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There was a big congratulatory event that took place at Incheon Airport this past June 19th. We had Lee Hak-jae officially inaugurated as Incheon Airport’s new president! 👏👏👏 Lee confidently promised, “I’ll do my best to help lead Incheon Airport into becoming a global-leading airport.” We look forward to the changes we’ll soon be seeing, just in time for the busy summer travel period. 😊

There were other big events and milestones that took place, including increasing passenger convenience with the introduction of our remote boarding facility, a cooperative marketing project with a domestic airline company, and an eco-friendly cargo terminal campaign 👷‍♂️seeking to further strengthen our position as the second airport in terms of air cargo volume! Check out our monthly headlines at a glance! And continue reading for all the details! 👀

📍 Lee Hak-jae inaugurated as 10th president of Incheon Airport
📍 First remote boarding facility in Korea starts operations
📍Joint marketing efforts with domestic  airline  aim to increase air cargo in Vietnam  
📍 Joining hands with DHL Korea for eco-friendly cargo terminal campaign
📍 Promotional agreement made with ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ to promote self-services

Newly inaugurated 10th President Lee Hak-jae seeks to lead Incheon Airport to becoming a global airport

President Lee Hak-jae was inaugurated as the 10th president and the next leader to lead Incheon Airport. President Lee emphasized, “I will find creative ways to lead Incheon Airport in returning to normal operations amidst recovering travel demands and to help establish ourselves as a global airport.” 😁

President Lee Hak-jae was born in 1964 and graduated from Bupyeong High School, Seoul National University for his undergraduate degree, and Chung-Ang University for his graduate degree. Recently, he served as the head of Seo-gu in Incheon City and was a member of the 18th-20th elected National Assemblies, having devoted himself to advancing Korea’s administration and legislation. In particular, while he was a part of the National Assembly’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, he proposed the “Amendment to the Metropolitan Area Maintenance Plan Act” to lay the legal foundation for the establishment and expansion of MRO (manufacture, repair, overhaul) facilities in the Incheon Airport Free Trade Area.

In preparation for the upcoming peak travel summer season, the airport will return to fully normal, pre-pandemic operations with strengthened safety services. We plan to promote innovative growth for Incheon Airport’s second leap forward by expanding state-of-the-art smart services, completing the four-phase construction project in a timely manner, further developing  economic power, creating smart aviation maintenance (MRO) complexes and logistics clusters, and revitalizing overseas businesses! 🙌

First remote boarding facility in Korea starts operations

If you travel abroad often, you may have experienced a time when you were required to ride a shuttle bus from the boarding gate to the plane. Or perhaps your plane landed and you had to ride a shuttle bus from the plane to the passenger terminal. This type of boarding and deplaning is categorized as “remote”. Remote boarding or deplaning often includes the inconveniences of going up stairs 🚶‍♀️, fighting strong winds, or even getting rained on in bad weather.

To minimize such inconveniences, the first remote boarding facility was introduced in Korea! It is a two-story facility where you can board a plane directly from an indoor boarding bridge.🌞 Major airports such as the LAX in Los Angeles of the US or Munich Airport in Germany also have remote boarding facilities. Incheon Airport will continue to provide services that prioritize the safety and comfort of our passengers!☺️

Joint marketing project with Jeju Air, seeking to increase Vietnam air cargo

A joint briefing session on increasing air cargo in Vietnam 🇻🇳was held from May 31-June 1st in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, with Jeju Air and Vietnamese logistics officials in attendance. The session introduced Incheon Airport’s logistics strengths and competitiveness, ranking it second in the world for air cargo. Jeju Air also shared its experiences of being Korea’s first low-cost carrier (LCC) to start air cargo operations in June of 2022, its strengths in the air cargo industry, and its future plans. 🙋‍♀️

Out of Incheon Airport’s total cargo in 2022, cargo volume from Southeast Asia ranked third, following the Americas and Europe. Vietnam in particular accounted for the highest proportion from Southeast Asia (43.5%), thus fueling expectations for the country to play a significant role in creating new air cargo from the region in the future. With the help of growing air cargo from Vietnam, Incheon Airport aims to become the world’s best logistics hub. We ask for your support!

Joining hands with DHL Korea for eco-friendly air cargo terminal campaign

June 5th was World Environment Day! In commemoration of World Environment Day, Incheon Airport held an eco-friendly cargo terminal campaign at the cargo terminal zone. 🍃 About 170 people, including executives and employees of Incheon Airport, its subsidiaries, and DHL Korea participated to strengthen their environmental resolve.

Participants worked hard to collect trash from the north end of the cargo terminal, further recognizing the importance of environmental management. ✨ There are also plans for future volunteer activities to improve the working environment of cargo terminal employees.

Promotional agreement signed with ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ to promote self-services

Do you remember Bellygom💟 popping up at the Self Check-in Zone at Incheon Airport during the latter half of last year? This year, we’ll have characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom🍪 hanging out at the Self Check-in Zone at the passenger terminals of Incheon Airport during the months of July and August.

During the promotion period, passengers using the self check-in services will receive special Cookie Run: Kingdom-themed boarding passes. There will also be a special giveaway of Cookie Run collaboration goods. So if you are planning to visit the airport this summer, look up the details in advance! There will even be opportunities to take photos with the Cookie Run characters in the Self Check-In Zone, making for an even more exciting start to your travels. 

We shared with you some of the major stories from this past month of June at Incheon Airport. With Incheon Airport’s new president Lee Hak-jae coming on board, we look forward to making more progress in becoming the world’s top airport. Incheon Airport will always strive to be a global leading airport, built on the trust of our passengers. We ask for your continued interest and support for our journey!

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