“Enjoy from the Comfort of Your Home!” Incheon Airport ON-TACT Performances

Flowers blossom and smiles bloom despite COVID-19. As people gather physically less, different types of interactions for communication are materializing these days.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 was a crisis that caused the fear of emptiness in Incheon Airport, which was loved for its year-round performances and variety of cultural and art programs. As performances came to a halt, musicians lost the stage to perform and passengers lost the experience of relaxation that can only be found in the airport.

How did Incheon Airport respond? We are turning crisis into “opportunity.”

Incheon Airport has planned standalone stages for musicians on which they can sing for their fans around the world, including the 75,000 subscribers of Incheon Airport’s YouTube Channel, and offer performances to console and cheer up people who are having a difficult time due to COVID-19.

They are Incheon International Airport ON-TACT Cultural and Art Performances! Combining the words, “Online” and “Untact,” Incheon Airport is hosting online non-face-to-face performance events. Let’s take a look at the appeal of these untact performances held online, Incheon Airport’s effort to connect musicians and people.

From Insooni to BewhY… Line-up Tailored to Different Tastes!

Incheon International Airport ON-TACT Cultural and Art Performances were held in two parts for 3 months, from June to August, on Incheon Airport’s official YouTube channel.

If you miss an off-line performance, you can’t see it again. But you can see an ON-TACT performance again whenever you want, right? Now, if you visit Incheon International Airport’s official YouTube channel, you can watch performances from 20 teams through this ON-TACT event!

Nothing is sweeter than this! ON-TACT Performance: Part 1

The fabulous line-up caught the attention of many people, featuring Korea’s diva Insooni, the emotion-packed indie band ChoMyo, deep-voiced traditional music defender Cho Myeong-seop, mixed-gender musical duo Mu-Love, famous OST singer Punch, classical chamber music group Korea Chamber Ensemble, jazz band Retro Twang, and singer-songwriter Jukjae.

A variety of genres! ON-TACT Performance: Part 2

With the popularity of the ON-TACT Performance: Part 1, Part 2 increased the number of performances to 12 in total. Part 2 featured more artists, including Younha, BewhY, Parc Jae-jung, Isaac Hong, Lee Ye-joon, StellaLuce, Mr. Brass, Scherzo, Mis.L, MiniNet, VITO, and Muses, providing colorful and exciting performances.

The good thing about Incheon International Airport ON-TACT Performances is that you can see musicians of various genres such as pop, classical, band vocal, and rap! Short interviews featuring how musicians are doing, their goals, and various thoughts about Incheon Airport were provided between performances, which makes you feel like you are enjoying their performances in person 😊. In Part 1, participating musicians passed “this” onto the next musician, which added more feelings of connection and excitement. Watch the video to find out what “this” is!

For those of you who haven’t seen the event yet, we will summarize the musicians’ performance videos here! Just click or tap which ever one you want to watch 😊!

Warm and Heartfelt Messages from the Musicians

Incheon International Airport Performances are meaningful as they provide not just live performances but also messages of hope and happiness through culture and art along with consolation for people having a hard time due to COVID-19. So, we would like to introduce some of the messages from musicians participating in the ON-TACT performances. If you want to experience deeper sounds, you have to go to Incheon Airport’s YouTube channel “ON-TACT.”

“I hope my voice can reach you all and offer you some relaxation. Let’s root for each other so that we can overcome these difficult times.”

– Singer Insooni

“I hope everyone has one good day after another. I hope COVID-19 will end soon thanks to the healthcare providers and volunteers who are working hard to eradicate the virus. For that day, I pray that we can travel from Incheon Airport while doing what we need to do together and keeping everybody safe.”

– Rapper BewhY

“Many people are having a difficult time due to COVID-19. I believe we can overcome it together when each of us does what we can. I will also follow rules in my daily life so that I can see you all in person soon.”

– Singer Younha

“I hope my songs come across as a break in a time every one is exhausted. I want to say thank you again to those of you who are working hard to overcome COVID-19.”

– Singer-songwriter Jukjae

“What would it be like to shake hands or say our greetings heart to heart, not just through words? I mean the greetings that can be felt without words and are invisible to people. I hope my songs help you forget your worries and have a good time.”

– Singer Parc Jae-jung

Today, we have introduced the Incheon International Airport’s ON-TACT Performances. In a time when there are many restrictions on out-of-the-house activities due to COVID-19, we hope these untact, online performances deliver messages of fun, consolation, and hope to you. 

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