Incheon Airport’s Special Exhibition on Royal Parties

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Incheon Airport ✈ is Korea’s largest ‘cultural complex’, where many special exhibitions and cultural art displays are held! We have spaces reserved for relaying the beauty of Korean traditional culture.

Today we wanted to share news on a special exhibition that opened recently at Incheon Airport: the special exhibition of “Royal Parties”. This special exhibition really does transport you to a royal party, featuring unique works that capture the details of royal palace life. Let’s take a closer look at what you can find at this exhibit! ☺

“Royal Parties”, first exhibition from Incheon Airport’s “Artist’s Room Project”

The Incheon Airport Royal Parties Special Exhibition was a collaborative project between Incheon Airport and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, aimed at further developing public art. It is a project that not only helps provide exhibition space at our airport to artists living in the Gyeonggi-do region, but also gives passengers beautiful works to view while taking a breather at the airport! 🖼

The first artist to participate in this meaningful project is Kim So-san. Does this name sound familiar? You may recognize the name as she is the same artist that created the “15 Benches” artwork which was shown in the Welcome Hall of the arrival area at Passenger Terminal 1 this past January. The current exhibition will display some of her other works.

The special exhibition “Royal Parties” is ongoing at the exhibition space in the Korean Culture Street on the 4th floor of Incheon Airport Terminal 1 until October 31st. In the general area, anyone can enjoy the exhibition free of charge, regardless of whether they are a passenger or airport visitor. We hope many will visit and enjoy the special exhibition, “Royal Parties”! 😆

How to better enjoy the special exhibition, “Royal Parties”!

“Royal Parties” is not only the name of an artwork, but the title of the exhibition. This frames the entire exhibition space as one big work of art. Royal motifs such as crowns, throne, and royal decorations are presented through various genres such as paintings, installation art, media art, sculptures, and drawings. Individual works are displayed in one area to form a single big spatial work. This allows visitors to enjoy each piece individually, and then enjoy the entire space as one big art piece.

Artist Kim So-san explained the spatial characteristics of a “royal palace”, saying they served as “a cultural arts complex” where the culture and art of that time period could be displayed in one space. This special exhibition on Royal Parties is displayed at Incheon Airport, which is playing the role of a royal palace by bringing together culture and art in the space of an airport.

Incheon Airport has been presenting public art projects with the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation since 2020, with already plans for a second and third project in the works. This will serve to strengthen its position as an “art airport”. We ask for your support in Incheon Airport’s various cultural arts projects to further establish our cultural complex. 🧐

Did you enjoy the news of Incheon Airport’s special exhibition Royal Parties. Don’t forget it’s free! Those interested in traditional culture and exhibitions should make it a point to stop by.

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