Incheon Airport’s Special Measures Ensure Jamboree Scouts’ Safe and Comfortable Departure

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The 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Competition was held this month bringing many people from all over the world to Korea. After the competition, on the 11th, the day when the Jamboree scouts had to return to their respective countries arrived. Thanks to the thoughtful and detailed support 😮offered by Incheon Airport✈️, the Jamboree scouts were not just able to depart Korea safely, they also made some lasting memories.

Incheon Airport was responsible for the scouts’first and last impressions of Korea. Aren’t you curious about how the send-off went? We’ll fill you in on Incheon Airport’s “Operation Jamboree Scouts’ Send-Off”and how it was successful despite tight scheduling and less-than ideal conditions.

D-1 Until Departure: Meticulous consideration and quick decision-making is key!

A total of 43,225 Jamboree scouts took part in the competition, 15,000 of whom were forced to wait long hours at the airport or even spend the night due to flight schedules and budget shortages. Many participants didn’t have a place to rest with the surge of travelers and shortage of airport workers during the peak summer season. 😥

Despite all this, Incheon Airport wanted the Jamboree scouts from all over the world to be able to leave the country safely and comfortably. Thus we sprang into action with swift decisiveness.🚨

CH1. 16,500+ square meter resting area created.
First, Lee Hak-jae, the president of Incheon Airport, appointed Transportation Center 1, Transportation Center 2, and the Sky Dome to be used as resting areas for the scouts. Thermal insulated mats and camping mats were used to counter the cold and hardness of the stone floors. The temperatures were also set to a pleasant 24 degrees Celcius.

CH2. 2,000 hamburgers sets prepared.
Providing dinner for the scouts was also a challenge. A large amount of food had to be prepared without causing any delays or food shortages for the rest of the airport passengers. Incheon Airport extended business hours for restaurants/stores to 24 hours. It also quickly managed to airlift necessary ingredients from nearby stores and distribution centers. With the cooperation of many people, we are able to provide hamburger sets 🍔🍟 to the Jamboree participants.

Departure Day: Help create lasting memories for the Jamboree scouts.

Incheon Airport didn’t just provide accommodations and meals, it also became a source of entertainment for Jamboree scouts. Let’s take a look at how the Jamboree crew enjoyed unique experiences with the friendly airport staff.

CH3. Jamboree members join in for morning exercises.
Guess who joined the airport cleaning technicians for their daily morning exercise before work? The Jamboree scouts from Portugal expressed their desire to join the airport staff. Despite language barriers, the scouts enjoyed themselves, barely able to contain their laughter throughout the movements. 😆

● CH4. Incheon Airport helps promote Korean traditional culture.
Incheon Airport’s “Korean Traditional Culture Center” and mascot “Airstar” were particularly popular amongst the Jamboree scouts. The scouts got the full Korean experience by trying on traditional Korean hanboks, making traditional crafts, and enjoying Korean cultural music. The scouts that befriended Air Star stayed busy taking selfies together!

CH5. A heartfelt farewell met with small gestures of appreciation.
The Jamboree scouts expressed their warmth and gratitude in response to the farewells of the airport employees and President Lee Hak-jae. The latter frequently visited the resting area to make sure the scouts were being well-taken care of. Food, daily necessities, and basic medication were personally offered by airport staff to the scouts from different countries. Some of the scouts showed their appreciation by giving Jamboree patches to airport staff, unofficially appointing them as honorary Jamboree scouts! Japanese scouts even offered drinks to airport staff, which boosted their spirits as they stayed with the scouts all night.😍

Incheon Airport’s quick execution and engagement really shone throughout Operation Jamboree Scouts Send-Off. We hope it was a pleasant experience and a comfortable time for the scouts.💝 In turn, it was a rewarding experience for us at Incheon Airport, reminding us of our role as the place that is responsible for the safety and happiness of everyone visiting Korea. For the Jamboree scouts who recently left Korea, we hope to see you again next time!👋🏻

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