Made Easy, Convenient, and Passport-Free With Incheon Airport’s Smart Pass

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There have been more and more people at the airport as of late. Lines have been getting longer. IYKYK, but standing in a long line can drain you of all excitment before you even board the plane! 😱

Good news! You can now travel out of the country following a more easy and convenient system. This is all thanks to the Smart Pass system that was introduced at Incheon Airport in July. Let’s find out more about the Smart Pass system that allows you to travel out of Korea without having to take your passport and boarding pass out of your bag!☝🏻

Smart Pass Service Employs Efficient and Speedy Facial Recognition Scanners

Advance registration for the Smart Pass service started this past July 10th. This service allows you to leave the country quickly with the help of facial recognition scanners, saving you from taking out your passport and boarding pass from your bag. Passengers departing out of Incheon Airport can pass through the departure hall and boarding gate without complicated procedures as long as they register their facial recognition information beforehand! 😆

It is a service that not only eliminates the hassle of taking out your passport and boarding pass every time, but also reduces the risk of losing these items, giving you peace of mind. ☺

With the help of the Smart Pass service, the time spent checking in for departure is expected to decrease by 10% while time spent waiting for boarding the plane is expected to decrease by up to 40%. Minimizing all this waiting time, we expect our passengers to have a more convenient and pleasant trip.  😎

How to Register in Advance and Use the Smart Pass Service

In order to make use of our easy and convenient Smart Pass service to speed up your departure process, you must register your biometric information in advance. There are two ways to do this.

The first method is registering online at your convenience. Just download the ICN Smart Pass app and create an account by registering your passport, uploading a photo of your face, and verifying your identity. ☺You will then be issued a Smart Pass ID which you can use to register your boarding pass. With that, you’re all set to use the Smart Pass service!

The second method is to register on-site at a self-check-in kiosk at the airport. Use one of the kiosks at the Self Check-In area to create an account by scanning your passport, taking a photo, and verifying your identity. After that, you can scan your passport to be issued your boarding pass. From then on, you will be able to use the Smart Pass service.   Once you’ve completed your Smart Pass registration, you will be able to go through the rest of your departure process quickly, sans passport, through facial recognition. The registered information for your Smart Pass will be good for five years. Give it a try and travel out of Incheon Airport more conveniently and easily.

*Note: You must have your passport and boarding pass when traveling out of the country!

What did you think of today’s post regarding the Smart Pass service which allows you to travel out of Korea more conveniently, saving you effort in digging through all your things to fish out your passport and boarding pass? Incheon Airport will continue to work hard to increase convenience for our passengers. ☺

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