Special Exhibition, ‘Direct from Antarctica and the Arctic to Incheon AirportSpecial Exhibition’

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Do you know what the duty-free zones of Incheon Airport and the North and South Poles all have in common? If you don’t have a clue, you can get a hint from the news about Incheon Airport we have for you today.💡 A special exhibition that transforms riddle-like questions into interesting topics is currently ongoing!

This exhibition is brought to you by the Incheon International Airport Corporation, the Korea Culture and Arts Commission, and the Polar Research Institute, called ‘Direct from Antarctica and the Arctic to Incheon Airport’. After seven artists went to the polar regions, they captured their inspiration in seven pieces of installation art and media art.🖼️ Their works are on display, an array of different perspectives and personalities all in the same space of the duty-free zone at Incheon Airport!

7 Artists Aboard on the Araon

Direct from Antarctica and the Arctic to Incheon Airport

Location : Passenger Terminal 2, Duty-free area near Gate 253
Duration : July 26-November 30, 2023

Each work contains the journey of one of the seven artists who boarded the Araon to visit the poles and returned home to Incheon Airport. That’s why the title of the exhibition is ‘From the North/South Pole → To Incheon Airport’. For the travelers who visit our duty-free zone, they will be able to experience the spectacular scenery of the polar regions simply by perusing the works on display while shopping.🤩

There are many similarities between the polar region and the duty-free zone of Incheon Airport. First, there is no official nationality. Also, just like how the poles aren’t assigned a specific time zone, time in the duty-free zone is also fluid, running 24 hours, day and night.⌚ There’s also an interesting parallel theory that both places are somewhere nobody can stay forever. People stay for a bit, but eventually leave. This is how travel and art have coincided to meet at the duty-free zone!👏🏻

ICN Culture and Arts Contents That Offer Unique Experiences

We hope that this exhibition will spark dreams of travel and art intertwining, but also serve as an opportunity to protect the polar environment and promote its importance. Incheon Airport’s ambition to utilize the special space of an airport to offer one-of-a-kind experiences is coming to fruition.

ICN Culture and Arts Week

Duration : August 8-September 17, 2023 (6 weeks)
Public Arts Project, Youth Artist Busking, KIAF (Korea International Art Fair)

Do you remember the Media Digital Art Exhibition ‘In Sync’ that we introduced in our last post? In addition to that exhibition, Incheon Airport has planned various cultural and artistic contents such as special performances and cultural events. It’s the inaugural ICN Culture and Arts Week being held this year! I hope this helps to expand the dreams and inspirations of everyone who visits the airport.

View the exhibition at Incheon Airport ✈️ in the video below! 😉

Incheon Airport will continue to ‘connect people and culture into the future’.✈️ Like our slogan says, our goal is to ensure all our passengers have a rich and enjoyable experience at our airport.🎁

*Direct from Antarctica and the Arctic to Incheon Airport.

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