A Steppingstone to Business Growth! ‘Grow together with Incheon Airport’

Incheon Airport operates various kinds of social contribution activities to create a society where we are all well-off together.

Among them, the ‘Grow together with Incheon Airport’ Campaign which aims to promote *social economic organizations with the returned rent income achieved from the arrivals duty-free shops, is a campaign that supports the growth of organizations that contribute to resolving social problems and also helps achieve sustainable management growth.

It is an organization that proceeds economic activities based on mutual cooperation with social enterprises, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, to create mutual benefits and enhance social values.

In May 2019, Incheon Airport was able to raise a supporting fund for growth through campaigns. In January of this year, Incheon Airport has selected 25 remarkable social economic organizations that create social values and has held an opening ceremony.

Social economic organizations participating in the ‘Grow together with Incheon Airport’ have been selected for two sectors: ‘Overseas market entrance assistance,’ and ‘Financial assistance to remarkable companies.’ Let’s find out which companies will go together with Incheon Airport!

Supporting Success Overseas! ‘Overseas Market Entrance Assistance’

First of all, overseas market entrance assistance has been arranged in order to promote exports of social economic organizations to strengthen global competitiveness, which will lead to the extension of social values.

For the overseas market entrance assistance, a contest was held for social economic organizations that have been incorporated for more than 3 years and anticipate overseas expansion or are already expanding abroad. 12 companies were selected in this sector, composed of companies selling bags and accessories, character figures, eco-friendly uniforms, safety helmets for disasters, women’s hygiene products, and so on.

Incheon Airport will be very supportive to companies that expand their business to overseas markets, and business development expenditures will be provided for a total of 10 months to promote their entrance to overseas markets.

This is not only limited to financial assistance, but it also includes overall business consulting and basic training upon exports will be provided. There will be a one-stop support upon building networks with export professionals, field investigation support, and online and offline market entrance assistance, so participating companies can be well prepared!

‘Financial Assistance to Remarkable Companies’ to Scale-up

The financial assistance to remarkable companies is designed to help social economic organizations with remarkable growth engines during their growth phase.

Likewise, the selection of financial assistance to remarkable companies was based on the social economic organizations that have been incorporated for more than 3 years (closing date basis). And 13 finalists have been selected as part of the financial assistance to remarkable companies, including companies of traveling service, art and cultural performances, improvement of residential environment business, recycling consulting, and so on.

Companies selected in this sector will be provided with financial assistance and furthermore will be given a growth assistance for strengthening business capabilities.

This is not only limited to business loans, but it also provides 1:1 business consulting, workshops for performance management, and networking with investment institutions. Especially for companies that have faithfully completed the repayment before overpassing the accumulated overdue date of 30 days, 10% incentives will be provided, so participating companies will be able to have a reliable accompany.

If we take a look at the selected companies of the ‘Grow Together with Incheon Airport’ business, their location varies from Seoul to Gyeongsangnam-do, Jeollabuk-do, and so on. Incheon Airport prioritized regional arrangements in order to allow the growth of social economic organizations to promote the regional economy and enhance job creation. A very meaningful purpose, isn’t it?

Incheon Airport will select companies in various fields such as traveling, culture, art, manufacture, etc., so that it will be able to develop cooperative projects connected to the airport’s services. We will embrace and lead the accompanied growth of public corporations along with social economic organizations.

Incheon Airport plans to promote up to 200 social economic organizations by 2022, which aims to create a partnership growth ecosystem that may tackle social issues. Please look forward to the accompanied progress of Incheon Airport and various social companies!

“Don’t Know Korean? It’s OK!” Incheon Airport without language barriers.

Ivanov, a Russian who got lost at a vast airport.

Tong Cha-yi, a Thai who wants to go to the hospital in an emergency while in the process of entry.

Budhidator, an Indonesian who missed his flight stopping over at Korea.

Incheon Airport is the first place of visit on a trip to Korea! But what should the three people above do when they need urgent help with their poor Korean and English skills? The first difficulty they encounter is communication.


At Incheon Airport, Korea’s first gateway, special interpreters are waiting for foreign passengers who are suffering from language barriers. It’s a smart service called ‘bbb (before babel brigade),’ which helps you with interpretation. Let’s find out what the bbb is and how it can be used!

Incheon Airport 24-hour interpretation hotline 'bbb'

Since 2009, Incheon Airport has signed an agreement with bbb Korea for bbb movement to make “Incheon Airport without Language Barriers.”


bbb Korea is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that is promoting language and culture businesses. The bbb movement, which has been promoted since 2002, is a network of private knowledge sharing volunteers, and the largest language and cultural volunteer movement in Korea, with 4,500 volunteers supporting interpretation of 20 languages.


Along with financial support and various promotional activities, Incheon Airport is trying to ease language inconveniences and lower cultural barriers for both locals and foreigners by launching the bbb-day campaign during the peak travel season.

How to use ‘bbb Application’ which provides 20 languages

Did you know that bbb service is easy for anyone to use on their smartphone? Especially, if you use the bbb interpretation app at Incheon International Airport, you can get high quality interpretation services of excellent bbb special volunteers through a 24-hour hotline.


The bbb interpretation app provides a three-way interpretation service of client – foreigner – bbb volunteers. The voice over the phone allows clients and foreigners to communicate conveniently through the interpretation of volunteers. Let’s experience the smart interpretation app, BB.

1) Please install the ‘bbb interpretation’ app on your smartphone first! Both Android and iOS users are available. If you’re not a smartphone user, call your bbb representative number [1588-5644 / Overseas +82-2-818-1500] for help.

2) If you are a visitor to Incheon Airport, please click the ‘If you are at Incheon Airport’ tab! Even if you are out of the airport, if you have any inconvenience during your trip, you can press the ‘Anywhere’ tab to ask for help.

3) In the ‘Select a language’ section, select a foreign language you want to interpret! It can interpret as many as 20 languages from English to Swahili

4) If you press the phone or the Wi-Fi button on the bottom, you will be connected directly to the special volunteer at Incheon Airport through hotline. It would be more convenient to communicate through speaker phone, right? Since they are volunteers who take their time to interpret, you should practice basic manners!

For your information, you can use phone calls through Wi-Fi only by pressing the Wi-Fi button, so you can use it without any local Usim chip 🙂

Language Support Service at Incheon Airport to Fill bbb’s Blind Spot

In addition, Incheon Airport offers various services to break down language barriers. There is also a ‘Green-cap’ system that has been introduced since 2010 to create an environment where foreign travelers can comfortably pass customs and to guide customs complaints. The Green Cap Interpreter Desk supports English, Chinese, and Japanese, as well as languages of various countries such as Mongolia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Sometimes you might need simple help besides interpretation. There is also another way, using ‘Airstar’, a smart guide robot at Incheon Airport that provides information such as location of check-in counters, various amenities, and flight information at the airport. You could get simple help easily because it provides not only Korean, but also English, Chinese, and Japanese!

These were various services including bbb, which will make Incheon Airport without language barriers. Currently, Incheon Airport bbb service provides passenger interpretation and supports interpretation in all areas that require emergency measures, such as quarantine, quarantine, immigration and medical services, in order to actively deal with Corona 19.


Incheon Airport will keep on trying hard to resolve language inconveniences for both locals and foreigners, so please look forward to it.

Why have travel start-ups gathered at Incheon Airport?


“If I do not have to carry heavy carriers to the airport…”

“If I could easily take care of foreign coins…”

There are people who want to capture the inconvenience of life as a “problem” and solve it with a “business.” These companies, whose innovative ideas and technologies are driving the gap in the market, are called ‘start-ups’.

In the field of travel, various start-ups are expanding their travel culture with new and useful services. However, for early start-ups, there is an absolute shortage of financial and human resources to launch and operate products or services. Especially, if it’s hard to generate sales immediately, start-ups need outside investment and support to get out of Death Valley.

(*Death Valley: The period where start-up companies, which are three to five years old, have difficulty reaching the commercialization stage due to lack of funds for commercialization.)

What if someone aids start-ups in difficult situation to grow well?

Not only does quality service make travel more convenient, it could contribute to creating an environment for young people’s start-ups and creating innovative jobs.

This is why Incheon Airport, which is leading the way in realizing social values, has embarked on a journey to promote travel start-ups since last year!

How Incheon Airport promotes start-ups

Step 1) 'Travel Start-up Promotion Project' Contest

In March 2019, new challenge of Incheon Airport began. Incheon Airport held contest of ‘Travel Start-up Promotion Project’ for prospective start-ups less than three years old possessing travel/tourism business and ideas. Here are the benefits of being selected.

  • Total ₩300,000,000 of commercialization support fund(Maximum ₩40,000,000 for each start-up)
  • Free offer of commercialization training and customized consulting, and support of attracting investment


  • Support of sales and office space for a certain period of time to the selected start-ups after completion of the project

Due to huge benefits, during the month-long reception, the response was very hot. More than 200 teams have applied until the deadline. The competition rate was as high as 26 to 1, so you could guess the fever.

Let’s meet fortunate teams that will develop using Incheon Airport as a test bed.

1) luggage management


Luggage storage service ‘LugStay’

  • A real-time baggage storage service that utilizes empty idle space in partnership with local stores to store luggage for travelers
  • The user finds an affiliate store on the mobile map, receives a reservation ticket, and visits the store
  • Store operators just have to attach safety seals to luggage. Sharing space to make money, and inviting customers are also possible.
  • Website: https://www.lugstay.com/

Luggage delivery service ‘ZIMZOM’

  • Luggage delivery service that carries your luggage when you check it airport, hotel, and Air bnb after making reservation at 6pm the day before use.
  • In addition, along with delivery service, substitution for purchasing products that users want is also provided.
  • Website: https://zimzom.co.kr/

Carrier Sharing Service ‘ARTG’

2) Exchange service


24h Foreign Coin Exchange service ‘Changepoint’

  • Kiosk service where you can exchange the remaining foreign coins into your account after traveling abroad.
  • You can transfer the money to your account or donate it to the Green Umbrella Foundation, Good Neighbors or the World Natural Fund
  • Scan your ID, insert a coin, and enter your account number.
  • Website: https://changepoint.kr/

Two-way unmanned exchange system ‘Cointrabbit’

  • You can exchange won into foreign currency, and you can also buy and sell both won and foreign currency.
  • You can exchange not only coins but also paper bills.
  • Website: http://cointravit.com

3) Guide service


Full concierge travel agency for the weak ‘Amusetravel’

  • Full concierge service travel agency that offers travel packages specialized for wellness travel, silver travel and travel for the disabled.
  • Recommend hotels that are convenient for moving electric and manual wheelchairs, convenient routes for moving strollers and wheelchairs, and programs with low risk of injury, etc.
  • Website: https://www.amusetravel.com/

Chatting type AI tour guide ‘JellyLab’

  • Through its own web-based chatbot, the course is designed to cater to the tastes of foreign tourists and travel destinations and restaurants are recommended in real time.
  • Website: On preparation

4) Dietary Solution

check eat

Dietary information provision service ‘Check eat’

  • Dedicated service for food-restricted consumers with eight dietary types, including allergies, vegetarianism and low salinity.
  • Recommend suitable restaurants and foods based on the restaurant’s ‘food ingredients’ data and the customer’s ‘personal dietary information’
  • Serving in kiosk form in places such as food courts, airports, and hospitals.
  • Website: On preparation

Step 2) Arranging meetings with investors! Hosting ‘Demo Day’


The eight selected start-ups were able to receive business support and consulting for about seven months with the full support of Incheon Airport. That’s not the end of it Incheon Airport has set up another opportunity for these start-ups to meet more investors and expand their businesses. On October 31, 2019, Demo Day was held at the Seoul Foundation Hub Conference Hall.

Demo Day refers to an event in which an invested start-up demonstrates and presents its business model (BM) and demo products in front of investors and the public. It is a significant event that can directly and indirectly appeal to the changes that have occurred since the investment was made, and how much more investment should be made in the future.

Since this demo day is a special event designed to attract investment for the eight start-ups selected by the Incheon Airport start-up promotion project contest, many people attended the event. About 120 judges from seven companies, including five venture capital representatives with outstanding travel and tourism skills, including start-up growth support companies and angel investors, attended the event to listen to the announcements and exchange feedback of the companies

Step 3) Operation of 'Start-up PR Hall' to expand contact with consumers

If Incheon Airport had arranged a meeting between start-ups and investor through Demo Day,

Start-up PR Hall, which started its operation by the end of last year, provides a contact point for start-ups that need to be promoted to meet with various consumers visiting Incheon Airport.

Located at the Millennium Hall on the first floor of Incheon Airport Terminal 1, the Start-up PR Hall is filled with stories of travel start-ups supported by the corporation. There are various types of exhibitions including 3D holograms, promotional videos, and brochures, so it could be a good opportunity to take a look around the new travel services and use them when needed.

The exhibition will be held until March this year. Those who are interested must visit the PR Hall!

That was the introduction of process of Incheon Airport Travel Start-up Promotion Project and services provided by selected start-ups. Their courage and struggle to boldly carrying out ideas that did not exist in the world deserves loud applause.

Let’s picture the future of them growing into a unicorn company worth 1 trillion won in the future. In the future when looking back at trace until then, this promotion project at Incheon Airport is hoped to be remembered as an opportunity adding wings to the growth of eight start-ups.

Have a happy New Year with the news of 2019 Incheon Airport’s social contribution activities!

social contribution activities

Hello, everyone.

Incheon Airport has been striving for various social contribution activities based on social value, ‘Connecting people to airport’.

Incheon Airport is trying hard to make a better tomorrow in various fields such as job creation, supporting socially vulnerable, win-win cooperation, and education.

Incheon Airport delivering warm message to the society!

Let’s find out what kinds of activities delivered warm message in 2019.

Share warm message with others! Incheon Airport’s supporting activities to socially vulnerable.

Incheon Airport is constantly running services to aid lives of people in Incheon

Consoling social welfare organizations on Lunar New Year (left) / Sharing event of agricultural products from Incheon (right)
Consoling social welfare organizations on Lunar New Year (left) / Sharing event of agricultural products from Incheon (right)

On last Lunar New Year, Incheon Airport visited social welfare organizations to deliver items, and also sponsored two social welfare organizations and 500 households by hosting sharing event of agricultural products from Incheon, on Korean Thanksgiving Day.

Donation ceremony of briquettes (left) / Kimchi sharing volunteer work (right)
Donation ceremony of briquettes (left) / Kimchi sharing volunteer work (right)

And furthermore, Incheon Airport donated 20,000 briquettes to about 100 low-income households in Incheon, so that they stay in warm house during winter, and gave away 17,000kg of Kimchi made by all employees to 1,200 alienated households and four social welfare organizations.

Besides these activities, Incheon Airport conducted various social contribution activities such as donating 200 million won to Gangwon-do who suffered from forest fire, social contribution activity for disabled people, donating walking aid to whom having hard time walking, and providing new life to Uzbekistani children suffering cardiac diseases. Please look forward to Incheon Airport creating social values with warm heart this year, too.

Good job! Job creation activities to make a better society

Incheon Airport is operating Incheon Airport job platform to create job with fine quality. There was a tangible outcome, matching 1,650 job seekers just three month after the establishment of the platform.

Actual-scene of operating Incheon Airport job platform
Actual-scene of operating Incheon Airport job platform

The programs conducted by job platforms are ‘Online recruitment center’, ‘Operation of job support center & hosting job fair’, and etc. Through these programs, Incheon Airport aims for creating about 50,000 new jobs by 2022, on top of about 60,000 jobs it already has.

Incheon Airport plans to lead the job quality improvement, too!

Incheon Airport will lead the diffusion of social values by being successful on both job creation and job quality improvement^^.

‘Win-win cooperation’ activities, ranging from local communities to global communities!

Incheon Airport operates win-win programs of mutual growth, ranging from local communities to foreign airports.

Win-win development with local communities

Incheon Airport’s win-win flee market, ‘Wing-wing Fair
Incheon Airport’s win-win flee market, ‘Wing-wing Fair

Last May, Incheon Airport hosted Incheon Airport’s win-win flee market, “Wing-wing Fair”, to provide various joyful attractions to passengers and local residents. About 170 small business owners participated and presented variety of things such as handmade shoes, handmade desserts, and products for children, etc! Some of the money from selling the items was donated to disabled groups, and apart from that, Incheon Airport donated separately to local vulnerable households:)

Actual-scene of 2019 Incheon Airport SKY FESTIVAL
Actual-scene of 2019 Incheon Airport SKY FESTIVAL

And on August 31st ~ September 1st, there was 2019 Incheon Airport SKY FESTIVAL. SKY FESTIVAL is a famous cultural festival of Korea, enjoyed by everyone including airport employees, passengers, and local residents! Being participated by small-medium enterprises, start-ups, social enterprises, local small business owners, and young artists, it is regarded as a cultural festival that leads development of airport industry & local economy:)

Incheon Airport donating to Hope Sharing Campaign
Incheon Airport donating to Hope Sharing Campaign

Last December, Incheon Airport led mutual development with local communities by donating 2 billion won to the community chest of Incheon’s ‘Hope Sharing Campaign’!

Moreover, Incheon Airport is conducting various social activities such as ‘Customized airport tour program’, inviting hearing-impaired to experience services and facilities for them, or considering the transportation vulnerable, etc.

Transferring management know-how to foreign airports

Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam being trained (left) / Management training of Tanzanian airport (right)
Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam being trained (left) / Management training of Tanzanian airport (right)

Since 2009, Incheon Airport is running training programs customized to developing countries as a global social contribution activity. This activity informs everyone Incheon Airport’s excellent management know-how, and contributes to foreign airports’ empowerment of their management.

Participants of Incheon Airport’s Vietnam value trip
Participants of Incheon Airport’s Vietnam value trip

From last July, Incheon Airport is running a value trip program based on “Fair Tourism” respecting local culture and economy! This year at Vietnam, Incheon Airport fulfilled various social values through constructing networks with socio-economic organizations, volunteering, and cultural experience.

So far was the story of Incheon Airports various social contribution activities.

Incheon Airport has been contributing to various social fields, ranging from local communities to global communities, and will be leading fulfillment of social value on upcoming year, too! Please look forward to it!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you.