Calling on People to Participate in a Survey on Incheon Airport’s Marketing & Promotional Effectiveness

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What kind of image does Incheon Airport ✈ hold in your mind? We have shared news on various campaigns, events, and convenience facilities and services through our social media channels with you. We have worked hard to stay up to date and post easy-to-understand, interesting, and helpful news to benefit all the passengers that support us.

To get a better idea on how well Incheon Airport ✈ news, both big or small, are reaching our passengers, we are conducting a survey on marketing and promotional effectiveness! We hope that after carefully analyzing the survey results, we’ll be able to supply better and more effective promotional activities. There will be special prizes 🎁given out to some of the people who participate in our survey, so we ask that everyone takes interest and share their opinions. 🙇🏻♀️

We need your opinions on all the various methods of promotion and open communication that Incheon Airport utilized, including photos, text, and videos. The online survey on marketing and promotional effectiveness will consist of comprehensive evaluation questions. You honest answers will serve as the basis for Incheon Airport’s further development and growth.💪🏻

The online survey will be conducted from Thursday, August 31st to Monday, September 18th, 2023. The measured promotional effectiveness can be used as an objective standard in rating Incheon Airport. You may even be chosen as a winner and receive one of our great prizes. With that said, shall we fill you in on how to participate in the survey?

Link for survey

Duration of survey event

Survey period : Thursday, August 31st to Monday, September 18th, 2023
Announcement of winners : Tuesday, September 22, 2023

How to participate in internet survey

  1. Must subscribe to Incheon Airport’s official account.
  2. Click on the following link:
  3. Fill out the survey, submit, and you’re done!


  • 1st place : MacBook Pro 13 (1 person)
  • 2nd place : iPad Pro 11 4th generation (1 person)
  • 3rd place : Gift Card $20 (30 people)
  • 4th place : Gift Card $7 (100 people)
    ❗Gift cards vary from country to country.
    ❗Korea-Shinsegae Mobile Gift Certificate / English speaking country-Amazon US Gift Card
    *Winners will be selected randomly from all the survey participants
    *Winners are responsible for any taxes /public charges related to the prizes.
    *If wrong information is given on the survey, the prize may not be sent out.

We want to thank everyone who are willing to take the time and effort to participate in our survey event! Please click on the link above if you haven’t done so already. Share with us your honest opinions and insight on the impact of Incheon Airport’s marketing and promotional efforts. We will hear out what our passengers have to say and try our best to reflect their opinions in all we do. We ask for your continued support for Incheon Airport!

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