List of Transit Convenience Facilities at Incheon Airport

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With people traveling overseas again, more and more international transit passengers are passing through the doors of Incheon Airport. We’re curious, how do you spend your layovers at Incheon Airport? Incheon Airport has a variety of amenities to make every moment of your stay at the airport comfortable.

Today, we’ll introduce different types of waiting areas, from spots for rest and relaxation to enjoying special experiences. Here are our amenities for transit passengers at Incheon Airport!

List of Incheon Airport Transit Amenities : Spots for Rest and Relaxation

01. Incheon Airport Relax Zone

Incheon Airport Relax Zone

Near gate 25/29 of the duty-free area, 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1
Near gate 231/268 in the duty-free area, 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 2

This is the Incheon Airport Relax Zone, where anyone can relax for free. There are Relax Zones in both Passenger Terminal 1 and Passenger Terminal 2. Terminal 1’s Relax Zone allows people to recharge while looking out the large windows overlooking Airstar Avenue while Terminal 2’s Relax Zone has a laid-back cafe atmosphere.

In addition to having comfortable chairs for you to stretch out your legs, individual outlets are available for people to recharge their electronic devices. There is also an Internet Zone near the Relax Zone where you can use computers with internet access for free. Sounds like the perfect resting place for transit passengers, right?

02. Incheon Airport Walkerhill Transit Hotel

Incheon Airport Walkerhill Transit Hotel

Opposite Gate 252 of Duty-Free area, 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 2
Check-in 19:00 / Check-out 07:00

The Walkerhill Transit Hotel at Incheon Airport is also a space for passengers to rest for a more comfortable journey. This hotel is only available for international transit passengers via Passenger Terminal 2 and can be booked for a minimum of six hours for reasonable hotel prices (rates starting from KRW 66,550 for standard rooms).

Enjoy the special amenities like the 24-hour Air Cafe which is open to anyone, as well as the 24-hour Business Center just for passengers on business trips! Plus, you can enjoy meals and drinks at discounted prices at the Matina Lounge nearby!

Click for more information on Walkerhill Transit Hotel

List of Incheon Airport Transit Facilities : Spots for Special Experiences

01. Incheon Airport K-Culture Zone

Incheon Airport K-Culture Zone

Near Gate 11 on the east side of the duty-free area, 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1
Near gate 268 on the east side of the duty-free area. 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 2
07:30 ~ 15:30

If you have a longer layover, simply resting the whole time can get kind of boring. For passengers that want something more, stop by the K-Culture Zone which is open only for transit passengers! You can experience traditional Korean culture without having to go through immigration procedures because you’ll be staying in the airport! 

You can try on a Korean traditional hanbok or try unique hands-on experiences such as making Korean scrolls, Korean bracelets, playing tuho (game of throwing arrows into a pot), and color traditional folk paintings.

02. Incheon Airport Korean Traditional Culture Center

Incheon Airport Korean Traditional Culture Center

Near Gate 25/29 of Duty-Free area, 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal 1
 Near Gate 121, 3rd floor of the boarding building

Lastly, there is a space that will particularly interest passengers who are interested in Korea’s beautiful traditional culture. We’re talking about the Korean Traditional Culture Center at Incheon Airport. It is a place where you can purchase crafted works produced by the holders of national intangible cultural properties and experience various seasonal crafts and costume programs.

Another special treat is the Korean traditional music performances held in front of the center at scheduled times. They’re a treat for the eyes and the ears, where you can see traditional Korean instruments such as the haegeum, janggu, and Korean flute. ☺

What did you think of the information we shared today? If you find yourself with a layover at Incheon Airport, be sure to visit some of the amenities we introduced! We hope that all domestic and international passengers will have a comfortable and productive time at Incheon Airport. We’ll be back next time with more interesting and useful information!

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