Enjoy the Rape Flowers at Incheon Airport’s Sky Garden🌼

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Is there a particular flower that comes to mind when you think of the spring season? Yellow rape flowers 🌼 typically pop to mind in May! Especially in Jeju, a warmer island located further south, you can see the golden sea of blossoms earlier on.

Did you know you can also see rape flower fields in Incheon, making it a great place for Spring outings! There’s a place called Sky Garden, located near Incheon Airport. It is known as a popular attraction amongst many people because you can see the planes taking off and landing at the airport, flying low above your heads. We have tips on how to enjoy Sky Garden to the fullest! 😎 Let us share them with you.

Incheon Airport Sky Garden at a Glance

Incheon Airport Sky Garden is filled with rape flowers in the spring and cosmos in autumn, so you can enjoy different atmospheres 💐 according to the seasons. It is built on a plot of land spanning 380,000㎡, and there are various things to see and enjoy, such as an observatory, rose tunnel, sky square, silver grass hills, and of course the flower fields at Sky Garden. 🏞. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the spring flowers, why don’t you stop by the Sky Garden and create lasting memories? 👀

Incheon Airport ‘Sky Garden’

Location: 2848-6 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon
Open period: May to June
Operating hours: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Last admission at 5:30 PM)

Capture the best photos! Sky Garden’s PHOTO SPOTS

As Sky Garden boasts a large area, there are many good places to take pictures. 🌞 For those of you who insist on capturing these beautiful sights on camera, make note of these PHOTO SPOTS at Sky Garden!☝️ Visit them when you have a chance.

📸 1st Photo Spot: Take a photo buried in rape flowers! 🙋‍♀️

– Utilize the empty spaces between the rape flower fields!
– Take objects like a Polaroid or a film camera on your hand!

📸 2nd Photo Spot: Utilize the photo zone
between the rape flower fields!

– Make a pose that harmonizes with photo zones in and around rape flower fields!
– Don’t look directly at the camera for a more natural looking pose.

📸 3rd Photo Spot: Run through the Wind Hill 💨
for a more panoramic shot!

– Wind Hill, located to the left of the park, allows you to capture the landing airplanes looking quite large!
– The moment the wind blows, take a photo of you running through the spinning pinwheels.

Pro Tips to Prepare You for a Better Visit

📍 Make the Most of Sky Garden for FREE! 💸

As previously mentioned, the Sky Garden is open to area locals and citizens for free. The beautiful views have brought in a total of 320,000 people to date. We expect more people will add to that number this season! If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend visiting on a weekday or weekend morning.

📍 Did you bring a car?🚗 Sky Garden Parking Guide

Many people bring their cars to visit Sky Garden. If it’s your first time, parking can seem tricky. Punch in the parking lot address rather than “Sky Garden” in your GPS system to find it more easily!

Incheon Airport Sky Garden, Public Parking Lot

Location: 2848-14 Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon

As the days get warmer, there are more exciting activities, especially the outdoor kind, to enjoy. 🙌 This weekend, stop by the Sky Garden with your family or loved ones to take pretty pictures 👩❤️👨 and relax. We’ll be back next time with more interesting and useful information!

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