The Matina Gold Lounge Re-Opens in Passenger Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport✨

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Time during the COVID-19 pandemic felt like it was crawling by, but it did pass. The skies have gradually opened up again and more people have been visiting our airport. 🙋‍♀️Thanks to all of your continued interest and support, not to mention the efforts of everyone working at Incheon Airport, we are expecting to get out of the red and be back in the black😍 for the first time in three years! With the weather getting warmer, we’re willing to bet many people have been feeling the travel itch lately.

Starting off your trip on the right foot can make or break the entire travel experience. 👀This is why it’s important to make sure even the beginning of your trip is special. On that note, we have news of the reopening of the Incheon Airport Matina Gold Lounge after two long years. ✨Has anything changed? How much has it changed? We’ll fill you in on all the details of how the Matina Gold Lounge has evolved from the past and pro-tips on how to make better use of the lounge.

1. Lounge expanded to accommodate more passengers!

The Incheon Airport Matina Gold Lounge

Location: Passenger Terminal 2, across from Gate 249 in the duty-free area on the 4th floor
Operating hours: 07:00 to 16:00
Phone: 032-743-5060

Did you know that the Incheon Airport Matina Gold Lounge was designed based on the know-how of running the Walkerhill Hotel? 😄 You’ll feel as if you’ve entered a luxurious hotel, offering an extensive buffet menu and different amenities. Not only was the lounge interior remodeled, but the overall size of the lounge was increased to accommodate more passengers.

The original Matina Gold Lounge had a total of 162 seats. After the renovation project, the total number of seats was expanded to 191, offering a noticeably larger space for visitors. The second you enter the lounge, you’ll immediately notice an orange chandelier. 🧡The chandelier serves as the lounge center, with each separate area having a different theme. Enjoy your food in the space that suits you best.

2. Upgraded menu of Korean, Chinese, and Western foods + Chef’s live corner!

Many would agree when we say that the star of any airport lounge is the food menu. The Matina Gold Lounge is all the more special because it features culinary delights from hotel chefs. 🧑🍳 You can enjoy a simple meal through a variety of dishes from all over the world, including salad🥗, bread🥖, cup noodles, fruits, galbitang (short rib soup), bulgogi, seaweed soup, and pasta  🍝. The crowd favorite is the “Dessert Corner”, which has also been renovated. Colorful desserts made with fresh, seasonal fruits are enough to deliver the grand finale to your meal!

Have you ever been to an airport lounge that has a chef cooking up your food right in front of you? A brand new “Live Corner” has been added to the lineup of food, featuring a chef using only the freshest ingredients to whip up special menu items for you. 👏👏👏 Watching your food come to life by the hands of a professional chef is a treat for both the eyes and stomach!

3. Hotel quality service at a lounge! Recharge in the “Relaxing Room”

If you travel often or are about to get on a long flight, we highly recommend you make use of this next space. The “Relaxing Room”, a space for you to recharge and also receive a nice massage.💆‍♀️It’s important to relax the body and mind before your trip. There are two massage chairs in the room, so grab your travel partner and let the chair work its magic!

There is also a “Shower Room” for those who were in such a hurry to get to the airport they didn’t have time to wash up. If you want to use the Shower Room, be sure to let the front desk know. Please note that the keys to the Shower Room are given on a first come first serve basis.☺ The Shower Room offers towels, all-in-one shampoo/body wash, and a hair dryer. Remember to pack anything else you may need. ☝️

4. Business area and separate meeting rooms available for use!

Though most of our passengers visiting the airport are going on personal trips, there are those that are going on business trips and need to print something or hold a quick meeting. To ensure our business travelers have a comfortable work environment, the Matina Gold Lounge also offers a Business Center and Meeting Rooms.

Those with their own laptops 💻 can use it for free in the Business Center. In addition, those who need to have a document printed can rest at ease and use the printer provided for them. Lastly, there are a total of three separate meeting rooms located all throughout the lounge for you to enjoy a cup of coffee🍵 or hold a meeting in. Choose the room that suits your needs. Note that there is a meeting room fee of 80,000 won for one room and 60,000 won for two rooms (subject to change). Please let the front desk know in advance.

The Matina Gold Lounge is back after two years with a new look! What did you think? If you want to start your trip off on a more special note, we recommend you to use the Matina Gold Lounge. Incheon Airport will be back with more useful and noteworthy content, so please check back in on our blog soon! ☺

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