Best Places to Travel with Your Pet!

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Have you heard of International Dog Day? 🐶 It’s today, March 23rd! It was created with the aim of loving and protecting pets around the world and establishing a culture of adopting abandoned dogs. In honor of International Dog Day, we’ve prepared some travel information about pets today.🤩

As the number of pet travelers 🐱, or people who travel abroad with their pets, increases, certain etiquette related to owning pets has become more important. 🤗 There are a number of things to research before going on a trip with your beloved furry friend, such as selecting a pet-friendly travel destination and researching quarantine procedures. How nice would it be to set off on a trip with your dog or cat knowing everything will be smooth sailing?☺️

That’s why we’re here. Incheon Airport prepared a list of the best places to travel with your pet! Let’s take a look.

The Only Checklist You’ll Need Before Traveling With Your Pet 📋

There are so many things to check✏️ before choosing a travel destination for a trip with your pet. The preparation process may be somewhat complicated and difficult, but it is necessary to check everything in advance for your beloved fur-baby. We’ll briefly cover the basics.

01. Is it possible for my dog and/or cat to board the plane?

Different airlines have different standards for animals that can board their airplanes. In the case of national airlines, dogs, cats, and birds are usually considered as pets. You should check each airline’s standards for the plane you are boarding, especially regarding details like the age, size, and health conditions of your pet.

02. Can I fly with my pet to my desired travel destination?

In addition to airline standards, animal import regulations vary from country to country. So you must meet the quarantine conditions of the country you want to enter. Contact the country’s embassy or animal quarantine agency for specific requirements or conditions.

03. What documents do you need to travel overseas with your pet?

There are many documents to prepare, including rabies vaccination certificate, health certificates, microchip implants, and import permits issued by the quarantine agency for the country in question. To obtain an “Animal and Plant Quarantine Certificate”, visit the Animal and Plant Export Quarantine Office at Incheon Airport before applying for a quarantine certificate.

04. What items do I need at the airport to travel with my pet?

We recommend preparing a travel kennel/cage when inside Incheon Airport, but when in a pinch, you can use a leash (about 50 cm in length) or pet stroller. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that bringing plastic bags and tissues for pet waste disposal is a must! If you don’t have any plastic bags, please check with the information desk.

More info on traveling with your pet at Incheon Airport

San Francisco, the Most Pet-Friendly City in the World

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Forbes named San Francisco as the “Most Dog-Friendly City” last year. As more and more people are traveling overseas with their dogs, hotels in San Francisco 🏨 have come up with dog-friendly accommodations. There are also 170 restaurants that welcome pups! Some restaurants even offer a $10 discount for a bottle of wine when you bring along your furry best friend! Talk about a dog-owner’s paradise! 😆

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There’s nothing like finding a place where you can let your pet run and play freely!🐕 Hotel Niko San Francisco has a terrace that doesn’t require you to have your dog on a leash. W Hotel even has special play mats for dogs to use. Kimton Alton offers a dog-walking service 🙋 during your stay for pet owners who want to rest. Staypineapple has pub specials that allow you to have a memorable time with your furry companion. Find the hotel that offers the best experience for you and your pup!

Switzerland, Where Even Transportation Methods are Pet-Friendly

Every dog should have the experience of running around freely in an open green meadow! Switzerland is one of the most popular overseas travel destinations amongst pet travelers.🏔 What’s one aspect that makes this place so special? Dogs are welcome to use the major modes of transportation, including trains, post buses, trams, and city buses 🚎. You can even purchase a One-Day Dog Pass to get around easily with your pup. Bonus: Dogs smaller than 30 cm can travel for free!

Switzerland has many hotels that welcome dogs. Deciding on your accommodation is as important as choosing your travel destination. Why don’t you spend an unforgettable day at Parkhotel Schoenegg, which boasts a dog swimming pool 🏖 and a beautiful walking trail with scenic views.  Or Ermitage Wellness & Spa Hotel which offers special meals for dogs? Or Dolder Grand Hotel, which has special dog amenities of exclusive toys and bedding?

Canada, a Country that Hooks all Pet Travelers

Canada is very friendly to pets and is known as a country where pet owners follow petiquette well! 🍃 There are many parks where you can let your dog run around freely without a leash and also places that welcome pet entry. Canada’s quarantine procedure is relatively simple and not difficult, so it is a popular first-time destination for pet travelers.

The reason why Canada is so popular is because of the beautiful nature that makes for a perfect camping trip. ⛺️ There are also hiking 🧗 courses where you can go up and down mountains with your dog. We strongly recommend you to visit Canada if you like staying active.

We introduced overseas travel destinations that are great to visit with your pets to create precious memories together.  Don’t forget to practice petiquette so that both pet travelers and human travelers can all be happy in peace and harmony! 😊 Why not start planning for spring travels with your pets? In the meantime, Incheon Airport will be back with more interesting and useful information next time!👋

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