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There’s a lot of things to think about when traveling abroad with your children. The wait time feels longer and don’t even get us started on the increased stress levels when they start to cry👶. If you’re a parent in need of a nursing room or lounge to rest in, listen up!☝🏻

Today we’ll be introducing Incheon Airport’s 24 hour Baby Lounge.😃 If you have a trip coming up, it will be helpful to know exactly where our Baby Lounges are.

Enjoy a comfortable and peaceful moment with your child. Our Baby Lounges + Nursing Rooms are free and open 24 hours!

Baby Lounge + Nursing Room

Passenger Terminals 1 & 2, Transportation Center (General Area/Duty-Free Zone)

There are multiple Baby Lounges with nursing rooms located all throughout the airport, including in both Terminals 1, 2, and the Transportation Center. Click on the link above for more information. Keep in mind only the parents/guardians of children and pregnant women are allowed entry into the lounges.

When you first enter, read the lounge rules posted near the entrance. You’ll find everything you’ll need including a nursing room, diaper changing area, sink, bottle sterilizer🍼, purified water dispenser, scale, and hand sanitizer.

Note that the Baby Lounge located in the Duty-Free Zone doesn’t have a microwave. We recommend finding another method of heating up any baby food before entering that particular lounge. ☺

Did you find today’s post on Incheon Airport’s Baby Lounge useful? We hope it was welcomed news for parents planning to take their kids on an overseas trip. Now they have an option of passing their waiting time in a comfortable place! We’ll be back with more useful, interesting news next time so please check in again soon! ☺

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