Smart Shopping with ‘Tax Refund’ at Incheon Airport

All products include taxes on residents, the value added taxes(VAT). Since foreign travelers are going back home, they can get these VAT back. These services are called Tax Refund.

There are about 34 countries around the world that offer tax refund. Not all countries offer this service! There are countries that offer this service only in some areas, such as Texas & Louisiana of U.S, and Beijing and Shanghai of China. Since Korea refunds 10% VAT included in the goods, it is a must-have benefit for foreigners who travel to Korea.

In this posting, we will introduce you to the conditions and methods of tax refund in Korea, especially at Incheon Airport where you can take care of them all at once after the trip!

Are there necessary conditions of Tax Refund?

Not everyone can get Tax Refund Service. You need a qualification to get it. Since it is a service that deducts domestic taxes, qualifications are checked thoroughly. There are various standards depending on the length of stay, store and item.

■ Length of Stay

Not everyone can get the service just because they are foreigners. If you are a foreign tourist, your stay in Korea must be within six months. If you are a Korean-American, you must have lived abroad for more than two years, and your stay in Korea should be within three months.

■ Store

Only items purchased at the Tax Refund affiliated stores can be refunded. You can get a tax refund only if the stores have the logo below, so make sure to check before purchase. Tax refund requests are prohibited at stores without logos!

■ Item

Tax refund is only available for items you could carry with when leaving the country. In addition, goods purchased should be unopened and unused, and must be shipped from Korea within three months of purchase.

Also, it’s only possible if the purchase price is over 30,000 won. Many countries offer an average purchase price of 70,000 won or more, compared to them it is an attractive standard.

Just like Taiwan, there are some countries you have to shop everything at once on the last day since you can only get a refund on the amount you buy at the same store on the same day. In Korea, however, all items purchased ‘with more than 30,000 won per receipt within the travel period’ are possible! You can receive tax refund without much difficulty in Korea! Isn’t it really comfortable?

From purchase to departure! How to get Tax Refund

If you qualified the condtions, you must be curious of how to actually receive tax refund. Just keep in mind three steps for tax refund!

Step 1. Shopping at the tax refund affiliated store

If you shopped excitedly at a store with a Tax Refund affiliated logo, that’s not the end!


You must show your passport to the clerk after purchasing the item and ask for the issuance of the tax refund document. And you must keep the refund documents and the purchase receipt until you leave the country. You have to submit the documents when you leave the country, because you can’t get a refund without the evidence.

Step 2. Checking carry-out when leaving the country

What if it’s time to leave the country after a pleasant trip? You have to submit carry-out report at Incheon Airport with your refund items. It’s good to get there early in case the airport gets crowded!

To submit carry-out report, you must check in and get your boarding pass. At then, items and related documents to apply for a tax refund must be carried without being checked as luggage. Submit your passport, purchase items, and receipt to the customs declaration desk and receive a stamp confirming carry-out on the VAT refund document!

Oh, you want to check in your items as checked luggage because it’s too big? Don’t worry! In that case, please inform the staff that there are items to be refunded in your luggage when you check in. Then they will tag your luggage and return it to you so you can get a customs declaration! Take the luggage and visit the customs declaration desk. Once you’ve received the customs seal, place it on the large luggage conveyor belt next to you and you’re done! It’s not so hard, right?

Step 3. Receiving Tax Refund

Once you have finished your customs declaration, the much-awaited moment of refund is finally here. Usually, you can get a VAT refund by visiting the Tax Refund window and submitting a document stamped with customs seal!

At Incheon Airport, you can get a tax refund at the window or by using an automated device. We’ll tell you the location of the windows and automated devices by terminal, so receive a tax refund conveniently at Incheon Airport!

Window? Automated Device? Incheon Airport Tax Refund at Your Comfort

■ Receiving Tax Refund at window

At the window, you can simply submit a VAT refund document with a customs seal to the employee. But there may be a short time before boarding the plane, and there may be people arriving outside window business hours. Then, please use the Refund Box installed in the window!

Please submit the relevant documents in the box. After a certain period of time, the refund amount will be deposited into a postal money order or credit card-linked account, so you can go back to your home country and check it out.

Tax Refund Window

■ Receiving Tax Refund using Automated Devices

If you are tired of talking directly to a window, or if the window is closed, try the automated device installed next to the window.

If you recognize your passport and scan the barcode on the receipt on the automated device, you will be refunded according to the details already approved. If you have a large refund or do not want to receive in cash, you can also receive it with credit card-linked account.

Tax Refund Automated Device

Shopping at the traveling site is another must-have pleasure.


Did you buy your own souvenirs to cherish your memories or gifts for your family, friends and lovers?

Don’t miss out on tax rebates at Incheon Airport before leaving the country, and hope you have a great trip to the end.

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