The Opening of Incheon Airport’s Traveler Center!

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How much do you know about Korean cultural heritage? Cultural heritage refers to all of the ancestral cultures that are worth passing down to future generations. It encompasses everything including tools, palaces, music, festivals, etc., covering a wide area from Seoul to Jeju Island.

In March 2023, Incheon Airport opened a special digital experience center with the Cultural Heritage Administration and the Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation to promote K-cultural heritage. Shall we learn more about Incheon Airport’s Traveler Center?

A Space With a Fresh Take on K-Cultural Heritage
: Incheon Airport’s Traveler Center

Incheon Airport’s Traveler Center

Passenger Terminal 1, Transportation Center, located in the center of B1
10:00-19:00, open 24/7

On March 10, 2023, Incheon Airport opened the Traveler Center, which will serve as a public relations center for the Visit Korean Heritage campaign.

The Visit Korean Heritage Campaign, headed by the Cultural Heritage Administration, consists of a total of 10 travel courses to experience major cultural heritages in Korea, designed to be appreciated by both domestic and international passengers.

The Traveler Center is the base and starting point for 10 travel courses. Both domestic and international travelers can start the tour here by receiving their visitor passports. In addition, there are special experience programs that combine cultural heritages with various digital technologies, such as chroma key, VR, and media art.

Let’s first learn about the 10 Cultural Heritage Travel Courses
: Visit Korean Heritage Campaign Kiosk ZONE

The Kiosk ZONE, located at the entrance of the Traveler Center, features an automated kiosk and exhibition wall for detailed information on visitor passport tours.

In particular, you can check the main destinations of the top 10 cultural heritage travel courses in advance through digital images. It is also fun to compare themes by region, such as “The Royal Path” at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, “Thousand Year Path” at Bulguksa Temple in Gyeongju, and “Legend and Nature Path” at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak in Jeju.

After trying some of the special experience programs here, you’ll receive your “passport”. You will then be ready to embark on your visitor passport tour! We’ll give away a few spoilers on what you can expect. ☺

Photo Opp with Your Favorite Background
: Chroma Key Time Traveler ZONE

In the center of the Traveler Center, there is a large symbolic sculpture that embodies the spirit of all the travelers that visit. This is the Chroma Key Time Traveler Zone where you can take memorable photos with the help of technology.

First, choose your favorite background from various photos of Korea past and present! You can pose in front of the chroma key background and take a picture. Your photos will be reflected in the media art shown in the sculpture in real time! It’ll be like traveling in time to experience something new.

Where the Beauty of Korean Tradition and Digitalization Meet
: VR Experience and Media Art ZONE

There is also a space where Korean traditional beauty and digitization meet to offer visitors a unique visual treat. This is the VR Experience Center ZONE where you can experience Hahoe Seonyujulbulnori, a Korean fireworks display, through VR. You can experience the entire process and spectacle of julbulnori fireworks flashing brightly before your eyes! You’ll properly witness “K-heung” (or the Korean party spirit) “in person”!

Right next door is the Cultural Heritage Media Art ZONE where you’ll get another stunning visual experience. You’ll see the vivid colors and dynamic movements of the Buyeo World Heritage Site and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. You’ll gain an appreciation for the colors of traditional Korea.

Traveler’s Resting Place : Rest and Concierge ZONE

Incheon Airport’s Traveler Center also has a Rest ZONE where you can recharge. You can not only rest and charge your phone, but you can also use the Traveler’s Tablet. Take a simple quiz on the tablet to find the cultural heritage travel course that’s perfect for you.

Also, at the Travel Concierge and Information ZONE, you can look up info on cultural heritage tours, transportation, sightseeing, shopping, and restaurants, or get personalized recommendations. If you have plans to visit Incheon Airport, be sure to stop by!

We shared with you the news of the opening of the Traveler Center at Incheon Airport! Take the opportunity to experience various VR and media art at the Traveler Center and reflect on the beauty of K-cultural heritage! Incheon Airport will be back with more useful and interesting information soon! ☺

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