Incheon Airport’s Aviation Fun Facts #13. Unique Airport Facilities around the World

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An airport has become more than simply a gateway for travel. It’s not just a stop for immigration or transit, but the first impression of a travel destination full of culture, art, and activities. Thanks to this changing airport trend, we are able to have more enjoyable experiences at the airport.

The 13th edition of Incheon Airport’s Aviation Fun Facts is under the theme of, “That airport really has such a facility?!” We will introduce unique airport facilities around the world that will trigger such a reaction in you! Shall we get started? ☺

World’s first airport brewery! Airbräu brewery at Munich Airport in Germany

Having a glass of beer at the airport before your flight can boost your travel excitement. Did you know that there is an airport that has its own brewery, taking serving beer to passengers to the next level? We introduce Airbräu, a beer brewery at Munich International Airport in Germany.

Airbräu is the world’s first and only airport brewery, having started operations in 1999. It has everything you would need to enjoy beer: interior tables, a pub-like atmosphere, an outdoor terrace, and folk and band performances in the square.

You can even sign up for a beer tour to see the brewing process in person, giving beer lovers an extra reason to visit Munich Airport! ☺

Home to over 5,000 marine life! An aquarium at Vancouver Airport in Canada

The airport is our gateway to the skies. However, one particular airport also holds a little part of the sea.  Over 5,000 species of Canadian marine life, including starfish, sea anemones, wolf sharks, and giant kelp, live in the aquarium at Vancouver Airport in Canada.

Located in the center of the airport, the large aquarium boasts an overwhelming volume of 114,000 liters. There is even a separate 1,800-liter aquarium with a collection of rare jellyfish! Totems depicting animals are displayed everywhere, making the space even more mysterious.

The aquarium at Canada’s Vancouver Airport is literally where the sky and the sea meet. There’s a new fun fact for your next party!

An airport fit for the country of saunas! Saunas at Helsinki Airport in Finland

When you think of Finland, there are three key words that come to mind: Santa Clause, Aurora lights, and saunas! Finland is a country that takes saunas very seriously, to the point where every home has one! Vantaa International Airport in Helsinki, Finland also has spa/sauna facilities.

Sauna is a Finnish word for ‘traditional Finland steam baths’. Finnair, which even offers direct flights to Finland from Incheon Airport, has a lounge offering spa and sauna facilities for their passengers. Note that the saunas are run in the traditional Finnish way, meaning that all genders share the same space. You may want to wear a swimsuit or wrap a towel around you before entering!

A sauna at the airport? That’ll make for a unique airport experience!

Don’t forget that Incheon Airport also offers unique services such as traditional museums, media art zones, VR activity zones, capsule hotels (aka pod hotels), along with various art works! With that we’ll be back with more interesting and useful information next time!☺

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