Best Unique Theme Parks to Visit With Your Family!

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May in Korea is often called “Family Month“. It’s a month filled with family-oriented holidays, like Children’s Day and Parent’s Day. Not to mention the warm spring weather simply makes people want to pack their bags and take off on a family trip together! Taking advantage of this not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather, how does visiting a theme park with your family sound to you?

Today, we have prepared a list of the best theme parks around the world with plenty to see and do with your families. Are you ready? 🙂

Best Theme Parks to Visit With Family : See Hollywood characters at “Universal Studio in Singapore”

Singapore Universal Studios

8 Sentosa Gateway Resorts World Sentosa,
Sentosa Island 098269 Singapore

Everybody is familiar with the Universal Studios, located around the world. The Universal Studio in Singapore is the first Hollywood theme park in Southeast Asia, making it one of the top tourist destinations in Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

The theme park is divided into six different areas, decorated with different Hollywood characters. Shrek and Puss in Boots will greet you in the “Far Far Away” zone, dinosaurs will pop up in the Jurassic Park themed “The Lost World” zone, and the “New York” zone will keep you on your toes at the possible sighting of Spiderman. Every corner has something to see.

In addition, Sentosa Island offers other great things for the whole family to experience, including an aquarium and luge! Don’t forget to take the quintessential picture in front of the Universal Studio globe!

Best Theme Parks to Visit With Family : Step into a Japanese Animation, “Japan’s Ghibli Park”

Japan’s Ghibli Park

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Nagakute City, Ibaragabasama
1533-1 Aichi Expo Commemorative Park

There is a category of Japanese animations that has garnered so much love, they’re almost comparable to Hollywood works from the West. We’re talking about the characters from Ghibli Studio. There is charming theme park called Ghibli Park located in Nagoya of Japan, that makes you feel like you’ve entered into a Japanese animation

The main area is called Ghibli Storage, where you can see many interesting things, including the mysterious office that appears during Chihiro’s disappearance in the movie “Spirited Away”. Outside, you’ll see the world of “My Neighbor Totoro”, leading into Dondoko Forest, housing the country house of characters Satsuki and Mei. Don’t forget the Hill of Youth where you can see the cat from the animation “The Cat Returns”. The fun is in finding and appreciating all the details.

One important factor to note is that you must make reservations to visit Ghibli Park. This is to ensure that a manageable number of people are in each zone at all times to maximize safety and smooth operations. This is welcomed news for families visiting with young children as they can enjoy a more comfortable and safe visit.

Best Theme Parks to Visit With Family : Intricate Lego figures everywhere at Malaysia’s Legoland

Legoland in Malaysia

7 Jalan Legoland,
Johor Bahru 79250 Malaysia

Imagine stepping into a world you created with your very own hands. That’s what it’s like when visiting Legoland Malaysia, the largest Legoland in Asia. Parents and children alike can have care-free, child-like fun.

It is full of fun things to see and do, including a colorful lego rollercoaster and the famous attractions Lego City, Miniature Land, and Ninjago World. Being that it’s Legoland, families will find plenty of cute corners where you can get hands-on with your own lego creations.

Also, Johor Bahru, which is where Legoland Malaysia is located, has Lego-themed resorts for you to stay at. Your children will delight in the rooms featuring different themes: Adventure, Castle, Ninjago, etc. There is also an aquarium and waterpark on site, making it the perfect place to stay with your family.

Today, we shared a list of the best theme parks to visit with your families! What did you think? We will continue to gather useful information to ensure your future travels are all happy and special. ☺

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