Incheon Airport’s 24 Hour Kids Zone

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Expectations for more overseas travel has been rising due to the official declaration of COVID-19 as an endemic this past May 11th. In particular, it’s May, which is considered Family Month in Korea. There have been more families with children frequenting Incheon Airport 👨👩👧👦.

Parents who have young children in tow when visiting our airport have lots of things to consider. If you don’t want your children getting restless while waiting to board, why not make note of our kids zones ahead of time to ensure smooth travels 👶?  We have different kids zones located in both Passenger Terminals 1 and 2. Let’s dive in to explore our different play areas for children!

Excite the children’s imagination with the ocean themed “Family Center”

Family Center

Passenger Terminal 1, 3rd floor of Duty-free area, near Gate 14

The Family Center is a place where you can meet some of the kids’ favorite characters from Pinkfong, like Baby Shark and his family. You’ll immediately see the Pinkfong Block Photo Zone as you walk through the entrance, the perfect place to take photos with your family!  📸

Inside, you’ll find a large maze, perfect for children aged 6 to 7 who need to burn off their energy. You can encourage children to use their imagination and creativity with the help of the exciting ocean exploration theme. 🙌 We especially recommend you use your smartphone to try the AR Sea Exploration corner. ☺

Take off with Pororo and his friends, “Travel Around the World with Pororo

Travel Around the World with Pororo

Passenger Terminal 1, 3rd floor of Duty-free area, near Gate 45

Your eyes will clock in on the colorful colors of this place, even from afar. 👀 The colors and decorations are all under the theme of traveling around the world with Pororo and his friends. The characters, all about the average kid’s height, are lined up welcoming families into the area.

It’s a great place to play hide-and-seek, with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in, such as in the huge airplane 🛫 or in Pororo’s house ✨!

There is also storage space at the entrance of this zone where you can put your belongings in. This will allow you to let loose and create happy memories with your children!

Perfect for kids who love cars, “Little Bus Tayo Kids Cafe”

‘Little Bus Tayo’ Kids Cafe

Passenger Terminal 2, 3rd floor of Duty-free area, near Gate 231 

The Little Bus Tayo Kids Cafe 🚌 is a space where both parents and children can relax and comfortably pass the time.  The reason is because “VOILA CAFE” is located right next door! It’s indoors, boasting a large space, allowing even large family groups to visit without any problems. -😆

If you walk all the way into this kids zone, you will see a nursing room 🤱, complete with diaper changing tables, sinks, baby bottle sterilizers, and scales for parents, children, and pregnant women to use.

Experience different games at the “Pororo Game Room”

Pororo Game Room

Passenger Terminal 2, 3rd floor of Duty-free area, near Gate 232

Of course it’s great to run around to get some physical play in, however, sometimes parents just want to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet. The Pororo Game Room is perfect for the latter. You can enjoy 4 different themed gaming areas 🎮. From a game employing a touch screen called Pororo Space Exploration, to the Touch Game where you can communicate with the characters, to Smart TV where you can watch videos. They all contain elements that children will enjoy.

If you happen to be at the Little Bus Tayo Kids Cafe introduced earlier, we recommend you to also visit this place which is right nearby!🤩

What did you think of Incheon Airport’s 24 hour Kids Zone? You can play with your children, rather than wait for your flight doing nothing! This information is going to be a gamechanger for parents traveling with their children. Incheon Airport will continue to share interesting and useful news with you all, so please check back in soon! ☺

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