Restricted items are not allowed! Smart security screening system based on Artificial Intelligence ‘Incheon Airport AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system’

More than 180,000 people a day on average use Incheon Airport!

To make it a convenient and safe trip for passengers, Incheon Airport always put ‘safety’ first.

Security Check

Especially, Security Check is strictly focused on safety. Before the passengers board the plane, they proceed baggage checks and body searches accurately and meticulously. It is essential to protect the precious lives of passengers by detecting and eliminating risk factors as quickly as possible that could interfere with the stable operation of aircraft.

Screeners carefully check all the luggage which passengers carry on the aircraft with X-Ray to filter out prohibited items or any other items that threaten air traffic. However, if you spend a lot of time reading the items on the screen, you will get more and more tired.

That is why, on November 2019, Incheon Airport integrated a technology that can detect dangerous items quickly and accurately on X-Ray. What’s more surprising is that Incheon Airport is the first airport in the world to do so! Incheon Airport introduce to you, AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system

Incheon Airport is the first airport in the world who introduces ‘AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system'!

On November 2019, the ‘AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system ‘ started its test operation at the security checkpoint of Incheon Airport Terminal 2.

A machine that behaves intelligently like a human being. This allows the computer to self-solve tasks that used to being completely dependent on people

First, passengers’ luggage is screened through X-Ray and then Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically determines whether they are dangerous or not. It is a little different from the usual way that sorts dangerous items by looking at the X-Ray with human eyes, right?

passengers' luggage is screened through X-Ray and then Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically determines whether they are dangerous or not.

At current stage, the system can automatically check if some dangerous items, such as knives or guns, are hidden in passengers’ luggage. Moreover, if it’s difficult to read things correctly, the system alerts screeners, and it helps them decide whether to take their luggage out and inspect it themselves.

How can ‘AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system' check dangerous items?

machine learning

The principle of the technology for reading dangerous items is ‘Deep Learning’. Deep Learning, in short, is the process of AI learning by itself based on its own experience.

By continuously accumulating data on all dangerous items, AI improves the accuracy of the readings. In addition, if there is a case of actual detection of dangerous items during the course of learning, AI applies it to read immediately on a similar case in the future.

What will the AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system look like at Incheon Airport in the future?

AI-based X-Ray automated reading systems will be upgraded stage by stage to read out all dangerous items with increased accuracy!

So in the future, when this technology is able to read all dangerous items quickly and accurately, Incheon Airport’s security search capability is expected to be the top of the world. In addition, the working environment of screeners can improve, too!

The development and performance of AI based X-Ray Automatic Inspection system! Please keep eyes on it. Through artificial intelligence technology, Incheon Airport will continue to make efforts to make it a safe and convenient trip for passengers.

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