Artport Incheon Airport Embraces Art

Have you heard of “artport”?

Artport is a portmanteau of “art” and “airport,” which added cultural service to cutting-edge passenger service, and a keyword that symbolizes its beginning as an airport of culture and art. It represents its aspirations that Incheon Airport will provide aesthetic pleasure and special experience to passengers visiting the airport in terms of service beyond simply being a gateway.

This post introduces a new aspect of Incheon Airport, which is aiming to become an airport of culture and art, and its recently installed artworks!

Incheon Airport, Dreaming of Becoming a Culture and Art Platform in Korea

One amazing fact is that Incheon Airport’s aspirations toward culture and art is not limited to just inside the airport. It has a vision of establishing a giant culture and art belt, which stretches across regions and country from the airport. Based on accessible transport like bus and maglev train, it considers a bigger picture that the airport will lead the lifestyle of not only passengers but also local residents and Korean people.

What if good impression and excitement felt in the airport intensify through culture and art, and enhance the image of not only a city, but a whole country? This aspect could lead to a new airport demand. This is why Incheon Airport is working hard to become an airport of culture and art.

Installing original artworks in Incheon Airport in collaboration with world-renowned artists is part of such efforts. Below are the 3 artworks recently installed; each in Transportation Center 1, Shuttle Train Platform, and Concourse Media Tower. The airport’s spatial features and passengers’ routes are fully considered for the passengers to feel and enjoy the artworks wherever they are while using the airport.

Then, let’s take a look at the artworks, shall we?

1) Delivering an Excitement through Korean Beauty - Artist Suh Do-ho’s Home within Home – Seoul Home

The first artwork is Home within Home – Seoul Home by artist Suh Do-ho, who is regarded as the most internationally successful Korean artists after Paik Nam-june.

The artwork is created based on the image of a hanok (traditional Korean house) in Seongbuk-dong where the artist spent his childhood. It is made of stainless steel and polyester clothes, consisting a bigger yellow house as big as the actual hanok and a smaller blue house built at the aspect ratio of 60 %.

The artist tries to represent Korean identity passes down and develops through future generations with the form of smaller house in the bigger house. Its unique Korean beauty delivers a message of welcome and excitement to all visitors, Korean or international.

This artwork is the first permanently installed large-scale artwork which can only be seen in Incheon Airport, a hub of international transport which represents Korea! It is located in Transportation Center 1 in Terminal 1. Check it out if you are interested 😊

Suh has told a story of a space containing personal history and today’s life through the medium of “house” and reinterpreted various types of houses including hanok. He was selected to represent the Korean Pavilion in the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001, and his artworks are collected in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tate Modern in London, and other prominent museums around the world.

2) Harmony Between Encounter and Farewell - Artist Bahk Seon-ghi’s An Aggregation 190707

The second artwork is An Aggregation 190707. This artwork is created by artist Bahk Seon-ghi, who is consistently loved by galleries in Korea and abroad.

It is a large-scale installation work, first of its kind installed in Korea. It is installed between the center of the duty-free area on 3Fand the shuttle train platform on B2.

Silver beads at the top and gold beads at the bottom are harmonized with delicately adjusted density in a geometric pattern from various angles. It features harmony of two feelings that can be felt in the airport: excitement and sadness caused by encounter and farewell. It is an unbounded artwork that can be appreciated differently, with a diverse look depending on the location and angle.

Bahk has continued his installations beyond the East and West with themes such as past and present or reality and illusion. His work of hanging charcoal or shining beads which allows the audience to newly recognize the space is often referred to as a 3D ink wash painting. He won the 2006 Kim Chong-young Sculpture Award, and has exhibited his works around the world including Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

3) Journey to Find “Myself” - Artist Park Je-sung’s Universe

The last artwork is Universe by artist Park Je-sung. It is displayed in “Media Art Concourse,” a permanent exhibition place for media art in the center of the 3rd floor in Concourse.

Universe shows an organism combining various amusement rides or a colorful mechanical device floating in space. It surrealistically represents colorful objects permanently circulating in empty space. With the mechanical device which interprets humans’ emotions, it raises a question about the relationship between human and technology and what it means to be a human.

With this artwork, Park shows the convergence of tech and art, and shares with the audience a journey to find “myself.”

Park uniquely brings the life and subjectivity of today’s people into the latest media technology. He studied art at Seoul National University and the Royal College of Art and communicates with the audience through media art. With various media such as videos, photos, and installations, he explores the essence of oneself and art, and questions and reinterprets the values today’s people blindly believes. His notable artworks include SUUM and RE-VIS-IT.

Media Art Concourse is a platform that introduces media artworks, which catch attention internationally. It displays artworks from diverse media artists from various countries in line with the airport’s international nature. In addition to Park’s Universe, it also exhibits We All Dream of Flying by Universal Everything from the UK, established by international media artist Matt Pyke. Beginning with these two artworks, international-level media content from Tracey Emin, Peter Newman, Mat Collishaw, Michael Craig-Martin, and Quayola will be planned and curated by the curator as a special exhibition until February 2022.


Meanwhile, Incheon Airport is planning to discover talented media artists through Incheon Heartport Art Award and display their artworks in Media Art Concourse. Isn’t Incheon Airport amazing for taking the lead in creating the social value of nurturing young artists?

Today, we have looked at new installation artworks you can see in Terminal 1 and Concourse at Incheon Airport. More artworks from international artists will be displayed in different parts of Terminal 2. We will introduce them in detail later!

We feel proud when looking at Incheon Airport consistently expanding its airport features as a cultural platform. We are looking forward to Incheon Airport being known not just for its finest airport services but also as an airport of culture and art that touches people’s mind around the world 😊

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