Jin Air to Get New Home at Incheon Airport! Starting July 1st

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July is the month that officially kick starts the summer vacation season! There are particularly a lot of people planning on traveling overseas. During such peak travel times, many people seek out more affordable low-cost airlines for short-distance trips. In Korea, we have the representative low-cost airlines: JinAir, T’way, and Jeju Air. 😄

Currently, the counter for JinAir is located in Passenger Terminal 1 of Incheon Airport. However, starting in July, the JinAir counter will move to Passenger Terminal 2! 📣 The decision to move JinAir was made in preparation for the upcoming summer peak season, to improve efficiency in operations and increase passenger convenience. If you’re planning on riding on JinAir for a trip abroad, we have everything you need to know! 🤗

Jin Air to Change Locations Starting July 1st!

With Jin Air relocating to Incheon Airport’s Terminal 2 on July 1st, the number of airlines housed there will increase from seven to eight, the other airlines including Korean Air, Delta Air, Air France, and KLM Netherlands Airlines. 👏 Passenger Terminal 1 will continue to house the majority of airlines, including Asiana Airlines, foreign airlines, and low-cost carriers.

Anticipating the increase in foot traffic during the summer months, JinAir was first on the list to be moved 🤭 in order to better balance the number of passengers passing through each terminal. In addition to the matter of the busy summer season, the number of passengers seeking out low-cost carriers have increased sharply ever since the COVID-19 pandemic was downgraded to an endemic.

With JinAir being relocated, the congestion at Passenger Terminal 1 will be reduced. Also, you can look forward to Incheon Airport providing more diverse services through collaboration with the airlines in Terminal 2!✨

JinAir Passengers, See You at Passenger Terminal 2!

There are still many passengers that probably haven’t heard the news of JinAir’s move. This is why there are extra measures being planned to update JinAir passengers and prevent confusion, via our Incheon Airport blog, an informative text message, and special reminder noted on E-tickets. So don’t worry, we got you! 😎

In addition to everything, Incheon Airport has been making special plans to ensure safe, convenient, and smooth operations even during the peak travel season. JinAir passengers will be notified in advance of the airline’s new location. However, just in case, we recommend checking 👀to see which terminal your airline is boarding at in advance. Well then, for JinAir passengers, we’ll see you at Terminal 2 starting July 1st! ☺

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