Visiting Incheon Airport With Your Pet

Did you know over 10 million people own pets in Korea? As more people own pets, they are not only commonly seen in residential neighborhoods, but also at the airport because pets also travel together as family.

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While it is important to make good memories with your pets, it’s equally important to not disturb others, right? That’s why we need to observe certain etiquette for each other’s safety before we travel happily with our pets. Today’s post will introduce you to Incheon Airport’s petiquette and immigration rules for pets!

Are only dogs and cats considered pets?

Before getting into petiquette at Incheon Airport, let’s check what animals are considered pets, shall we?

Pets are companion animals specified under the Animal Protection Act and the Enforcement Rule thereof (i.e. cats, dogs excluding dangerous breeds, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits). See? There are many different kinds of animals considered pets in addition to dogs and cats!

Are you raising pets not included in the list above? Don’t worry! You can accompany your live animal not included in the list of pets as long as you visit the airport only for arrival/departure. But remember to use a kennel!

Incheon Airport – Petiquette 101!

Here are some things to know about Incheon Airport’s petiquette! Criteria are different depending on whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor refers to outside buildings (e.g. curbside, long-term parking lot), and you can enter only when you use a leash up to 50 cm long or a stroller. As an exception, you can enter while holding your pet younger than 3 months old.

Indoor includes inside buildings and modes of transportation (e.g. terminals, transportation center, underground short-term parking lot, Incheon Airport Maglev trains/platforms). Since many passengers gather indoors, there are more things to follow than outdoors. Happily travel with your pet by observing the following petiquette!

(1) Make sure to use a kennel when indoors!

Use a kennel when indoors (e.g. terminal, parking lot). However, leashes (up to 50 cm) and strollers are allowed in unavoidable circumstances.

(2) Keep your pet leashed at 50 cm in length!

The airport is a facility which many other people use together. Make sure to keep your pet by your side at all times in consideration of other passengers.

(3) Dangerous dogs are limited to arrival/departure!

If your pet is classified as a dangerous dog breed, you must use a kennel for everyone’s safety. Please note that they are limited to arrival/departure, not casual visits!

※ Dangerous dog breeds: Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler

(4) Pick up and dispose of pet waste!

Prepare a bag and tissue, and make sure to immediately pick up and dispose of pet waste. If you do not have a waste bag, please go to the Info Desk.

Now, let’s take a look at things to note when you’re at the airport with your pet!

What if you want to depart or arrive with your pet?

Now that we have looked at petiquette in Incheon Airport, we will briefly look at how to depart or arrive with your pet.

(1) Departing with your pet

You must check and meet animal quarantine requirements for pets (e.g. dogs, cats) such as from the animal quarantine agency in your destination country or the Embassy in Korea.

You can check out the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency’s animal inspection conditions by country. The conditions may change as necessary in accordance with the destination country’s amendment of applicable laws, and information from the website may not be accurate. So, make sure to check with the country’s embassy or animal quarantine agency for the latest information or procedure before departing from Korea!

(2) Arriving at Incheon Airport with your pet

If you arrive at Korea with your pet, you must prepare a health certificate certified by the exporting country before departure. After departure, make sure to fill out quarantine inspection items in the customs declaration form (Traveler Declaration Form) on board the airplane and submit your health certificate to the animal quarantine official at customs.

Your pet will be sent home if there is no health certificate, and any requirement on the certificate is not met, you are required to receive quarantine inspection. So, make sure to double-check your documentation before departure!

Additional documentation is required for Australia and Malaysia, so make sure to prepare such documentation before you depart from your country. Note that you need to prepare such additional documentation before departure! J

We have looked at how to use Incheon Airport with your pet. Please, remember and make sure to follow petiquette in the airport designed to ensure your safe travel with your pet! J

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