Recap of Top Stories from Incheon Airport in May📢

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May is a great month to finally take that long overdue trip because there’s a lot of long weekends from holidays such as Children’s Day, Married Couples’ Day, and Labor Day. In preparation for the increase in the number of traveling families ‍👩‍👧‍👦, Incheon Airport has taken special measures to help ease congestion. During the holiday season, the hours of operation for the departure hall were extended⏰ while the number of guidance and support personnel were increased.

In addition, various efforts were made to promote the airport and expand travel demand. For example, a special performance was held for Children’s Day👶 featuring characters from “Catch! Teenieping”, transit tourism promotions were made targeting k-pop fans, and a direct route to Batam, Indonesia opened. We’ll catch you up with Incheon Airport’s headlines at a glance 📢 for the month of May.👇

📍 Special “Catch! Teenieping” performance to celebrate Children’s Day
📍 Promotion of transit flight tourism for Gen Z k-pop fans in Japan
📍 2020 Special Exhibition held at Incheon Airport Museum
📍 Public Safety Photo and Poster Contest Awards Ceremony held
📍 Direct flights to Batam, Indonesia now open

Special Children’s Day performance featuring popular characters from “Catch! Teenieping”

May is when the world is the children’s oyster because it includes Children’s Day. On May 4th, the day before Children’s Day, Incheon Airport organized a special performance featuring characters from “Catch! Teenieping” at the first floor of Millennium Hall in Passenger Terminal 1. There were also various side events ongoing alongside the “Catch! Teenieping” performance. About 1,300 passengers and the families of airport employees all participated to make for a successful event! 🙌

An exciting rap performance by the acoustic band OTB helped warm up the crowd, followed by “Alssong Dalssong Teenieping Singalong Show, Teenieping School”. After the performance, there was time⏰ at a photo zone where people could take pictures with the characters📸, a water tattoo zone where kids could get their favorite characters (i.e., Bread Barbershop) tattooed on their arms, and the Robot Trio Performance Group where kids could play drums, xylophones, and recorders.😍

Promoting travel to Korea and transit tourism for Japanese Gen Z k-pop fans!

Have you heard of the K-Culture Festival “KCON”? Since 2012, it is the world’s largest festival with over 1.36 million visitors having been recorded at locations around the world, including in North America, the Middle East, and Europe. This year, it was held in Thailand, Japan, and the United States. In particular, “KCON JAPAN” held not just a k-pop concert, but offered a “K-FOOD” zone and “K-STORY” zone to further share Korean culture, experiences, and content.

Incheon Airport also actively promoted Korean tourism products in the Korea-travel-themed K-TOWN zone, in attempts to attract foreign tourists. In particular, there was special emphasis on the fact that Japanese tourists can visit Korea without K-ETA (a visa-free travel program that simply requires travelers to upload their personal information online in advance) during the “Visit Korea Years” (lasting from 2023 to 2027). Japanese Gen Z showed special interest in the “Free transit tour course” and “K-STOPOVER” program, which involves them stopping over at Incheon Airport in Korea before heading to their final destination. 🙋‍♀️

2023 Special Exhibition at Incheon Airport Museum opens!

If you have ever departed from the Boarding Building at Incheon Airport’s Terminal 1, you probably have noticed the Incheon Airport Museum. There was a special exhibition opening ceremony held on this past 16th at the Incheon Airport Museum.😮 The exhibit held in cooperation with the National Museum of Korea consists of two parts: <Baekje Luxury, Baekje Pattern Exhibition>, which displays Baekje-pattern brick collections, and <Jeoni: Korean Furniture>, which displays late-Joseon wood furniture collections.

The <Jeoni: Korean Furniture> exhibition was Incheon International Airport Corporation’s first planned exhibition since the opening of the Incheon Airport Museum in June 2021. Under the theme of “Harmony between Traditional and Modern Culture,” it showcases 10 wooden furniture pieces from the late Joseon period and 12 modern wooden furniture pieces that are reinterpretations of the original traditional styles. If you walk deeper into the Incheon Airport Museum, you’ll see the <Baekje Luxury, Baekje Pattern Exhibition>, a representative collection of the Buyeo National Museum, which includes eight genuine Baekje pattern bricks estimated to be 1,400 years old. The exhibition, which promotes the beauty of Korean culture to the world, will be open to the public free of charge until March of next year. Pay us a visit!

National Safety Photo and Poster Contest Awards Ceremony held

The 2023 Public Safety Photo and Poster Contest Award Ceremony was held to spread the value of safety⛑ to the entire nation. Since the contest first started in 2021, we are already on the third year and the number of participants has gradually increased to now target the entire country. The photo and poster contest was held under the theme of “The type of safe industrial sites and airports we want” for the duration of one month.

The submitted works were evaluated by various judges, including some representing the airport, resulting in a total of 31 winners. Aren’t you curious about which works were awarded prizes?🤭 Don’t worry, you can check out the winning works at the Transportation Center in Incheon Airport’s Terminal 1, running from the 22nd for two weeks.

New direct route to Batam, Indonesia opens + expansion of ASEAN business

There was happy news this month of a newly opened direct route 🛫 between Incheon Airport and Batam, Indonesia, a strategic entryway to ASEAN nations. To commemorate this, there was a launch ceremony held at both Incheon Airport and Hong Nadim International Airport in Batam. This new flight is an example of a marketing success story made possible through the cooperation of Hong Nadim Airport, Korean national airlines, and domestic travel agencies!

In addition, in cooperation with the Jakarta branch of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Batam, more than 100 local institutions and major travel industry officials were invited to co-host theKorea Tourism Promotion Briefing to Revitalize Korean Tourism and Transit Tourism“. In line with the spread of the Korean Wave culture, which only continues to gain popularity, there are plans to develop more Visit Korea travel products.

The 17th Incheon Airport Family Global Volunteer Group, consisting of 26 executives and employees at Incheon Airport, was dispatched to Batam.🤝 They carried out facility repairs, equipment support, educational services, and cultural exchange events to improve the quality of local elementary schools. Help us cheer on Hong Nadim International Airport which has joined hands with Incheon Airport on its quest to grow into a gateway airport to ASEAN.

Today we did a recap of the main headline stories from Incheon Airport during May. You may have noticed that we focused on expanding our airport’s influence by investing our skills and experience to develop overseas airports and strengthen aviation marketing. We ask for your continued support as we strive to become a globally-recognized airport! 👏

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