Best Overseas Travel Destinations With Photo Locations Against Flower Background!๐ŸŒธ

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As the weather gets warmer, the spring vibes are getting stronger. Is it just us, or does spring feel even more fleeting and precious this year. Did you get a chance to go flower viewing yet? Donโ€™t be too sad if you missed the cherry blossoms in Korea. There are still plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy spring flowers.

For todayโ€™s post, weโ€™ll be making recommendations for overseas travel destinations that boast beautiful flower backgrounds for the perfect photo. We have spots with tulips, lavender, sunflowers, freesias, and more. We even included some travel pro-tips. So if you want to fully enjoy the spring season, keep reading!โ˜บ

Best Photo Locations with Flower Background : โ€œKeukenhof Gardenโ€: Like a scene out of a fairytale, complete with tulips and windmills.

Keukenhof Garden

Lisse, Zoitholant, Amsterdam, Netherlands
TIP! Tulip Festival from early March to late May
Try to schedule your trip around that time!

Do you know about the world’s largest flower festival, the Keukenhof Tulip Festival? Being that it is the first festival to start in Europe, it also is known as “the garden of Europeโ€ and the place that ushers in the spring season. In line with that, the Keukenhof Garden is the first place on our list.

Many people envision a similar image when they think of the Netherlands. The dense tulip fields and spinning windmills at Keukenhof Garden will not disappoint your expectations! Youโ€™ll see about 7 million flowers, including over 800 types of tulips, daffodils, freesias, and carnations. You can also see swans floating in the canals, enjoy the walking trails and greenhouse gardens, and dine at the restaurants.

The 2023 Keukenhof Tulip Festival will run from March 25th to May 14th, local time. If you visit in time for the festival season, youโ€™ll also be able to enjoy various parades and hundreds of event booths! โ˜บ

Best Photo Locations with Flower Background : โ€œAlley of the Flowersโ€ in Cordoba: A quaint street decorated with flowers

The Alley of Flowers in Cordoba

Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain
TIP! Patio Festival in early May 
Try to schedule your trip around that time!

Andalusia in southern Spain is a place where Islam and Catholic cultures meet and offers a charm thatโ€™s unique from the surrounding regions. Also known as โ€œthe entrance to Andalusiaโ€, Cordoba is full of various attractions. Among them, Cordobaโ€™s Alley of Flowers is one of the best spring photo spots.

Upon entering the unique, narrow, and quaint alleyways with flowers decorating the white walls, youโ€™ll feel like you’re walking into a fairy tale village. The flowers spotted all over Cordoba are in fact traces of the Patio Festival. โ€œPatioโ€ refers to the courtyard of a home where generations of a family live in, and during the festival season, plants are placed out on these patios for visitors to enjoy. This has led to this area becoming filled with flowers.

Similar to Keukenhof Garden, if you visit in early May for the Patio Festival season, you can enjoy more things to see! There will be performances featuring traditional music, flamenco, guitar, and dance all over in local streets and plazas.

Best Photo Locations with Flower Background : โ€œLavender Routeโ€: A sea of blooming lavender flowers

Valensole Lavender Route

French Provence Valensole 
TIP! Visit during late June to mid-July
This is when the lavenders are in full bloom!

Imagine looking out into a sea of lavender stretched out towards the horizon. There is such a place that is known to be the biggest lavender field in the world. Weโ€™re talking about the Lavender Route in Provence Valensole, known to be a place with โ€œmore than 300 days of sunshine a yearโ€. Like the name suggests, this is a road exploding with lavender flowers.

This is not just a tourist destination, but also a lavender production site. Because of the variety of local products that are made in Valensole, the area near Lavande Angelvin with a souvenir shop is quite famous. This is the perfect place to visit as it is brimming with tourist hot spots. You can visit Europeโ€™s Grand Canyon, VerdonValley, and Mustier Saint-Marie, also known as the most beautiful village in France

The most important thing in planning your trip is the timing! If you visit during late June-mid-July, youโ€™ll be able to catch the lavenders when theyโ€™re in full bloom. If you’re planning to drive, we recommend racing along the D8 route, where youโ€™ll be able to see lavender flowers and sunflowers blooming together! Ready to capture some of the most beautiful photos youโ€™ll ever snap?  ๐Ÿ™‚

Best Photo Locations with Flower Background : โ€œFour Seasons Hillโ€: A flower garden offering a variety of activities

Four Seasons Hill in Biei

Hokkaido Biei, Japan
TIP! There are many activities to do at the Four Seasons Hill.
However, if you want to see the flowers, visit during April to October!

If you thought of Hokkaido, Japan as solely a winter travel destination, weโ€™re here to prove you wrong! The area of Biei in particular is an incomparable tourist destination and photo spot, home to beautiful birch forests. Specifically, we want to recommend Four Seasons Hill which has different flowers and charms for each season.

This place stretches out about 50,000 pyeongs, making it about three times the size of the Tokyo Dome. It turns into a flower garden in the spring and a snow field in the winter. From April to October, basically excluding the winter months, you can see over 30 kinds of flowers, including tulips, lavenders, sunflowers, cosmos, and peonies. Plus, take a photo with the mascot of the Four Seasons Hill, a large figure made out of hay!

Here are some pro-tips to make the most of your trip to the Four Seasons Hill! The area is so large that we recommend using electric carts, four-wheel bikes, or tractor wagons to get around. There are different activities to enjoy year-round, including riding snowmobiles and going sledding in the winter. Donโ€™t you want to book your tickets right now?โ˜บ

We shared with you great overseas travel destinations with perfect photo spots that have beautiful flowers as your backdrop! Did you see any spots you liked? If youโ€™re not ready to say goodbye to spring yet, hurry and book your flights to squeeze in a last floral getaway! Incheon Airport will do our best to ensure your travels are happy ones! โ˜บ

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