Pocket WiFi Rentals at Incheon Airport

Aside from your passport, flight ticket and luggage, what is the most important thing to bring with you when you travel overseas? Surely, you must not forget your mobile phone! It’s essential for navigating, making hotel reservations, looking up restaurants and enjoying your trip without an itinerary. The only condition is, you need Internet connection!

You will find South Korea has a solid IT infrastructure with public WiFi connectivity, but if you have to use the Internet on the move, you may need something called “pocket WiFi.”

What is Pocket WiFi?

“Pocket WiFi” is a portable Internet router small and light enough to carry in your pocket.

With just a single router, several people can connect to the Internet. It supports various devices, providing Internet access to mobile phones as well as tablets and PCs. Portable and convenient, pocket WiFi has become a must-have item for many tourists. You can rent one at an affordable price depending on how many days you use it. On average, you can use 2GB LTE data for just KRW 3,000.

Did you know that you can conveniently rent a pocket WiFi at an affordable price at Incheon Airport? Here are two pocket WiFi brands you can find at the airport.

Pocket WiFi Rental Services

The first brand that introduced pocket WiFi to Incheon Airport is WiFi Dosirak! WiFi Dosirak boasts fast data speeds and connects up to five people via a single router. It is portable and convenient as the size is similar to that of a mobile phone. It relatively affordable as well. For just KRW 3,000 per day, you can use 3GB LTE data. Remember that when you used up your daily data, you can only use the Internet at lower speeds!

The second brand that entered Incheon Airport is “PLAY WiFi.” Its motto is “Let’s Play with WiFi,” providing travelers with convenience and joy.

PLAY WiFi also boasts a small size with fast data connection speeds, and connects up to 10 people via a single router. For just KRW 2,700 per day, you can use 2GB LTE data. The same service conditions apply for PLAY WiFi; when you’ve used up your daily data, you can only use the Internet at lower speeds.

Use Pocket WiFi This Way!

Let’s find out how to use pocket WiFi!

Step 1. Make an online reservation

Visit the website of either one of the WiFi brands. Click on “Reservation” and enter your immigration details. You can also select the location for pick-up! Be sure to remember the location because you can only pick up your pocket WiFi at your selected pick-up desk!

If you use WiFi Dosirak, you will have to pay when making your reservation, and if you use PLAY WiFi, you can pay when you receive your pocket WiFi in person.

Step 2. Receive your pocket WiFi at the airport

Now, let’s go get your pocket WiFi at your selected pick-up desk when you made your reservation. Keep in mind that the pick-up spots and hours differ according to the brand. Refer to the pick-up information below!

Step 3. Return after use

You can return your pocket WiFi where you rented it! After you’ve enjoyed your travel in Korea and you’ve returned to the airport for departure, drop by at your original pick-up spot and return your pocket WiFi. How convenient and simple—from start to finish! J

Pocket WiFi, Internet in your pocket for your travel needs! Incheon Airport helps you stay connected to the web from the moment you arrive until you depart, helping you reduce physical contact and interactions with pocket WiFi.

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