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Itโ€™s the first spring season since mask mandates have been lifted after the COVID-19 pandemic has been downgraded to an endemic. We are in what is arguably the best season๐ŸŒฟ for enjoying a nice cold beer. Is there anything better than having a cold one ๐Ÿบas the cool breeze wafts through the air?

Today, we have information that those traveling to Korea during this beautiful season will be especially happy to read about.โœจWeโ€™ve rounded up some beer festivals to check out during June!  If you’re planning to visit Korea this month, visit one of these festivals and create some lasting memories.

Beer Festivals In Korea : Gather a group of like-minded friends and visit The Booth Beer Week

The Booth Beer Week

June 1-6, 2023
Seoul Metropolitan Government in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Seoul

We start with what will be the sixth run of Korea’s largest craft beer festival, The Booth Beer Week! It will take place for six days at Common Ground near Konkuk University, a place known for its youthful energy. This year there will be 30 breweries from all over the country featuring 100 different types of craft beer for you to taste.

Under the slogan, โ€œA festival for people who share interests and tastesโ€, this festival will gather a variety of breweries๐Ÿป, both old and new, from Seoul all the way down to Jeju, including Beer Vana and Incheon Beer. There will be food booths as well as musicians providing live entertainment. Sounds perfect to explore everyoneโ€™s different tastes!

Enjoy good beer, food, and music with like-minded people.

Beer Festivals In Korea : 150 Craft beers to try at Nowon Beer Festival

Nowon Beer Festival

June 2-3, 2023
Nowon-gu, Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul

Gyeongchun Line Forest Trail in Hwarangdae Railway Park has become a favored tourist attraction for its quiet and comfortable atmosphere. This year, this very spot will be the venue for the Nowon Beer Festival where 18 different Korean breweries will gather, offering 150 different types of beer for visitors to enjoy.

There are many special treats being prepared for this yearโ€™s festival including a specially crafted festival signature beer (NBF) and delicious food booths guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds. There will even be a special booth featuring Bulgarian chef Mikhal, preparing kofte and jamon for visitors. An impressive lineup of artists, including Dynamic Duo and Soyou, will be performing to satisfy your eyes and ears.

Hit up nearby attractions like Nowon Light Garden and the Tram Library in the park to make for a well-rounded wonderful time!

Beer Festivals In Korea : Enjoy the charm of a traditional market at the Osan Night Market Beer Festival

Osan Night Market Beer Festival

June 9-11, 2023
Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do Province 22 Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do Province

When you want to enjoy a good beer, having good food to accompany it is essential! If you want to enjoy some traditional marketplace eats with your beer, check out the 9th run of the Osan Night Market Beer Festival. There will be 36 Korean breweries offering 350 different types of beer, along with a flea market to browse through.

The festival takes place at Osaek Market, which is an acronym for โ€œanother unique dayโ€ in Korean. As the name suggests, this place is a traditional market meets cultural experience center. Under this yearโ€™s festival slogan of โ€œPlay Night Market Beerโ€, there will be a total of three different areas: barbecue zone, EDM zone, and romantic party zoneโœจ. As for food, the market food booths have got you covered with the quintessential addictive and flavorful menu items.

If you’re curious about this one-of-a-kind beer festival taking place in a traditional market, visit Osanโ€™s Osaek Market in June!

Today, Incheon Airportโœˆ introduced some beer festivals to check out in Korea. Did any pique your interest? We hope to continue to provide fun and interesting information to make your trip to Korea a happy one. โ˜บ

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