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The Bangasayusang (the Pensive Bodhisattva), is one of Korea’s national treasures. Did you know you can also see the Bangasayusang at Incheon Airport? 😄Plus there are a variety of other goods available, including brilliant mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes and other items created by those officially deemed masters of their respective crafts.

You can find the Korean Traditional Culture Center located on the 3rd floor of Incheon Airport Terminal 1. Let’s take a closer look at Incheon Airport Museum goods (aka MU:DS) that emulate Korean tradition and beauty! ☝🏻

The Korean Traditional Culture Center: A place you can experience K-culture products

Korean Traditional Culture Center

Store location: Passenger Terminal 1, 3rd floor of Duty Free Area,
Gate 25 on east side/Gate 29 on west side
Operating hours: 06:30 to 21:30

Incheon Airport’s Korean Traditional Culture Center is a special space for foreign passengers to relax and experience Korea. Both the centers located on the east and west ends of the airport offer free programs and exhibitions so if you are visiting our Terminal 1, be sure to visit!

It was created by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation to promote the excellence of Korean traditional culture to the world. In addition to offering various experience programs, it is possible to purchase traditional cultural works capturing the essence of Korea, created by skilled masters.

What’s particularly notable is that with the help of the National Museum Cultural Foundation, over 10 kinds of museum goods (MU:DS) can be purchased at the Incheon Airport Traditional Culture Center! These would make great gifts for foreign friends visiting Korea. Let us go through a few of these MU:DS. 🧐

Take home Korean tradition and culture with Museum Goods, aka MU:DS!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, MU:DS is short for “Museum” and “Goods”. MU:DS are meaningful items because you get to take home a piece you saw at the museum.

The first product we want to introduce is the “Banga Sayusang” (“Pensive Bodhisattva”) MU:DS, a miniature version of the representative relic at the National Museum of Korea. When visiting the National Museum of Korea, the Pensive Bodhisattva (or Thinking Buddha) is a must-see!

A total of five different colors were used to create a high-quality version of the Pensive Bodhisattva, boasting a realness comparable to the original relic. Made of polyurethane resin, it is highly resistant to elasticity and shock and its glossy coating helps fight against scratches or stains making it a great gift!

iniature Thinking Buddha Version 3

65,000 won

There are beautiful pearl jewelry boxes 💎 made up of special brilliant shells from abalone, conch, and pearl clams. The shells of Korean shellfish boast a particularly unique shine and has long been used as a material for traditional crafts and ornaments.

Keep your precious jewelry extra safe in these special jewelry boxes. These jewelry box MU:DS are available in various sizes and designs at the Traditional Culture Center, so find the box that suits your taste!

Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry Box

35,000 ~ 250,000 won

In October 2020, there was a limited-edition gift product that was so popular that we have since received numerous requests for it to be made available again. It was a product called the Royal Joseon Lantern. Guess what? There are now Royal Joseon Lantern Making Kits available at Incheon Airport! 👏🏻

Anyone can make these safe and sturdy royal Joseon lanterns, which consist of transparent acrylic plates and battery-operated LED candles. You can decorate the lanterns’ acrylic sides with flower, butterfly, or tree decorations. Create your own unique lantern and add a soft, subtle glow to your bedroom or living room. ☺

Royal Joseon Lantern Making Kit

35,000 won

Did you enjoy our post on Incheon Airport’s MU:DS? You can experience Korean design and beauty at Incheon Airport. In addition to the MU:DS we covered today, you can pick up alcohol serving sets, scarves, dolls and more at the Korean Traditional Culture Center, so please come visit! 👉

If you want to know more about what you can take home from Incheon Airport✈, go ahead and add us as a neighbor! We ask for your continued support for our Incheon Airport blog.

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