Recommended Highlights for Snorkeling on Jeju Island

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Do you have a go-to method of staying cool in the summer? Perhaps it’s to enjoy a refreshing watermelon salad 🍉or have an ice-cold beer 🍻out in the open to fight off the midday heat?

For those that love the ocean, swimming, and leisure sports, our post today is just for you! Incheon Airport will be introducing the representative snorkeling spots on Jeju Island where you can dip in the emerald ocean and float along with the cool ocean breeze.

From shallow, calm waters for those new to snorkeling 🙋to deep oceans that are perfect for underwater explorations, we have it all! At the end of our post, we provided a map 🗺️ with a summary of all our main spots so feel free to use it to help make your travel plans. 😊

Panpo Port, observe calm waters at your own pace

Panpo Port

2877-3 Panpo-ri, Hankyung-myeon, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

The first snorkeling spot recommended by Incheon Airport is Panpo Port, a place perfect to just let your body float along the calm waves. 🌊 The area features vast, yet shallow waters making it a less intimidating place, perfect for children🙋, to enjoy snorkeling. Simply pack some extra clothes as you can borrow equipment from nearby vendors, such as  goggles, paddle boards, and tents.

This place is particularly beautiful in the evening as you can enjoy a stunning sunset of reds painting the night sky.🌅Beat the heat by swimming in the water during the day and enjoying the breathtaking view of Jeju after another fun-filled day at night.

Swim along with dolphins at “Conan Beach”

Conan Beach (Haengwon Beach)

575-6 Haengwon-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Conan Beach is known to be a well-known snorkeling spot located on the eastern side of Jeju Island. The ocean stretches out in beautiful pastel tones. It’s a great photo spot📸 that looks straight out of a movie, thanks to the backdrop of windmills.

There is another reason for this place being so popular! If you’re lucky, you may score a chance to see some dolphins🐬 swimming out in the sea. Keep your eyes peeled as you never know when one of their sleek forms will surface above the waves. 😊

Conan Beach isn’t an official public beach, meaning there aren’t showers, convenience stores, other convenience facilities, or lifeguards. If you are prepared for a safe and fun day in the water, we recommend you pack some snacks. 🍕🥪

Wolpyeong Port, a place to take in the pure ocean of Jeju

Wolpyeong Port

665-9 Wolpyeong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

The juxtaposition of black rocks and clear waters is truly a sight to see at Wolpyeong Port, located in Seogwipo City. Wolpyeong Port shows off a view of the ocean that gives off pure and calming vibes.

This is not the best spot for snorkeling newbies as the waves are strong with deep waters. However, if you do brave the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with sightings of schools of gray mullet, tropical fish, and pretty conchs swimming between the rocks. Experience what the deep and majestic open sea has to offer!

Seobin Baeksa, a beach covered with white sand made from coral bits

Seobin Baeksa (Udo Sanho Beach)

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
252 Udo Coastal Road, Udo-myeon

The last snorkeling spot we wanted to introduce boasts emerald-colored waters with beautiful sun rays shining down, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is called “Seobin Baeksa” for the white sand along the shores, made from bits of white coral.

If you have a chance to visit the east side of Jeju Island, especially Udo Island, be sure to squeeze in a snorkeling session at Seobin Baeksa. You’ll see the fish swimming freely about in the clear water. 🐟🐠Snorkelers visiting Jeju tend to list this place as one of their favorites due to the vast amount and variety of sea creatures you can encounter.

⚓ 4 Snorkeling Spots Recommended by Incheon Airport🥽🛟

Every season has its charm, but the oceans of Jeju Island are especially clear, blue, and beautiful during the months of July and August! How does spending this summer making memories on Jeju Island sound? We will be back with more travel information to ensure healthy and enjoyable trips for our passengers.✈️ If you have any tips to make the snorkeling experience more enjoyable, please leave them in the comments!💌

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