[Destination City Traveling No.2] Tour to Bangkok, Thailand? I’m going on a learning trip!


In Thailand, you can enjoy cultural heritage where history and tradition live, splendid night culture, and delicious food full of spices!

Among them, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and the largest city in Southeast Asia, has been loved by passengers.

If you get away from this tour-focused trip and visit places you can only enjoy in the country, it could be happier trip.

china town

If you’ve been sick and tired of trip that only takes you to necessary courses, why don’t you now make plans for a trip that you can actually learn and get something?

Incheon Airport blog will introduce you to three exotic experience sites where you can fully experience Bangkok!

Journey to Bangkok, Thailand, starting at Incheon Airport!

Before introducing exotic travel destinations, the flight information to Bangkok, Thailand will be introduced

Bangkok, Thailand is one of 181 destination cities of Incheon Airport, and six domestic airlines of Incheon Airport (Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, T’way Air and Eastar Jet) has launched to the city. In addition, many foreign airlines, including Thai Airways, a large national carrier of Thailand, are operating the Incheon Airport-Bangkok route.

With countless domestic and international airlines operating the Incheon Airport-Bangkok route, you can choose various dates and time zones to travel.

Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport

In Bangkok there are two major airports, Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. Most of flights go to, Suvarnabhumi Airport, some others go to Don Mueang Airport. It would be helpful to choose an airport based on your destination in Bangkok!

*Incheon Airport-Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) airlines: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, T’way Air and Eastar Jet

*Incheon Airport-Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) airline: Thai AirAsia X

As of February 2020

Most air routes from Incheon Airport to Bangkok, Thailand, are evening flights and often arrive in Bangkok at late night.


*Access to Incheon Airport-Bangkok Flight Information ▶https://www.airport.kr/ap/ko/dep/pasRegSchList.do


So why don’t you spend your first day of the trip at Incheon Airport with a variety of amenities?

Make a special travel course with unique foods, attractions and things to enjoy only at Incheon Airport!


*Access to Incheon Airport facilities and services information

Incheon Airport Facebook ▶https://www.facebook.com/incheonairport/

Incheon Airport Instagram ▶https://www.instagram.com/incheon_airport

The fact that there are so many Incheon Airport-Bangkok flights proves that Bangkok in Thailand is such a popular destination.

Incheon Airport- Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) flying hours
Incheon Airport- Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) flying hours

First of all, the flying hours between Incheon Airport and Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) is not long, averaging only 5 hours and 50 minutes. In addition, you can enjoy spa & massage, various tourist attractions and food at reasonable prices throughout the four seasons


Bangkok, Thailand, has become the most popular destination for travelers, having consistently topped the list of number of passengers by route for several years! In 2019, the number of passengers was the highest among 181 destination cities of Incheon Airport.

2019 Incheon Airport Number of passengers by route
2019 Incheon Airport Number of passengers by route (Source: Airportal)

Only in Thailand? Into Bangkok's exotic experience sites!

Now you will be introduce of exotic experience sites of Bangkok, Thailand.

Learn original & traditional  ‘massage’ of Thailand

‘massage’ of Thailand

Thailand Massage is famous everywhere in the world, so much that a massage comes to mind when thinking about Thailand. That’s why many people cite ‘Massage’ as a must-do course for their trip to Bangkok. So why don’t you learn it yourself, instead of getting a massage on this trip? At Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School, where you can learn traditional Thai Massage!

Wat Po Thai

‘Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School’ is located in the Wat Po Temple, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. This place is always visited by tourists who want to receive or learn traditional Thai massage.

A course that tourists can learn massage in a short period of time is the General Thai Massage. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., tourists learn massage for 5 days (Monday to Friday), and can get a certificate if they pass the test on the last day.

For more specifics of massage and course introduction please check the link below!

Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School: https://www.watpomassage.com/

Have a special trip by enjoying traditional Thai massage and getting certificate at Bangkok’s Wat Po Thai Traditional Massage School!

Learn traditional martial arts of Thailand, 'Muay Thai'

Muay Thai

If you think Thailand is famous only for massage, spa and food, you are mistaken!

As Taekwondo is Korean national martial art, there is Muay Thai, one of the national sports of Thailand. It’s a culture of Thailand’s soul and a traditional martial art that has been practiced for a very long time. Today, it is not only for the purpose of fighting but also regarded as a hobby sport for health.

Muay Thai2

Tourists can also experience Thai traditional Muay Thai in Bangkok. There are more than 100 Muay Thai gyms in downtown Bangkok alone, with each gym full of experienced coaches. So novice travelers can learn Muay Thai easily and funny. Each gym varies slightly, but you can participate in any number of classes, from one hour to one week, or whatever you want, according to your schedule.

*Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand


1. RSM(Rajadamnern Stadium Muay Thai Academy)


Gym popular to women for its clean facilities.


2. Krudam MuayThai School


Gym run by the Muay Thai Champion who created the Muay Thai Curriculum himself.


3. Muay Thai Mania Academy


Gym with well-organized weight-loss programs, neat facilities and spacious spaces.


4. FIT FAC Muay Thai Academy


Gym where sports scientists reside and former Muay Thai fighters teach classes.

During your trip to Bangkok, why don’t you experience Muay Thai, train your body and mind and feel Thai culture fully?

Make 'Traditional Food' of  Thailand

Traditional Food

One of the easiest ways to feel a country’s culture is trying traditional food. On this trip to Bangkok, it would be better to cook and taste the ‘Traditional Food’ of Thailand and feel the culture of Thailand

So, the last experience site introduction is making traditional food of Thailand, which is very hot these days!

Traditional Food2
Traditional Food3

Thailand’s traditional food making experience is very popular because even if you’re not good at cooking, you can easily learn it! Also, if you take classes in the morning, you can get a chance to tour a traditional market of Thailand and shop there.

You can see Bangkok’s local market and listen to detailed explanation, so two birds with one stone!

There are a set menu for each day of the week, so if you have any favorite dishes, please make a reservation by referring to the Cooking Class schedule in advance!

These were travel places where you can experience traditional Thai culture in Bangkok.

Why don’t you design your own special trip to experience Bangkok, not just as a simple sight-seeing tour?

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