Places to Check Out at Incheon Airport When Traveling With Parents!

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When traveling with family, especially your parents, it’s important to do your research on places to see and eat ahead of time. It would be a waste of precious energy to wander through a large airport, not knowing where to go. 🥺This is why we did all your homework for you! We have a list of places to check out at Incheon Airport, right at the start of your trip, to create lasting memories with your parents. 🥰

Ple-Eating Lounge, a Delicious Korean Restaurant

A full stomach is important to ensure a great start to a trip.

Here’s a great Korean restaurant 🍲, Ple-Eating, that’s sure to garner positive reviews from even the pickiest of parents. Ple-Eating is a food court style place that features big Korean food companies like Sodam Bansang and Osaek Myeonjeon.

Sodam Bansang features nicely presented dishes 🍚 like the ddeokgalbi with stew spread, oxtail soup, and bibimbap. All Korean favorites! For people who prefer hot noodles, Osaek Myeonjeon offers noodles in beef broth and knife-cut noodles. So whether you like rice or noodles, this food court has got you covered! 😋

📌 Location: Passenger Terminal 1, Center of 1st floor

Need a simple and hearty snack? Bijeun

This next place is perfect when people are feeling hungry, but don’t have enough time to eat a full-on meal. How does scoring some points with your parents by buying them sweet treats sound? Bijeun is a place you can pick up beverages and various Korean-style desserts. 🍡

Bijeun is a ricecake brand that offers standard types of rice cakes, rice cake-style cake (think ricecake in the shape of a cake), and other Korean confectionary. There’s a branch in Incheon Airport that sells its trademark drinks and rice cake snacks. Drop by when you want a heartier treat to hold you and your parents down for a long flight. 👀

📌 Location: Passenger Terminal 1, Near Exit 5 on 3rd floor 

The Traveler Center, full of things to see and enjoy

If you have the time, we recommend you visit the “Traveler Center” before going through the departure process.

The Traveler Center is a cultural experience space set up for domestic and foreign travelers alike, and various experience programs 😎 are waiting for you to enjoy Korea’s cultural heritage.

Experience falling flowers through VR and go back in time as a person against a background from olden times through the chroma key Time Traveler Zone. In the Media Art Experience Zone, you can see various World Heritage artifacts in a beautifully-made video 🙌. Don’t forget to receive stamps at each experience zone! We also provide tour information on various domestic travel destinations, so make sure to stop by and create lasting memories with your parents!

📌 Location: Passenger Terminal 1, Transportation Center on 1st floor

Eye-pleasing performance, guard changing ceremony

If you have some time before boarding, we recommend taking your parents to watch the changing of the guards ceremony. The ceremony is a treat for the eyes and ears, featuring traditional Korean music and choreography. It’s quite a symbolic performance 💃 as it shows the guards at what is considered the modern-day “gateway” to Korea: Incheon Airport.

The changing of the guards ceremony is quite grandiose, showing off dynamic performances of sword dance, martial arts, and stick-fighting all while the guards march in a dignified parade. The changing of the guards ceremony is performed three times a day at the center of the Boarding Hall.

Please refer to the performance schedule below. 🙋‍♀️

📌 Location: Center of Boarding Hall

Today we covered spots to visit at Incheon Airport when traveling with your parents. As Incheon Airport is expanding as a culture and arts platform for passengers, there are plenty of things to see and do. Plan for some extra time to look around the airport with your parents before boarding your plane! In the meantime, we’ll be back with more information next time!  👏

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