Can You Take In-Flight Items Off the Plane?

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As you get seated on the plane, overflowing with excitement for your trip, you’ll often be handed certain items. It’s almost like you’re at a hotel, receiving soft blankets, pillows, disposable slippers and headsets for your convenience, and sanitary products and lotion in the bathroom to maintain hygiene. Can’t forget the delicious in-flight meals you get served while in the air. ☺

It’s natural to suddenly find yourself wondering, “Can I take the things I received on the plane outside?” This is why Incheon Airport has decided to tackle this topic and compile a list of items that you are prohibited from taking off the plane. Let’s dive right into our Aviation Fun Facts #19: Can You Take In-Flight Items Off the Plane? 👉🏻

Life Vests: A necessary item for the safety of all passengers

The life vest. You may be surprised to hear that people would even think to take life vests off the plane. However, it happens from time to time, especially during the summer season when people take them with plans to use them while swimming on vacation. In fact, Korean Air lost about 500 life vests in 2006.

These specially designed in-flight life jackets are not only pricey, but have a direct impact on the safety of our passengers. Hence why there are now alarm systems in place to catch any life vests that sneak off the plane. Also, anyone who is caught intentionally removing a life vest off a plane may face imprisonment or a fine, so please leave your life jackets in their rightful spots to keep everyone safe.

Thin, Light, and Soft Blankets

There are amenities provided when you fly. Many people in particular need blankets to stay warm while sleeping. Did you know those very blankets are also prohibited from being removed from planes? These in-flight blankets are meant for exactly that: to be kept in-flight.

According to one airline company, about 2,000 blankets are taken off flights every month. In-flight blankets belong to the airlines, so you shouldn’t just take them for yourselves. We wouldn’t steal things from people, so let’s not steal things from airlines. We ask that our passengers please respect airlines’ property. 🙏🏻

In-Flight Meals: Delicious sustenance as well as the kickstarter to your trip

One of the most anticipated moments on a flight is surely the moment when you are served your in-flight meal! 🍽 No matter how tired you are, in-flight meals are an entertaining part of your trip. There are people who save their in-flight meals for a number of different reasons. Rather than throw your uneaten meal away, can you take whatever you saved off the plane?

The answer is no. In-flight meals are subject to quarantine because they are food. This is why in-flight meals are considered undeclared or unreported food. There are of course hygiene concerns as well. While the airplane cabin is kept at a consistent cool temperature, the outside world is not, thus food can go bad more easily. For your healthy and safety, we ask that you please leave your uneaten in-flight meals on the plane.☺

Did you enjoy the 19th edition of Incheon Airport’s Aviation Fun Facts: Can you take in-flight items off the plane? One or two items on the list were even a bit surprising! Going over all this, it’s reassuring to know that flights are kept as safe as possible with thorough management and regulation.  😄 We’ll be back with more interesting stories so be sure to visit the Incheon Airport blog again soon!☺

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