Incheon Airport Museumโ€™s Special Exhibition

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Did you know that there is a wonderful museum located in the Boarding Area of Incheon Airport? It opened in June of 2021 and has been holding unique exhibitions sharing the beauty of Korean culture to all of our passengers ever since. There is another special exhibition being planned under two different themes.

The themes of Incheon Airport Museumโ€™s Special Exhibition are <Baekje Luxury, Baekje Patterns Exhibition> and <Jeoni: Korean Furniture>. This is an experience for your eyes, nose, earsโ€ฆall your senses really! Let us share with you all the details!โ˜บ

2023 Incheon Airport Museum Special Exhibition : From Baekje pattern bricks to Joseon furniture!

2023 Incheon Airport Museum Special Exhibition

Passenger Terminal 1, 3rd floor, west side of Boarding Area, Gate 122
09:00 โ€“ 18:00 / Open 365 days / Running until March 2024

Incheon Airport has teamed up with two of the nation’s top cultural and arts institutions. The 2023 Incheon Airport Museum Special Exhibition will be held with the National Museum of Korea and the Buyeo National Museum! Through the two parts of the exhibition, youโ€™ll be able to see Baekje pattern bricks from 1,400 years ago and wooden furniture from the late Joseon period.

The exhibition, which runs until March next year, is free for passengers boarding at Incheon Airport Terminal 1. Shall we take a look at what kind of exhibitions are being prepared?

<Baekje Luxury, Baekje Patterns> & <Jeoni: Korean Furniture> : A two-part exhibition for all your senses!

First up, the <Baekje Luxury, Baekje Pattern Exhibition> will basically be a dream collection for the Baekje people! Youโ€™ll be able to see eight authentic Baekje pattern bricks, including landscape patterns, lotus patterns, and phoenix patterns. In addition to detailed photos of patterns, there will also be videos being projected onto the walls, signature scents, and music flowing ensuring that this will be an immersive experience.

The second part, <Jeoni: Korean Furniture> falls under the theme of “Harmony between Traditional and Modern Culture”. It will feature 10 wooden furniture pieces from the late Joseon period along with 12 modern wooden furniture pieces that serve as reinterpretations of old traditions. What makes this exhibition extra special is that it was also the first special exhibition that was shown after the opening of the Incheon Airport Museum.

Of course you can look up pictures of the works shown at the exhibition. However, if you want the full immersive experience for all your senses, we recommend you visit and witness it in person! If you have plans to visit Incheon Airport, this exhibition is a must-see!

Whatโ€™d you think about our news of the Incheon Airport Museum Special Exhibition? We plan to continue to provide various arts and culture exhibitions and experiences to ensure every moment you spend at Incheon Airport is a worthwhile one.

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