Media Art Exhibition at Incheon Airport – Korean Traditional Culture Combined with Technology

The arts have the power of making us empathize and communicate beyond time and space. It also gives us new perspectives for perceiving objects and circumstances. Lately, with the combination of technology, it has become possible to appreciate cultural arts from a multidimensional perspective.

Incheon Airport prepared a special exhibition for all travelers who have been feeling trapped amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a media art exhibition organized in collaboration with Amorepacific and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC), reinterpreting the traditional culture of Korea from a modern perspective. Let’s dive into it and find out more!

Screens Seen From a Different Perspective

This media art exhibition is part of the “2020 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition,” a mécénat program under the auspices of Amorepacific’s main beauty brand Sulwhasoo. The brand has been hosting this annual event since 2006, reinterpreting the traditional culture of Korea from a modern perspective and realizing communication and understanding among generations.

This year’s exhibition is themed The Screen, Overlap of Traditions and Modern Society. It makes use of the screen as a space where tradition is reinterpreted and a medium through which tradition and modernity can be seen simultaneously. Just like how our ancestors gazed through screen windows to view sceneries, this exhibition makes use of the screen as a window to modernity through media art technology!

Incheon Airport will be exhibiting two main pieces, one at a time, on the large media wall at Terminal 1 and the Transportation Center, from January 1st to March 31st, 2021. Let’s take a look at what the pieces are and who created them.

Media Art Exhibition 1) Pivotal Tree

Pivotal Tree is an exhibition that serves as a modern reinterpretation of the tree of life as a symbolic objet that represents the wellbeing of a chaotic and unstable society.

Pivotal Tree also signifies “long life” and “space for communication,” and it has been created as an interactive content to express these vital meanings through media art. This piece installed inside Incheon Airport makes us believe as if a real and enormous tree has taken root indoors.

The Pivotal Tree in the screen is not evergreen; it changes along with the four seasons—sometimes wet under the rain, and sometimes white covered in snow. After the leaves fall in winter, sparkling text grows from the bare branches as if new leaves are sprouting.

These texts are actual wishes left by actual people on the Pivotal Tree website (! You can see just how interactive it is, right? Pivotal Tree, to which our ancestors made their wishes, has been transformed to a modern media art to console our souls.

The promotional video of this media art exhibition is also eye-catching. A dance performance of the Ambiguous Dance Company that drew a lot of attention with the “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” campaign is featured with the Pivotal Tree in the background.

The dance was inspired by “Dangsanje,” a traditional festival that our ancestors observed wishing for a good harvest. It was expressed with modern choreography and props. Thanks to the dance, the media artwork stood out well featuring the traditional culture of Korea.

The Pivotal Tree is designed by Pivotal Lab, a special group created to participate in the Sulwha Cultural Exhibition. Jang Su-ho (Visual Art Director), Yoo Jae-heon (Creative Art Director), and Chu Bong-gil (Media Technical Director) got together to create this artwork that mixes virtual and real life. They brought life to this piece by combining art with technology under the theme “reinterpretation of Korean tradition.”

Media Art Exhibition 2) Jeong-Jung-Dong, Dong-Jung-Dong

The second piece is “Jeong-Jung-Dong, Dong-Jung-Dong.” This AR piece presents floating images that make visitors experience themselves becoming one with art. The images constantly shift from 3D to 2D, from matter to non-matter, and from existence to non-existence.

After a 90-second video clip is over, the subjects inside the video appear to vanish along with the artpiece. However, the artist applied artificial reality having visitors encounter bits of the artpiece from around the exhibition. Just like the once popular Pokémon GO, visitors can scan hidden image tags to see the art pieces again. They get to explore real space overlapped with images, feeling the afterglow of the screening.

This piece is created by media artist Lee Ye-seung. Lee has held several solo exhibitions, including The Green Cabinet (2014) and Moving Movements (2015). Lee was an artist-in-residence in domestic and overseas institutions, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (2011), SeMA Nanji Residency (2013-2014), Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (2015), Asia Culture Center (2016), and ZERO1NE (2019). Currently, Lee is exploring future scenarios of technology-based art, and “Jeong-Jung-Dong, Dong Jung Dong” is one of them!

“The year that we longed for consolation more than ever. Hoping for visitors to interact through the large screen in the city, and for us to get back to our peaceful lives.”

Today, we went over the media art exhibition in Incheon Airport as part of the 2020 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition. We saw how Incheon Airport is collaborating with various arts institutions to become a cultural venue. Incheon Airport will continue to provide visitors with bountiful and rich cultural experiences and become an airport of cultural arts. Stay tuned for more art-related posts! 😊

Worry-Free Parking! How to Use Incheon Airport’s Long-Term Parking Lot

How do you get to Incheon Airport? You can use public transport, such as AREX and limousine bus, or you can drive your own car. As of recently, many people have been driving to the airport due to COVID-19 and worry about where to park their car.

What if you need to park while you’re not just visiting the airport for the day, but gone away for a long period of time during your travel or business trip? Many visitors are probably familiar with Incheon Airport’s Short-Term Parking Lot, but did you know about the Long-Term Parking Lot? In this post, we’ll cover in detail how you can use the parking lot and even reserve a spot via Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services!

Make a reservation in just a few clicks!

Incheon Airport launched its parking reservation services in November of last year. Now you can park your car at your desired time regardless of parking lot congestion! Anyone can use the services to reserve a parking spot, and reserving is as easy as pie.

For starters, go to Incheon Airport’s parking reservation website (! You can access the website on mobile and make a reservation on your smartphone. You can the check the parking lot location by selecting your terminal and parking lot. You can also select your dates of entry and exit when you reserve to check parking availability.

Click next, then enter your license plate and phone numbers. Voilà, your reservation is complete! If you want to check, change or cancel your reservation, click on Check/Change/Cancel on the website.

Key points to know before reserving!

Anyone who parks for 3 days or longer can use Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services, but make sure to check the instructions!

For your reservation period, you can make a reservation 3 to 45 days before your preferred date. For your use period, you can use the parking lot for 3 to 30 days.

Parking fees are the same as the currently charged rates (KRW 1,000 per hour/KRW 9,000 per day). You can pay fees at an unmanned payment kiosk or manned payment booth.

If you do not use the parking lot after you have made a reservation and you repeat 2 times or more in a year, there is a penalty that bans you from using the reservation services for 3 months.

Now, you don’t have to worry about how and where to park your car when you will be away for an extended period of time! If you don’t wish to take public transport and instead drive to Incheon Airport due to COVID-19, make sure to use Incheon Airport’s parking reservation services for your convenience!

Incheon Airport’s Drone Detection System Capturing illegal Drones

Can you believe that 110,000 passengers were unable to fly due to a single drone? It actually happened in the UK’s Gatwick Airport back in 2018. The airport stopped more than 800 flights for terrorism and security reasons due to a drone flying over the runway. As the Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK, even military forces were mobilized to capture the suspect.

While drones are regarded as one of the leading Industry 4.0 technologies, they may pose various social problems like what we just mentioned; they pose a high risk of accident as they can fly freely without spatial restrictions. Preventing illegal drones is one of the most important challenges for airports where safety is the top priority. That is why there are many discussions about legislating against illegal drones and developing preventative technologies.

How can we prevent drone accidents?

The Aviation Security Act of the Republic of Korea also regulates the operation of illegal drones near airports. The Aviation Security Act designates 9.3km from the airport as a “No Drone Zone.” If someone flies a drone within 9.3km from the airport without approval from competent local aviation authorities, they can face fines or penalties.

However, what is more important than punishment must be prevention. The problem is it is more difficult to defend against drones than other flying objects. In particular, small drones are difficult to detect due to their size. As such, anti-drone technologies such as drone detection radars and systems are becoming increasingly important.

Detect even small drones! Incheon Airport’s drone detection system

How can we prevent dangerous drone accidents? Incheon Airport, a gateway for Korea, stepped up to the challenge.

Incheon Airport started developing its drone detection system on September last year. After one year, pilot operations have been conducted after the system was finally established. Aside from military airports, Incheon Airport is the first private airport in Korea to establish a drone detection system.

Incheon Airport’s drone detection system comprises 3 steps: detect, identify, and neutralize. In other words, it detects any small flying object in air traffic zones, identifies whether it is a drone, bird or something else, and neutralizes it if it turns out to be an unwanted entry by a drone.

Incheon Airport’s “No Drone Zone”


Traffic control screen of
Incheon Airport’s drone detection system


Step 1 (Detecting & Alerting)


The route of a flying drone is drawn in a green line, and an alert sets off in green, yellow, or red zone as it approaches the airport.

Step 2 (Locating of Drone & Pilot)


The locations of the illegal drone and its pilot are identified on a map with coordinates.

Step 3 (Dispatch & Arrest)


A combined campaign of the airport, police, and military resolves the situation as quick as possible.

Technology must be a prerequisite to detect small drones, right? Multi-sensing with short-range low-altitude radar and RF scanner can easily detect drones! In addition, the IOT-based integrated control system provides traffic control in real time, which makes it possible to respond to drones quickly and efficiently!

In particular, Incheon Airport has been capturing attention with not only its improved drone detection technology, but also its drone accident response system. In October 2019, the airport signed an MOU for joint response to illegal drones between the private sector, military, and police and established a quick response system. It is also planning to further strengthen its collaborative system with other relevant authorities to detect and prevent unlawful drones.

Starting with its pilot operation, Incheon Airport will fully operate the drone detection system by the end of next year. Let’s look forward to safe air travel without worrying about accidents due to illegal drones! Safety is number one priority at Incheon Airport, so you can be sure to rely on us!

Visiting Incheon Airport With Your Pet

Did you know over 10 million people own pets in Korea? As more people own pets, they are not only commonly seen in residential neighborhoods, but also at the airport because pets also travel together as family.

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While it is important to make good memories with your pets, it’s equally important to not disturb others, right? That’s why we need to observe certain etiquette for each other’s safety before we travel happily with our pets. Today’s post will introduce you to Incheon Airport’s petiquette and immigration rules for pets!

Are only dogs and cats considered pets?

Before getting into petiquette at Incheon Airport, let’s check what animals are considered pets, shall we?

Pets are companion animals specified under the Animal Protection Act and the Enforcement Rule thereof (i.e. cats, dogs excluding dangerous breeds, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits). See? There are many different kinds of animals considered pets in addition to dogs and cats!

Are you raising pets not included in the list above? Don’t worry! You can accompany your live animal not included in the list of pets as long as you visit the airport only for arrival/departure. But remember to use a kennel!

Incheon Airport – Petiquette 101!

Here are some things to know about Incheon Airport’s petiquette! Criteria are different depending on whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor refers to outside buildings (e.g. curbside, long-term parking lot), and you can enter only when you use a leash up to 50 cm long or a stroller. As an exception, you can enter while holding your pet younger than 3 months old.

Indoor includes inside buildings and modes of transportation (e.g. terminals, transportation center, underground short-term parking lot, Incheon Airport Maglev trains/platforms). Since many passengers gather indoors, there are more things to follow than outdoors. Happily travel with your pet by observing the following petiquette!

(1) Make sure to use a kennel when indoors!

Use a kennel when indoors (e.g. terminal, parking lot). However, leashes (up to 50 cm) and strollers are allowed in unavoidable circumstances.

(2) Keep your pet leashed at 50 cm in length!

The airport is a facility which many other people use together. Make sure to keep your pet by your side at all times in consideration of other passengers.

(3) Dangerous dogs are limited to arrival/departure!

If your pet is classified as a dangerous dog breed, you must use a kennel for everyone’s safety. Please note that they are limited to arrival/departure, not casual visits!

※ Dangerous dog breeds: Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler

(4) Pick up and dispose of pet waste!

Prepare a bag and tissue, and make sure to immediately pick up and dispose of pet waste. If you do not have a waste bag, please go to the Info Desk.

Now, let’s take a look at things to note when you’re at the airport with your pet!

What if you want to depart or arrive with your pet?

Now that we have looked at petiquette in Incheon Airport, we will briefly look at how to depart or arrive with your pet.

(1) Departing with your pet

You must check and meet animal quarantine requirements for pets (e.g. dogs, cats) such as from the animal quarantine agency in your destination country or the Embassy in Korea.

You can check out the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency’s animal inspection conditions by country. The conditions may change as necessary in accordance with the destination country’s amendment of applicable laws, and information from the website may not be accurate. So, make sure to check with the country’s embassy or animal quarantine agency for the latest information or procedure before departing from Korea!

(2) Arriving at Incheon Airport with your pet

If you arrive at Korea with your pet, you must prepare a health certificate certified by the exporting country before departure. After departure, make sure to fill out quarantine inspection items in the customs declaration form (Traveler Declaration Form) on board the airplane and submit your health certificate to the animal quarantine official at customs.

Your pet will be sent home if there is no health certificate, and any requirement on the certificate is not met, you are required to receive quarantine inspection. So, make sure to double-check your documentation before departure!

Additional documentation is required for Australia and Malaysia, so make sure to prepare such documentation before you depart from your country. Note that you need to prepare such additional documentation before departure! J

We have looked at how to use Incheon Airport with your pet. Please, remember and make sure to follow petiquette in the airport designed to ensure your safe travel with your pet! J

Virtual Content Tour at Incheon Airport

What if it is possible to travel beyond time and space in one place?

What if you can go back in time to attend a trial for Walter Sisulu, mentor of Nelson Mandela, as well as explore every corner of Notre-Dame de Paris, and even become part of the universe and jump into a black hole?

All of these are possible at the extended Reality (XR) Content Exhibition held from Nov. 24 to Dec. 13 at Incheon Airport’s Transportation Center 1! Let’s take a closer look at the exhibition!

Beyond Reality, a tour of another dimension

Beyond Reality Over Incheon Airport, a virtual content tour at Incheon Airport, is an exhibition jointly planned by the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), Institut Français in Korea, and Cultural Collaboration Division, the Embassy of France in Korea.

This exhibition is more special as it is held in Incheon Airport, a place of meeting and connection. Conventionally speaking, “airports” serve as a hub of transport to travel somewhere. In light of the current circumstances of tourists no longer visiting airports due to COVID-19, Beyond Reality is expected to present a new paradigm for the airport through new media content experience.

As a collaboration with Incheon Airport, even the admission ticket will remind you of air travel. Book your reservation as you would a flight, and get a ticket that looks like an airline ticket along with a brochure in the form of a passport. However, unlike a flight, this is all free!

This exhibition features fifteen interactive artworks and eleven 360 VR artworks from three continents (Asia, Europe, and the Americas). Visitors can watch and directly participate in these interactive artworks, and their participation completes the artworks. 360 VR artworks provide three-dimensional videos to enable users to experience things as if they were real.

How about it? Interesting, right? Then, let’s also briefly look at some of the artworks! But wait, you know you’re required to get your body temperature checked before entering, right? Now, we are prepared to go on a fun and safe tour.

Artworks of Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality comprises “Beyond East” and “Beyond West” around VR Lounge. Beyond East displays artworks from artists in Asia. Here you can appreciate seven artworks, including Peach Garden, which makes you feel like you are walking in the painting of Dream Journey to Peach Blossom Land, and Bodyless by Hsin-Chien Huang, a master of new wave art in Taiwan.

Peach Garden, which is inspired after Dream Journey to Peach Blossom Land by An Gyeon (1350-1447), a painter in the Joseon period, presents a surreal garden to the audience. The audience entering the fantastic garden departs on a journey without beginning and end where they can freely roam around. In this artwork, the audience can experience as if they are walking in Dream Journey to Peach Blossom Land! It unveils VR technology which four people can appreciate at the same time in 30 meters in length and 15 meters in width for the first time in the world!

Beyond West features eight artworks from artists in the West, including The Line, which won this year’s 72th Emmy Awards and the interactive category in the Venice International Film Festival, and Spheres: Songs of Spacetime, which invites you to the depths of the universe.

Spheres: Songs of Spacetime is an interactive VR film that explores music in space and provides you with experience as if you were standing at the center of the universe. This artwork invites you to a world where you can touch and hear the universe closely, not its typical image from the media. Go and see Spheres: Songs of Spacetime, a world where it feels like you are directly touching and orchestrating the universe!

The Line unfolds a 20-minute story about fear and love for the changes that the two protagonists Pedro and Rosa experience in a miniature world. The artwork faithfully represents Sao Paulo in the 1940s, where the audience can pull the lever in the miniature world or crawl beneath a mechanical device. It allows you to immerse yourself in a love story of the two dolls which are made perfect for each other but are hesitant to get closer.

Finally, VR Lounge plays VR films that provide 3D space in 360 degrees! Eleven films are played, allowing you to look back on familiar places or murky memories from travel or go to the places you have only experienced in your imagination. How about getting on a rocket bound for the moon, or going on a tour around Paris?

3 things to know before going to see Beyond Reality

(1) Reservation! (You can also make a reservation on the spot)

You can watch Beyond Reality for free through advance or on-site reservation! Even if you make a reservation on the spot, you need to go to the link to make a reservation. Go to the website of Beyond Reality and you can easily make a reservation.

(2) Minors under 14 are not allowed to watch the exhibition.

Please, note that since you need to put on a VR headset to watch artworks, minors under 14 years of age are not allowed to watch the exhibition!

(3) Take part in an on-site event and win prizes!

Another beauty of this exhibition! There are various events prepared on the site. There is a Stamp Event, where you get stamps on your passport-looking brochure, a Boarding Pass Event, where you submit admission tickets for prizes, and a Visit Review Event, where you upload your photos taken after the exhibition with hashtags! By drawing lots, 1 day stay at Paradise City and tickets to watch 8 films from 2021 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival will be provided! Check out more when you go to the exhibition 😊

The meaning of travel is changing along with a changing world. While it has become difficult to travel due to COVID-19, travel like this provides enough inspiration and stimulation in a different way. Don’t miss out on this special tour you can go on for free if you visit Incheon Airport from November 24th to December 13th!