Everything You Need to Know About Sky Hub Lounge at Incheon Airport!

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The time spent waiting for your flight time is always exciting! That time at the airport kickstarting your trip can set the overall tone of your trip. 😊 That’s why it’s so important for you to spend this time in a meaningful and happy way. So today we’ll introduce you to a great place to fill up your stomach with delicious food and relax.🍃

It really is the perfect way to take care of all your pre-travel needs in one place. Incheon Airport’s Sky Hub Lounge is a must-visit for those who travel frequently! ✈️ We’ll tell you what kinds of foods are offered and pro tips on how to bask in the lounge for free! Keep reading! 👀

Which airport lounge should you go to? Visit Incheon Airport’s Sky Hub Lounge!

Passenger Terminal 1, Sky Hub Lounge

4th floor of duty-free area, near gates 25 and 29
07:00 to 22:00 (Last check-in at 21:30)
032-743-4814 / 032-743-4811

In addition to the Sky Hub Lounge, Incheon Airport has various other lounges such as the Matina Lounge and the Asiana Lounge.💁♀️ Many are probably conflicted with which one to go to. One factor to consider is that the Sky Hub Lounge is spacious and comfortable, making it suitable for families to visit. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

When you enter the lounge, you’ll immediately notice what feels like a movie theatre on one side. 🎥 Aside from eating, it’s perfect for people who want to simply relax. There are seats for parties of one, so you can enjoy the amenities without feeling self-conscious!

Check for any special deals ahead of time! Tip for how to use the Sky Hub Lounge for free!

Breaking down the lounge prices, a three-hour stay costs $39 for adults and $24 for children. Now this can be a bit of a burden for some. 😓 That’s why we’ve prepared some pro-tips for you to enjoy the Sky Hub Lounge for free!

There are credit cards that are eligible for discounts: Woori, Hana, Nonghyup. If you pay the standard amount, you’ll receive an additional 30% on-site discount, meaning you get one entry-fee waived for free. This does not apply for company credit cards or gift cards. Also, if you have a Travelog checking card, you can use the Sky Hub Lounge for just 10,000 won, plus you’ll receive a cute carrier name tag! 🤗 There are actually many cards that can receive discounts at the lounge if you meet the requirements so make sure to check if your credit card is eligible!🙌

For those who have a PP (Priority Pass) card 💳, you can use 1,200 lounges around the world for free 12+ times a year. Of course the Sky Hub Lounge is included. If you don’t have a PP card, we recommend you get one issued before any big trips!

From Korean food to Chinese and Western food! Pick and choose what you like at the Sky Hub Lounge buffet

And the most important thing… food. We’d even daresay people choose which airport lounge to go to based on the food choices. From Korean to Chinese to Western foods, there are a variety of menu items, so enjoy picking which dishes you want to eat! 😋

First, you can’t skip out on salad. 🥗 In addition to salads, there are simple appetizers like fruits🍍, jelly 🍮, and bread. You can also enjoy bulgogi, fried foods, chicken 🍗, tteokbokki, and the buffet regular, fried rice. “Bibimbap” is a must-eat Korean food that foreigners love. There are vegetables and garnishes you can add to suit your tastes, such as bracken, cucumber, and bibimbap sauce.

Coffee and juices are also available, so take your pick! For those who prefer something stronger, like alcohol, there’s also sour beer 🍻 and sweet wine 🍷. You know that you have to eat at least four plates at a buffet, right? For those who have a little time after eating, relax in the comfy sofas! There are outlets and USB ports available for you to recharge your devices.

How was learning about everything related to the Sky Hub Lounge at Incheon Airport? In addition to various kinds of food, there’s space where you can relax and recharge. You’ll be able to make the most of your lounge experience knowing everything we covered. Also, there are many lounge card benefits, so take advantage of them!🫶

Incheon Airport ✈ will be back with more useful information for our passengers! Subscribe to the Incheon Airport blog so you don’t miss any of our special tips! 😎

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