Best Healthy Dishes to Eat at Incheon Airport Before Your Trip

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There are many things to take care of to ensure a fun and successful trip. One of them is to stay in tip-top condition with plenty of energy! This is even more important in-between seasons as your body can lack energy and feel more fatigue. How does fighting that off with some healthy dishes to restore your energy levels sound?

We have a list of the best healthy dishes at Incheon Airport that can boost your physical condition before getting on the plane! Have a warm bowl of these foods before taking off for your trip, leaving you feeling good both physically and mentally! ☝🏻

Yeon Deul: Try Korea’s representative healthy dish ‘samgyetang’ with an extra boost of abalone

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There is a restaurant where you can eat proper Korean food at the Transportation Center of Incheon Airport Terminal 1, level B1. The restaurant is called Yeon Deul, operating under the slogan of creating healthy Korean meals made from nature’s goodness. There are popular dishes such as kimchi stew and soondubu (soft tofu stew), but the one dish that is hard to find elsewhere is the abalone samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup).

Samgyetang is the most representative health food in Korea. On top of that, this restaurant adds abalone, also called the ginseng of the sea! Chicken helps keep your body warm while abalone is good for fighting fatigue. A bowl of this and you’ll be able to have a healthy and energetic trip with nothing getting you down!

The abalone samgyetang at Yeon Deul is light on the seasonings, highlighting the natural deep and healthy flavors. They also offer Korean side dishes such as tteokbokki and pancakes that you can fill up yourself. Restore your mind and body with some abalone samgyetang before your trip!

Yeon Deul

Location: Transportation Center, West Side of level B1,  Passenger Terminal 1
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (Closed on weekends and holidays.)
Contact: 032-743-7271

100 Year Old Store’s Saejip Chueotang: Enjoy loach soup which is great for your skin and eyes

Whilst traveling, sightseeing, taking pictures, and making memories is a must! This is why we recommend eating food that’s good for your skin and eye health before your trip. To give your skin a boost and your eyes clear vision, you should grab a bowl of chueotang (loach soup) which is known to be good for exactly those things!

In the general area on the first floor of Incheon Airport Terminal 2, there is a unique place called the 100 Year Old Store that sells meal kits. Meals from famous restaurants across the country are captured into convenient ready-to-make kits. You can not only buy these meal kits at this store, but you can heat them up as well to enjoy on the spot. Buying a few extra kits for your trip may also be a good idea for those who start craving Korean food in foreign countries.

Among all the restaurants, we particularly recommend Saejip Chueotang, the representative chueotang restaurant in the Namwon area! The soup is boiled up and then served in an earthen pot. This dish is good for rejuvenation and boosters necessary for traveling! Have a fun-filled trip with chueotang from the 100 Year Old Store.☺

100 Year Old Store

Location: Near entry point B on level 1 of General Area, Passenger Terminal 2
Hours: 08:00 ~ 20:00
Contact: 032-743-4088

Soosam Namju Gomtang: Dishes with ‘soosam’, great for memory and cognitive function

You can eat healthy foods perfect for pre-travel even in the duty-free zone. Visit Son Soo Heon at the food court on the 4th floor of Passenger Terminal 1’s duty-free zone!

We recommend trying the ‘Soosam Namju Gomtang’ which uses soosam (fresh ginseng). An entire fresh ginseng (aka soosam) is added to a clear yet rich beef broth soup. Soosam is great for improving brain function, memory, behavior, and mood. This should help you to remember the happy moments of your trip for a long time! ☺

Son Soo Heon is located in two places near gates 12 and 30 in the duty-free zone of Passenger Terminal 1. Just pick the location most convenient for you! Enjoy these healthy dishes before getting on your flight to help ensure a memorable trip. ✈

Son Soo Heon

Location: Near gates 12 and 30 of Duty-free area on level 4, Passenger Terminal 1
Hours: 06:00 ~ 22:00
Contact: 032-743-6260

Incheon Airport’s quick execution and engagement really shone throughout Operation Jamboree Scouts Send-Off. We hope it was a pleasant experience and a comfortable time for the scouts.💝 In turn, it was a rewarding experience for us at Incheon Airport, reminding us of our role as the place that is responsible for the safety and happiness of everyone visiting Korea. For the Jamboree scouts who recently left Korea, we hope to see you again next time!🏻

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