Incheon Airport Oseongsan Observatory Re-opens After Renewal!

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Near Incheon Airport, there is a wonderful space where you can see the planes taking off and landing at the airport all in one panoramic view. We’re talking about the Incheon Airport Oseongsan Observatory. This observatory started renovations last October, but it’s finally ready to re-open to the public, showing off a new and improved space.

The news of the re-opening of Incheon Airport’s Oseongsan Observatory post-renewal is great news indeed, just in time for the warmer weather. Let’s learn more about what has changed and how you can better enjoy your visit. ☺

Panoramic view of Incheon Airport : Oseongsan Observatory re-opens after renewal

Incheon Airport Oseongsan Observatory

279 Airport Seo-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon (North-South-dong)
(Summer hours) 10:00-17:30 All year round
Phone: 032-751-2117

The Incheon Airport Oseongsan Observatory is the spot to get a panoramic view of Incheon Airport from a distance. Located on Oseongsan Mountain in Jung-gu, Incheon, this deck even allows you to see the many airplanes taking off and landing at Incheon Airport.

It first opened in December 1996, boasting a long history. It underwent its first renovation in 2009, followed by a second renovation to improve viewing facilities and general safety in October last year. Finally, in April of this year, it reopened with a new and improved look, just in time for the cherry blossom season!

What changes were made in the renewal? : How to make the most of your visit to the Oseongsan Observatory

The recent Oseongsan Observatory renewal paid particular attention to improving the comfort and safety of its visitors. The original operation hours, which saw the observatory close at 4 p.m., have been extended to closing at 5:30 p.m. for the summer. Also, there were new signs put up along the roads leading to the observatory to offer guidance and convenience for visitors.

In addition, safety has been increased with the installation of higher handrails along the outdoor viewing spaces. This area was often closed off for safety reasons in the past. However, with the increased safety measures, it will now be open to everyone during operating hours. Note that you can rent a telescope on the first floor to better enjoy the view of Incheon Airport.

Though visitors aren’t allowed to take photos or videos of the aircrafts, we encourage you to take in the view with your eyes!☺

Today’s happy news suits the beautiful spring weather we’ve been seeing these days. Are you excited to see the changes at the observatory? Incheon Airport will continue to work hard to provide comfort and safety to our passengers. See you at the Oseongsan Observatory at Incheon Airport!

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