Incheon Airport ‘Transit Hotel’ Reopens After Renovation!

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When preparing for a trip, not everything goes according to plan. For example, have you ever had a transit flight get delayed or ended up stuck at an airport overnight? If so, today’s post will interest you and may benefit you in the future! We have news about Incheon Airport’s transit hotel reopening after undergoing renovation. 👏🏻

The Incheon Hotel Transit Hotel was built exclusively for passengers using Incheon Airport. You no longer have to sleep uncomfortably sitting upright in an airport chair or scramble trying to book a room at a hotel nearby. You can even book a quick stay just to get some rest after a long flight. Let’s find out more about the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel which reopened on the first of this month after a large-scale renovation project.

Transform waiting to resting through a unique experience.✨

When traveling, there are times when your layover is unbearably long or you want to get some rest, but can’t find a comfortable spot to do so. 🤧 Stay at the Incheon Airport Transit Hotel and avoid walking aimlessly in an airport or sitting hunched over uncomfortably in an airport chair. It’s open to all transit passengers so check it out!

You can stay overnight or even as short as 6 hours. Rest up in a pleasant and comfortable hotel room as you get ready for the next part of your trip. There are 37 rooms available. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how spacious the rooms are and that such a place exists in Incheon Airport. 🫢 Not to mention the view is amazing. ✨ Tell your non-Korean friends about it and give our hotel a stay yourself for a unique experience.

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel
Walkerhill Transit Hotel

Passenger Terminal 1 on 4th floor, near Gate 11 in Duty-free zone
Passenger Terminal 2 on 4th floor, across from Gate 252 in Duty-free zone
Hours: 00:00~24:00
Contact: 032-743-3000(3040)

Incheon Airport Transit Hotel, featuring a modern reinterpretation of traditional hanoks

Incheon Airport serves as a gateway, connecting Korea to the world. Travelers from all over the world come and go through our doors. The Incheon Airport Transit Hotel was created to ensure the time spent at our airport is always comfortable and cozy. Guests may book rooms for six-hour long stays.

Under the motif of traditional hanoks, the hotel features a modern interior twist with a quiet atmosphere.There are even hard-floors and folding screens typically found in traditional hanoks, showing off a cultural richness uniquely Korean. 😏 This space will provide a place for Koreans to add to their travel memories and for non-Koreans to experience a different culture.

Work out at the airport! Incheon Airport Transit Hotel’s fitness center opens

Fitness has become a type of culture in its own right these days. More and more people are working out regularly at the gym. However, this becomes hard when traveling or on a business trip. If you’re staying at the Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 1 Transit Hotel, you don’t have to worry about that! A new facility has been opened after undergoing renovation: the transit hotel’s fitness center! 💪🏻

There are plenty of equipment to use, including dumbbells for strength, cycles to get some cardio exercise, and yoga mats for training both the mind and body. 😆 After sweating it out and stretching your stiff muscles, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your flight to kickstart your trip.

In addition to the fitness center, there’s also a 24 hour Business Center 💼where you can use a laptop and printer.There’s the Air Cafe at Terminal 2’s Transit Hotel, serving snacks and beverages 24 hours a day. Don’t miss out on these convenient facilities at Incheon Airport’s Transit Hotels.

Incheon Airport will continue to make various efforts to create a space that supports healthy lifestyles, going beyond just a place that passengers pass through for their flights.

We’ll be back with more useful and jam-packed content, so check back in with us soon! ☺

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