Incheon Airport’s 22nd Anniversary Photo Exhibition

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March 29th was the 22nd anniversary of Incheon Airport! More than 100 airport officials, including the president of Incheon Airport, attended the commemorative ceremony celebrating 22 years since we first opened our doors..👏👏 Incheon Airport is 22 years old already! Where did the time go?  😮

Incheon Airport’s 22nd anniversary Photo Exhibition has opened to take us another step forward as an airport of arts and culture. From 2001, when Korea opened a new path to the skies, to readying ourselves for a new start amidst trouble 22 years later! All these moments are being shown in this photo exhibition, which we have a sneak peak of! Take a look! 🤩

From opening to now, creating something from nothing. : Incheon Airport’s 22nd Anniversary Photo Exhibition opens

Incheon Airport’s 22nd Anniversary Photo Exhibition

Location: Passenger Terminal 2, Near Check-in counter E on 3rd Floor
Duration: Until Sunday, April 23, 2023

For people who are planning to visit Passenger Terminal 2 soon, or if you simply love Incheon Airport, visit the Incheon Airport’s 22nd Anniversary Photo Exhibition. you’ll be able to see various moments from when the airport first opened in 2001 to present day times. You’ll feel as if you’re seeing scenes from a movie when looking at all the beautiful photos.🎥

On another note, did you know that the place where Incheon Airport sits actually used to be the ocean? 🌊Ahead of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, concerns over Gimpo Airport being flooded with all the visitors from around the world led to plans for a new airport to be built. Beating out other competing areas, Yeongjongdo, Yongyoodo, and Shinbuldo were reclaimed and chosen as the location for the new airport. 5,616 square meters (17 million pyeong), which is about 16 times the size of Yeouido, was transformed to build Incheon Airport. Incheon Airport became Korea’s new gateway to the skies 🛫, used by 72 million passengers annually! In this 22nd anniversary photo exhibition of Incheon Airport, you’ll be able to see moments of growth and innovation over the passage of time.

All the effort to keep us going for the past 22 years! : And now a new chapter for the 22-year-old Incheon Airport!

With 22 years of flying its passengers all over the world and even overcoming the travel slump caused by COVID-19, Incheon Airport is embarking on another flight into the next chapter.🌟 Incheon Airport worked hard to normalize travel demand and is now reaping the fruits of labor, seeing 140,000 passengers pass through its gates a day.

Incheon Airport will strive to be an airport that’s not just focused on art and culture, but follow through on plans such as the phase 4 construction project, airport economic zone development, and becoming more low-carbon and eco-friendly.

In commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the opening of Incheon Airport, we shared with you the news of a special photo exhibition that captures the ups and downs of the past 22 years at Incheon Airport. 😂We hope our visitors will always be filled with fulfillment and pleasure. Incheon Airport will continue to work hard to take on whatever challenges face us the future so please continue to send love and support our way!☺

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