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These days, travel has become lighter. Because there is a lot of information, anyone can leave anytime they want. In the past, even if there were hard preparations and trials with errors, the fact that they ‘did’ travel was a special experience. But these days, people are more interested in the ‘method’ that makes travel more convenient and fruitful.

So, we have prepared a few tips to make your trip more convenient and enjoyable with a few mobile services. From airline ticket purchases to finding directions, managing expenses, and taking photos! Let’s find out which travel applications are popular in Korea now!

Purchasing an airline ticket

Preparations for the trip should start with purchasing an airline ticket, right? First, we will introduce the apps which you can use to compare the ticket prices.


If you don’t have to take a direct flight, you can travel cheaper with a stopover ticket. It is also a good idea to buy airline tickets 5 to 6 months in advance using the price comparison apps.

Skyscanner is one of the most popular apps when you need a cheap ticket. Airline ticket prices vary greatly depending on the date of travel, and Skycanner makes it easier to compare the ‘cheapest date’ of the ticket by making the ticket price appear daily on the calendar! Comparing tickets in order of recommendation/lowest price/shortest hours is another factor to help you plan your trip. If you set up a ‘price change’ notification service, you can even receive a notification when a cheaper ticket is available.

NAVER Airline Tickets is conveniently accessible through Naver, a search platform that Korean people are familiar with. It has the advantage of being able to use right away when you need to search for tickets urgently. If you search for ‘NAVER Airline Tickets’, you can compare tickets by entering your departure, destination, and date in the input window, and you can see the discounts of various domestic travel agencies and credit card companies at a glance. Another advantage of NAVER Airline Tickets is that you can easily check various airline tickets when using multi-section search with different stopovers!

Expedia offers a variety of travel-related services, including accommodation reservations, as well as airline ticket searches. It has the advantage of being able to book airline tickets and accommodation at once. It often helps us prepare for a more reasonable trip in terms of air and hotel promotion.

When you want an efficient journey

Now that you must be done with your pre-travel preparations, let us dive into some navigation and expense management applications you can use during your trip. For those of you who are thinking of traveling without planning, maps and account books are useful anytime, anywhere.

First, let’s look at the navigation app.


Google Map provides information from all over the world. From simple road finding features to public transportation methods and estimated transportation costs, so you don’t have to worry when visiting countries which information is not so easy to find otherwise. Since you can probably search in your own language, it’s easy to look for information even if you’re not familiar with foreign languages. Not only the phone number, but also the business days are updated in detail. From how many hours other people usually stay, you can see the reviews of those who have been there right away with photos.

Triple is an application that not only searches places but also records your schedule and movements. You can share your schedule with your companions, and it’s easier to navigate with Google Maps-linked road-finding service. You can easily find good restaurants, accommodations, and tourist attractions. Triple users visit and leave photos, star ratings, and personal reviews, so you can check information from various angles. You can also see reviews on blogs based on location information, so it’s good to see its shortcomings without being bothered by advertising.

Next, you will also need a budget clearance app, right?


Travi Pocket is a travel account application. Just enter the amount and you can simply organize your travel expenses and save receipts, photos, and memos. You can also calculate the exchange rate on the application. It’s very useful since you can register various currencies such as dollars and won, and check both cash/card expenses. It can also be exported as a PDF or CSV file, making it easier to manage overall expenses.

When you want to keep a special memory

It’s a shame to keep a lot of fun memories in the travel destination with just a basic camera. Lastly, let’s take a look at some travel photo applications that will make us as good as professional photographers. They provide a variety of filters and effects to give photos a boost.

Foodie is a photo application specialized for taking pictures of food, as its name shows. It’s good to record different foods you’ve tasted in travel destinations with various filters. Of course, it’s also useful for taking landscape pictures, too.


Lightroom, famous as computer photo editing program, offers similar functions in mobile applications. Compared to other applications that offer existing filters, the usage is a bit complicated, but it has the advantage of being able to create your own filters and edit them to fit the feeling you want.


Pixaloop is an AI-based photo animation application that allows users to put moving filters into existing photos. Add various effects such as ‘Star’, ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Snowing Day’ to create photos.

In this posting, we looked at mobile apps that are useful for traveling. From paying for airline tickets to searching for local public transportation and making memories with photos edited by myself! It won’t be difficult to travel abroad with the applications we introduced above. We wish you a safe and convenient trip, and Incheon International Airport will be back with more useful information!

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