Recap of Incheon Airportโ€™s August Headlines

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From nearby countries in Southeast Asia to faraway countries in Europe! August is a popular month for travel, when itโ€™s easier to take time off for vacation, especially for those who have worked hard throughout the year. Thanks to this peak summer season, the number of passengers at Incheon Airport has been on the rise. Amidst this busy period, Incheon Airport was also committed to seeing 21,300 Jamboree scouts safely fly out of Korea during August 11-15th.

In more good news, Incheon Airport announced a“Declaration of Complete Normalization of Airport Operations” on August 17th. On this day, the airport’s operational performance was reviewed, from responding to the COVID-19 crisis to accommodating the recent peak summer season. Awards were given to those with notable contributions. Weโ€™ll fill you in on all the details of what happened in our Monthly Headlines at a Glance! ๐Ÿ‘€

๐Ÿ“ Real-time 3-D information now available for flights moving on the ground
๐Ÿ“ “Fusion Gugak Hanmadang” performance held displaying modern Gugak
๐Ÿ“ Incheon Airport holds its ground against Typhoon Khanun
๐Ÿ“ Ready, Set, Fly! Airport operations reach full normalization

Now possible to track real-time 3D information on aircrafts moving on the ground

There are more than 1,900 aircrafts taking off and landing per day at Incheon Airport. And those many aircrafts don’t just take off and land! The role of a “controller” is important to direct and control the aircrafts so that they can operate on time. Now, information, such as ground traffic conditions, travel routes, and various danger warnings at the airport, which was only provided to controllers, is now available for aircrafts moving on the ground.๐Ÿ›ซ

In the case of aircrafts in flight, digital information was provided using various communication and navigation systems, while aircrafts moving on the ground could only rely on analog systems such as aviation lights, signs, and audio guidance at the airport. This often led to safety accidents such as misentry on the runways.

To help prevent such accidents, Incheon Airport was the first airport in the world to develop and pass final verification of a 3D navigation system for aircrafts on the ground called ‘A-SMGCS Onboardโ€™. By digitizing the existing analog system, passengers can enjoy safer and efficient travel routes due to less aircrafts erroneously entering runways and taxiways and shortened time spent traveling on the ground. ๐Ÿคฉ

Now THIS is modern gugak! โ€œFusion Gugak Hanmadangโ€ held

The cheerful sound of music filled the airport last month! Have you heard of “Fusion Gugak”? It means to combine genres such as Western music and mainstream popular music with traditional and classic music that utilize traditional Korean instruments (aka โ€˜gugakโ€™ in Korean). On the 12th, a performance aiming to spread traditional culture called โ€˜Fusion Gugak Hanmadangโ€™ was held at the Millennium Hall in the center of Incheon Airport Terminal 1. It was designed to promote Korea’s unique culture to visiting foreign tourists and provide opportunities for Koreans to enjoy their own traditional culture!๐Ÿช˜

Many musicians who have been recently shining a light on “Korean traditional music” were part of the lineup, such as the creative group Mur which combines jazz with Korean traditional instruments such as piri, saenghwang, and taepyeongso, Gu-i-im which expresses modern people’s daily lives through various media, the MZ generation Korean traditional music girl group Sori Flower Group, and Bidan which is the first fusion Korean traditional music group to sing about Koreaโ€™s cultural heritages. Keep your ears peeled as we have more performances prepared for the future so that everyone who visits Incheon Airport can have pleasant memories of their travels! ๐ŸŽต

Incheon Airport holds its ground against Typhoon Khanun

Typhoons are the uninvited guests of the summer season, and this year also had typhoons hit Korea amidst the hot weather. When the 6th typhoon of the season, Khanun ๐ŸŒช๏ธ, was announced, the nation buckled down to prevent casualties and property damage. Incheon Airport also got fully prepared to help passengers leave the country safely and comfortably.

Incheon Airport President Lee Hak-jae held a situational judgment meeting and spread out the flight schedule to allow for more cushioning in between. In addition, safety checks regarding the sturdiness of trees, traffic signs, and exterior extensions of the buildings were conducted and response plans in the event of various possible scenarios were mapped out. Drainage facilities, underground roads, and rainwater pumping stations were checked one-by-one to ensure everything would work properly even in typhoon conditions. Everyone traveling in and out of Korea can rest assured that Incheon Airport is working hard to prepare for all weather conditions and are thoroughly checking navigation safety facilities in advance.

Ready, Set, Fly! Complete Normalization of Airport Operations Declared

This past 17th, the “Declaration Ceremony for Full Normalization of Airport Operations” ๐ŸŽ‰ was held at the Millennium Hall of Incheon Airport Terminal 1. About 100 officials, including Incheon Airport President Lee Hak-jae, airport resident agencies and airlines, attended and celebrated this milestone. President Lee Hak-jae promised, “We will provide higher-quality airport services by declaring full normalization of airport operations.”

“Let’s fly again, Incheon Airport! Ready, Set, Fly!” was the slogan of this event, sending out the message that the airport will provide safer and more convenient services to its passengers. As the daily average number of passengers gradually recovered to about 85% compared to 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic, this milestone was the culmination of all the extra efforts made by Incheon Airport staff and the passengers who traveled with us, getting us through the past few years.โœจ

Today we recapped Incheon Airportโ€™s August Monthly Headlines, which included new aircraft services, unique fusion Korean traditional music performances, how Incheon Airport made preparations for a typhoon, and the news of reaching the complete normalization of airport operations. We will be back with more updates in the future, so please continue to check back in on the blog!

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