Korean Traditional Cultural Media Art at Incheon Airport

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When you’re at Incheon Airport✈, every moment is a colorful one. This is because there are various artworks all throughout the airport that delight both the eyes and mind. Incheon Airport is considered the gateway to Korea, so it’s only fitting that there are numerous works that relay the traditional culture of Korea.✨

Today we’ll share with you artwork that combines Korean traditional culture and digitization. In fact, we’ll share with you all the traditional cultural media art you can find at Incheon Airport. Whether you’re a domestic or international traveler, get ready to explore beauty that is uniquely Korean. ☺

Inside the Gateway to Korea: Traditional Cultural LED Media Wall

Traditional Cultural LED Media Wall

* Collaborative project between Cultural Heritage Administration,
National Palace Museum of Korea, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation
Passenger Terminal 1, West side of Arrival Hall

Did you know there is a traditional cultural LED media wall located in the East and West sides of the Arrival Hall in Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 1? A collaborative project involving Incheon Airport, National Palace Museum of Korea, and Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation, the east side media wall was installed in 2021 while the west side media wall was newly installed just this year!

The west side media wall is particularly notable as you can enjoy a special 4 part set of Korean traditional cultural work. There is the “Joseon Dynasty Wrap”, which shows off the unique beauty and artistic nature of the Joseon period. There is also the “Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware”, noted for the juxtaposition of its black and white designs and the brilliant shine of the mother-of-pearl. There is “Traditional Dance”, which captures the dynamic movements of buddhist dance, dance of peace, and the traditional game ganggang sullae. Lastly, there’s “Hangeul”, showing off the shape and aesthetic beauty of digitized Korean language.

Good news! The older technology used in the media art have been replaced with 32K LED monitors, resulting in more vivid and clear images. Additional new content is set to be added at the end of this year, so if you’re at Incheon Airport, be sure to check our media walls out!

Traditional Dance Meets Graphics: Media Tower Dance Film

Media Art Tower Dance Film

Passenger Terminal 1, Center of Millennium Hall

Many are familiar with Millennium Hall, which is located at the center of Incheon Airport’s Passenger Terminal 1. Here you’ll be able to enjoy traditional cultural dance film in the symbolic 27 meter-tall media tower. Incheon Airport and the Arts Council Korea have teamed up to bring us new videos for the tower.

The dance film <Alive> involved 50 dancers from Korea, led by video director Yoon Min-chul and visual artist Park Gwi-seop, who was also a former member of the Korea National Ballet Company. Various traditional images such as Sanbong Peak, pine trees, traditional Korean masks, and the national Mugunghwa flower were formed through traditional Korean dance, modern dance, and ballet. Watching the dancers’ original movements combined with the graphic designs make you feel like you’re appreciating a beautiful painting. 

What makes this artwork so special is that it is one of the largest indoor electric light boards in Korea, made especially for Incheon Airport’s media tower. Incheon Airport is the only place you can see this work. Just one more reason why you don’t want to miss it!

Did you enjoy today’s story brought to you by Incheon Airport? We will continue to team up with other organizations to raise awareness and share Korean traditional culture and various content from Korea’s past, present, and future to all of our passengers from around the world.

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