of experience areas for passengers to have more joyful time while waiting. One of those is 5G Experience Hall in Incheon Airport Terminal 2.

It is perfect for people who have much interest in latest technologies, or family traveling with kids.

Want to find out what it’s like? Now let’s look through Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall together!

5G Experience Hall! Where is it?

On 18th of December 2019, Incheon Airport opened ‘Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall’ in cooperation with SK Telecom

* Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall will be opening until March 17, 2020

5G Experience Hall

On the way to 5G Experience Hall, huge cat greets people first. Here, you can relax and have fun in the outdoor garden.

AR animals

First, download Jump AR application. Then, when you place camera on the huge cat, you could meet small and cute AR animals. You will lose track of time taking picture with various AR animals.

Now, if you look around the huge cat, you can see the 5G Experience Hall. You could personally experience various services using 5G communication technologies such as VR and AR.

5G communication technologies

VR rhythm game BEAT SABER

The most popular corner for passengers at 5G Experience Hall is the VR rhythm game, BEAT SABER, for all ages and men.


BEAT SABER is a game that you crush blocks coming into your VR screen accordingly to the beat. If you focus on the game with exciting music, you will find yourself dancing to the rhythm without even realizing it.


Vivid VR experience zone! Jump VR

VR experience zone
VR experience zone2

Next to BEAT SABER, there is also a space for experiencing 360° VR movies, animations, etc. It is called Jump VR. 360° VR enables users to enjoy various contents including movies, idol videos, and traveling.

Besides, passengers could choose the video content that suits their taste. Because of this, it has become a popular attraction enjoyed by everyone including children, adults, and even foreign tourists

Virtual Social World

In addition, the Jump VR provides services to communicate with various people through user’s own avatar in the virtual world. It is called ‘Virtual Social World’. Simply put, social networking services, such as Facebook and Instagram, are done through VR devices.

Users can make their own avatars, decorate them as they want, watch VR movies, and raise animals. Moreover, they could meet other users in virtual world and chat with them or play mini games together. Special experience only at Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall! Let’s enjoy it!

Virtual Social World2

AI in the living experience zone! AI LIFE

Recently, with software education becoming mandatory, the coding craze has been spreading. Parents with children are probably worried about how to teach coding.

Albert AI

In response, Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall has prepared AI LIFE, where you could meet Albert AI, a coding education robot

Here, children can play games with Albert, learn the basic principles of coding, and actually experience coding. In addition, they can develop both problem-solving and computing-thinking skills at the same time.

Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall, where you could learn coding easily and funny! If you are with young children, please make sure to visit.

So far, we have looked at the Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall. With all these different 5G-based technologies, boarding time will come to you in no time.

Wait! Incheon Airport 5G Experience Hall will be opening until March 17, 2020. Please make sure to visit before then, and make good memories with families, friends, and lovers.

Thank You.

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