Freshen Up in the Different Passenger Showers at Incheon Airport!

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How great would it be if you could board your flight feeling so fresh and so clean after a nice shower? Actually, many people have been seeking out showers at the airport. Did you know that when you type in “showers”, the third most common related search item is “Incheon Airport showers”🚿?!

With so many people showing an interest, we couldn’t not cover this topic! We have our post, “Enjoy a Refreshing and Pleasant Trip! Freshen Up in the Different Passenger Showers at Incheon Airport”. Read it and next time you’re at the airport, pick the shower facility that suits your needs and use it! 👉🏻

For a quick and convenient shower before boarding, use the transit passenger showers

There are shower facilities available for passengers to use free of charge located all around Incheon Airport ✈. They’re located in the duty-free area for transit passengers or just any  passenger waiting to board their flight. They’re perfect for anyone looking to squeeze in a quick shower before hopping on the plane.

There are four transit passenger showers in total: two in Passenger Terminal 1 and two in Passenger Terminal 2. The shower located near Gate 268 in Passenger Terminal 2 opens at 8 AM while the other three open at 6:30 AM. There are daily cleaning breaks that take place where the showers are closed, so we recommend you check the hours of operation and cleaning times ahead of time.

The Incheon Airport transit passenger showers have shampoo, body wash, and hair dryers for you to use! Keep in mind you must have your own towel as towels are not available. For those without a towel, don’t worry! You can still enjoy a shower before taking off on a pleasant flight. Just purchase a towel at the duty free store near Gate 12 on the third floor of Passenger Terminal 1.

Transit Passenger Showers

Near Gate 29 (West, Transfer Convenience Lounge)
/ Near Gate 25 (East, Transfer Lounge) in Duty Free Area on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1
Near Gate 268 (East, Transfer Lounge)
/ Gate 231 in Duty Free Area on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 2
Operating hours: 06:30 to 20:00
Contact: 1577-2600

For a relaxing and comfortable shower, use the Matina Lounge shower

Especially during hot weather like this, you’ll find yourself working up a sweat just from lugging your suitcases into the airport. 😓 Many people find themselves wishing they could take a quick shower after simply checking in and making it into the duty-free area. There’s a solution for such people! Not only can you take a shower, but you can enjoy gourmet food while resting at the Matina Lounge or the Matina Gold Lounge!

Once inside, simply ask the workers for any assistance and the showers are available for use with no additional charge. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a hotel when you enter the luxurious shower area. There are towels, all-in-one shampoo and body wash, and hair dryers available for your convenience. Thus you’ll be able to take a shower in the lounge without unpacking all your travel bags. ☺

Entry into the Matina Lounge and Matina Gold Lounge can cost you a little, but if you own a PP card, entry will be free or discounted. Enjoy all the lounge has to offer, including showers, a buffet, and other convenience facilities to prepare for your trip.  😎

Matina Lounge(T1)

Near gate 11 of duty-free area on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1
Operating hours: 07:00 to 22:00
Contact: 032-743-3012

Matina Gold Lounge(T2)

Across from Gate 249 in the duty-free area on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 2
Operating hours: 07:00 to 22:00
Contact: 032-743-5060

For spending a night at the airport to catch a red eye, use the Spa On Air showers

There are people who will spend the night at the airport to make an early morning or red eye flight. It can be quite dreary to wait so long. To lessen such discomfort, we recommend freshening up with a shower at our overnight accommodation facility, Incheon Airport Spa On Air!

Incheon Airport’s Spa On Air is open 24 hours and has showers and saunas for our passengers to use. The Spa On Air showers are divided into individual stalls for your privacy. For those who enjoy saunas, don’t miss out on an opportunity for a nice steam session. ♨

You can choose from various time increments to enjoy your shower, ranging from two hours to 12 hours. The prices are very reasonable so we definitely recommend you stop by the next time you need to freshen up. 👍🏻

Incheon Airport Spa On Air

Passenger Terminal 1, East side of B1
Hours of operation: 24 hours a day
Contact: 032-743-7042

We’ve heard your interest in the showers at Incheon Airport and we’ve responded! We hope you found our post “Enjoy a Refreshing and Pleasant Trip! Freshen Up in the Different Passenger Showers at Incheon Airport” helpful. ☺

We will continue to bring you information on your topics of interests and needs so please continue to check in with us on Incheon Airport’s ✈ blog! ☺

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