24/7 information chatbot Service, Airbot of Incheon Airport

Many questions may come to your mind when using an airport: Which gate should I board from? Where can I have some food before I get on the plane? What are prohibited items in aircraft? What number is the limousine that I should take?

In the meantime, you needed some effort, such as visiting the information desk in person or searching for information. But now, this will allow you to be informed on a non-face-to-face basis whenever and wherever you need. This is Airbot, the chatbot information service you can use on your smart phone or PC to get the information you want!

These days, non-face-to-face service is much more preferred due to the COVID-19. Aren’t you curious about the non-face-to-face 24/7 information chatbot service introduced by Incheon Airport? Let’s find out in this post!

Services Provided by Airport

Airbot is a chatbot service for the users of the Incheon International Airport. It is operated 24/7 all year round to provide the information they need. This service is introduced in preparation for to match the post-coronavirus age, to let visitors more conveniently use the airport!

Then, what kind of information can you get from Airbot? All information required passengers using the airport—from flight information and process procedure to convenience service and transportation. You can even get every information related to the departure and arrival by just typing the flight number! Want to know how you can use this intelligent robot? We will explain in detail on how to use this useful Airbot now! J

How to Use Airbot

To use the Airbot, you may click this link or visit the website of the Incheon Airport. The main page of the website has a direct link to the Airbot. The PC and mobile phone versions have different layouts.

(1) How to use Airbot on PC

If you are using your PC, click the “AIRBOT” button at the bottom on the right menu bar.

(2) How to use Airbot on mobile phone

If you are using your mobile phone, touch the “+” at the bottom right. You will see the “AIRBOT” icon at the very bottom. Touch it to connect to Airbot.

After you are connected to the Airbot through the website of the Incheon Airport, you can see the screen as above. You can use the Airbot in two ways: by selecting the subject that matches the information you need or by typing the question at the chat window.

For example, if you want to find restaurants, select “Shopping & Restaurant”; if you want to buy medicine, select “Loss, Emergency & Medicine.” If you are not sure about the subject of the information you want, enter a question in the form of a sentence or phrase in the chat window! Airbot will answer you right away.

Now you know how to use the Airbot, but you may not be sure about how to use this service in detail. That is why we have prepared how to use the Airbot in each situation! Let’s find out how to use the Airbot in a real situation. J

How to Use Airbot in a Real Situation

Here is the Q&A section where you can find actual question as a passenger who uses the Airbot.

Q. Is there any way I can see all information related to the flight I will take?

One of the most useful services that the Airbot provides is the customized flight information service. Just like a secretary for the travelers, the Airbot offers all related information when entering the flight number. Let’s take a look at the example by entering the number of the flight that departs from the Incheon Airport!

When you click “Flight-based Customized Information on Airport” at the top of the main screen, you will see the flight information screen. Enter the flight number in the search box and touch the search button. You will see the basic flight information, such as the day of departure, time, check-in counter, and gate number. Then, you can do a one-stop search of all the necessary information including how you can get home from the airport, valet parking reservation, and empty spot in each parking lot!

If you have parked your car, it’s time to go through the departure procedure. For your comfortable departure, the Airbot informs you of the real-time degree of congestion in departure hall, preparation checklist before the departure, check-in information, double-check items for immigration. After you go through the departure procedure, you will enter the duty-free area. Here, you will be benefitted from the Airbot with information about shopping in the duty-free shop, restaurants, facilities, and boarding gates. So, what do you think? You may find that it is not an exaggeration to say that the Airbot is the secretary of travelers. J

Q. How does the Incheon Airport responding to COVID-19?

When you turn on the Airbot, you can see the COVID-19 Related Guide. You can touch the Guide button or type “COVID-19” to get the related information.

You can check which means of transportation the overseas arrivals should take and how the Incheon Airport is coping with COVID-19. Find out about COVID-19 related information on the Airbot!

Q. I put my charger in the checked baggage. Where can I charge my mobile phone?

On the main page of the Airbot, touch the “Other Convenient Services” menu and go to “Rest Information (Shower/Rest/Mobile Phone Charging/Smoking).” Then, touch the “Mobile Phone Charging” button to be informed of the spots where you can charge your mobile phone! Or you can directly enter “charging mobile phone” in the chat window to be directed to the information. Using the Airbot is that simple and easy!

How do you like experiencing the Airbot, the 24/7 information chatbot information service? The Airbot will be upgraded with not only the service for the passengers but the workers of the airport with “housing bot” service, and improve the convenience of the workers by introducing the “airport pass talk” service to issue the airport pass.


Incheon Airport, a leader of the standard of the international airport service! Please look forward to its future with better smart functions 😊

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