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When you start to feel lethargic and sleepy, a bite of something sweet can immediately make you feel better. 😋. What’s your favorite dessert? There’s something special about having a little dessert after a meal. Of course they taste good, but even the mere aesthetics of dessert is enough to boost our energy and spirits. 🧡

Eating a hearty meal ahead of a long flight is important, but there’s also something to be said for having something sweet to give you that kick of energy. That’s why we prepared a list of dessert shops at Incheon Airport! 🍩🍮🍪 These shops are not just for those traveling abroad, but anyone who visits Incheon Airport. Ready to dive into a world of sugar and spice and everything nice?

Everything from scone, madeleines, to financiers! : Incheon Airport’s #StoryofLamant

Incheon Airport Story of Lamant

Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 1st floor of General Area, Exit 10
Hours: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Phone number: 032-743-2362

There are many dessert shops in Incheon Airport that offer treats that are very similar in taste to such treats sold in their countries of origin. Story of Lamant is a bakery that uses French butter to differentiate their scones from others. 🥠 This bakery only uses fresh, high-quality milk supplied within 48 hours, and washes their butter twice for a cleaner and deeper taste.  😎

You’ll enjoy picking the flavor for you amongst their many exotic options of basil olive, gourmet butter, whole wheat crumble, and cranberry walnut scones. Their baked goods are not too sweet, perfect to satisfy the palettes of all types of people. 😛 In addition to their scones, you can enjoy plain🌿, matcha, yak-gwa (fried Korean dessert), olive, pecan, fig, chocolate🍫, and salted caramel financiers or chocolate, cherry blossom, matcha 🍵, and earl gray madeleines. You’ll be sure to have an extra pep in your step when leaving the country for a trip after you’ve recharged with some sweets.

This place is a must for crispy on the outside, soft on the inside salted butter rolls! : Incheon Airport #CafeCheongHyeYoom

Incheon Airport Cafe Cheong Hye-Yoom

Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 1st floor of General Area, Exit 4
Hours: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Phone number: 032-743-2364

Salted butter rolls really bring together the richness of butter and staple flavor of salt. 🥐 They say there may be people who’ve never tried salted butter rolls before, but no one who has only tried it once. This speaks volumes on how addictive they are! Salted butter rolls are all the rage, and you can find some at Cafe Cheong Hye-Yoom at Incheon Airport!

Cafe Cheong Hye-Yoom has a total of three types of salted butter rolls: gourmet, injeolmi (bean flour), and caramel cinnamon. If you want to properly experience salted butter rolls, we highly recommend trying the gourmet rolls! Freshly baked, the outside texture of the bread is dense and soft, while the inside is rich and moist, leaving you wanting more. 🍞 In addition to salted butter rolls, there are other desserts that pair well with coffee, such as garlic bread and plain/berry/walnut 🥜 scones. so be sure to visit and give them a taste!

Enjoy brunch with baguettes and sandwiches! : Incheon Airport #VilladeCharlotteCafe

Incheon Airport Villa de Charlotte Cafe

Location: Passenger Terminal 1, 1st floor of General Area, near Exit 8
Hours: 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM
Phone number: 032-743-2363

This is the perfect place for those who don’t have a lot of time before their flight, but want to fill up on some food. Villa de Charlotte Cafe is an upscale cafe with a green sign 💚 you can’t miss. If you have a suitcase, you will be asked to leave it in the storage area at the front of the cafe. Travelers love this cafe because it offers simple. yet satisfying sandwiches. 🥪

They offer grilled bulgogi, bacon, egg mayo, and baguette ham sandwich 🥙, with the most popular item, the egg mayo sandwich, being a safe pick for most. Just seeing the savory baguette 🥖 topped with eggs 🥚and a squeeze of creamy sauce is enough to calm down your hungry stomach. If you find yourself craving a banh mi style sandwich, visit Villa de Charlotte Cafe! 

All sorts of sweet treats in one place so you can fuel up for your trip! : Incheon Airport #OurBakery

Incheon Airport Our Bakery

Location: Passenger Terminal 1, First floor of General Area, Arrival Hall B
Hours: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM 
Phone number: 032-743-2371

Any bread-lover will be familiar with Our Bakery 👀! This place is so popular that it’s more of a brand than just a bakery, having started in a small alley shop in Gangnam. Each location has a slightly different interior design and theme, making it fun to go around the country visiting all the different locations. The Incheon Airport branch features an interior design that incorporates traditional Korean elements. 🙌

Different types of bread all have their own unique tastes and charms. Our Bakery is no different though they do have a must-try menu. There’s “dirty chocolate” 🍫, an addictive treat with a dense outer layer filled with nuggets of French chocolate, “palmier carre (square palmiers)” with a crispy layered pastry coated in chocolate, and “nutella banana”, a combination of gooey nutella and creamy banana🍌. Grab the most tempting dessert and a cup of coffee and you’ll be ready for your trip!

We introduced sweet shops at Incheon Airport for you to get a kick of energy for your trip! 🥞🧇🥯🥐What did you think? Going on a getaway is always exciting, but you can increase the joy even more by getting something sweet for the flight! There’s a lot more places at Incheon Airport than you’d think that offer a wide selection of delicious treats, so why not make it a point to go around trying all of them each time you visit us?

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