Recap of Incheon Airport’s Biggest Stories in March

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We’re back with our latest edition of Headlines at a Glance! We have your recap on all the major stories at Incheon Airport from the month of March! 

Incheon Airport had a lot of things to celebrate in March 2023, from the 22nd birthday of Incheon Airport, news of various awards, and total transit passengers exceeding 100 million! Let us fill you in on all the major headlines! 👇

📍 Incheon Airport turns 22!
📍 Number of total transit passengers at Incheon Airport hits 100 million!
📍 Who will win Excellent Business and Kindness King/Queen awards this year?
📍 With eased aviation regulations, skies between Korea and China open up again
📍 ‘Hiring Day for Airport Resident Companies’ takes place
📍 Incheon Airport wins three awards from ‘2023 World Airport Awards’

Incheon Airport turns 22!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Incheon Airport! Happy birthday to you!~🎶

After having opened its doors on March 29th of 2001, Incheon Airport celebrated its 22nd anniversary this year!🎂 A special ceremony was held to mark the milestone on March 29th at 3 PM at the Millennium Hall on the first floor of Passenger Terminal 1 of Incheon Airport.

More than 100 officials from the Incheon International Airport Corporation and subsidiaries, airport resident agencies, airlines, and logistics companies attended the ceremony. One of those attendees were Kim Kyung-wook, president of Incheon International Airport Corporation. It was a time spent walking down memory lane, recalling the journey to this point, and also looking into the future with strengthened determination.

During the event, 50 people who made significant contributions to the successful operation of Incheon Airport were recognized and honored. These people played a big role in establishing Incheon Airport as the airport we know today. We can’t help but be more excited for the future. 😎 Incheon Airport will continue to strive to be an airport that puts its passengers first! ✈

Number of total transit passengers at Incheon Airport hits 100 million!

There was a monumental milestone reached just in time for the 22nd anniversary of the opening of Incheon Airport ✈😆! We boarded our 100 millionth transit passenger! A surprise event was held for the lucky 100 millionth passenger! ☺

Incheon Airport Corporation President Kim Kyung-wook, Korean Air President Woo Ki-hong and other officials welcomed the 100 millionth transit passenger, presenting him with a lucky golden key, a round trip ticket from Korean Air, and free stay voucher with Grand Hyatt hotel. We thank all the transit passengers who traveled through Incheon Airport! 🙏🏻

Incheon Airport experienced a slowdown due to COVID-19, lasting from 2020 to last year. However, we are doing our best to recover by offering special promotional events to our transit passengers.

For example, we had our “Welcome Back Package” and “Network Reboot 2.0” to attract more transit passengers post-pandemic. Incheon Airport also offered financial support for airlines to spend on marketing to attract passengers to Korea through our “Welcome to ICN” program. We hope that more people can experience the quality service offered at Incheon Airport. 💪🏻

Who will win Excellent Business and Kindness King/Queen awards this year?

On March 9, 2023, the 7th Incheon Airport Awards (ICN Awards) was held at the Millennium Hall of Passenger Terminal 1 at Incheon Airport! It was a place to acknowledge and recognize excellent businesses and the friendliest employees who contributed to the operational and service improvements at Incheon Airport. This is a highly coveted award if you’re someone who works at Incheon Airport. 🏆

First of all, the ‘Excellent Business’ award selected a total of 17 companies from five areas (airlines, industrial facilities, ground operations, cargo aviation, and logistics companies), taking into consideration their business processing speeds, safety management, and service improvement! Congratulations to the list of selected companies, which include Korean Air, Hyundai Department Store Duty Free, Swiss Port Korea, United Parcel Service Companion (UPS), and CJ Korea Express! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

There was also another award called “Incheon Airport Kindness King/Queen”, given to an employee who exhibited the most kindness. This year’s Kindness King was Korean Air employee Park Jung-myung, who went all the way to the garbage dump to return lost cash (worth about 7.3 million won) in a suitcase left behind by a traveler last year. Congratulations! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

As the number of daily passenger’s increases, many people are visiting Incheon Airport ✈ again. You can be sure you’ll find an airport that is committed to excellence and great service.

With eased aviation regulations, skies between Korea and China open up again

One of the countries we saw the most flights from before COVID-19 was China. It was second in the number of routes, behind only Southeast Asia. Up until early March, there were travel difficulties due to air travel regulations between Korea and China. Now with the lifting of all such regulations, Incheon Airport has been seeing travel demand to and from China start to normalize!

Most notably, the issuance of short-term visas between the two countries resumed in February and getting tested for COVID-19 before entering Korea was made no longer mandatory as of early March. Starting March 11th, those entering Korea from China are no longer obligated to get tested for COVID-19, essentially meaning all regulations have been lifted. 👏🏻 We expect to see significant recovery in demand for travel to and from China.

Accordingly, Incheon Airport plans to increase the number of daily flights between Incheon Airport and China. Also, we are utilizing WeChat, China’s largest social media platform, to share various travel promotions. We’ve teamed up with major online travel agencies in China to promote unique and special experiences you can have at Incheon Airport.

We are putting our 22 years of knowledge and experience to the test in normalizing airport operations. You can count on us to keep our airport safe and comfortable for all of our passengers. 🙂

‘Hiring Day for Airport Resident Companies’ takes place

We want to now focus on a group of people that make Incheon Airport the special place it is today.  We’re talking about all of the employees that work at the businesses in the airport, offering their best smiles and services to all of our passengers! A recruitment Hiring Day was held at Incheon Airport on March 16th, seeking to find more employees to help make our airport shine.

The event, jointly held by six organizations, including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Incheon International Airport Corporation, helped connect airport companies and job seekers for a win-win solution.  Three companies– Sharp Aviation K, KA, and Expert– held job interviews on the spot to find the urgently needed workers they needed and by offering jobs to interested job seekers in attendance. J

The Hiring Day for Airport Resident Companiesbegan in 2019. There were two hiring days in 2022, leading to a total of 74 people being hired on the spot! If you’re interested in working at Incheon Airport ✈, this is an event you will want to remember for the future. We hope to welcome you to your new workplace in the near future!

Incheon Airport wins three awards from ‘2023 World Airport Awards’

The 2023 World Airport Awards, organized by Skytrax in the U.K., was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands during the early morning hours of March 16th, Korea time. We’re proud to share that Incheon Airport won three awards 👑👑👑 at this ceremony that seeks to honor the world’s best airports.

The host of the event, Skytrax, is a UK-based consulting firm specializing in aviation services. Having started in 1999, the event conducts an assessment on service quality for 500+ airports and airlines around the world, honoring the best ones in a high-profile awards ceremony.

This year, Incheon Airport ✈ won awards in three categories: World’s Best Airport Staff Award, Asia’s Best Airport Staff Award, and Best Airport Immigration Screening Award. It was a proud moment to be recognized as the world’s best airport in employee service and immigration. 😍

These wins were made possible by preemptively responding to the recovery of aviation demand after COVID-19, pushing for better facility inspections, and training to elevate work skills and expertise amongst employees. Incheon Airport will continue to provide the highest quality service and experience for our increasing number of passengers!

We recapped some of the biggest stories for the month of March at Incheon Airport. While listing all of our headlines, we realized March was an exceptionally great month with only positive stories to report!☺

If you want to stay updated with all things related to Incheon Airport ✈, please check back on the Incheon Airport blog again soon!

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