Incheon Airport’s ‘Build the ICN’! A Special Event With Choonsik

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A special event for people of all ages and backgrounds will be held at the Incheon Airport Sky Garden on September 23-24th! 🎉

You can get the full Incheon Airport experience with the most beloved character in Korea: Choonsik of Kakao Friends! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Those who participate in our event will also receive a very special gift. Interested? Read on for more details on Incheon Airport’s “Build the ICN” event! 👉🏻

A Place That Turns Imagination Into Reality. Travel to a world of bricks at Incheon Airport!

Bricks are popular amongst everyone because there’s a sense of pride one feels when placing the final piece on a brick creation. ☺ Guess what? You can now see Incheon Airport in brick form! In addition to the brick version of Incheon Airport, there will be specially planned programs for our passengers in store to provide an array of fun and entertainment.

This event will be held at Incheon Airport’s Sky Garden, where you’ll be able to see beautiful cosmos flower fields. You can take pictures with the cute Kakao Friends characters outdoors in the breezy weather. Make your brick creations, complete the assigned missions, and receive some special brick memorabilia. You can then take a selfie with your memorabilia and submit it for photo event as well!

Build the ICN

Dates: Saturday, September 23 – Sunday, September 24, 2023
Hours : 10:30 ~ 17:30
Location: Incheon Airport Sky Garden

‘Build the ICN’, an event everyone can enjoy! Complete the mission and receive a special brick set. ☺

Curious about what kinds of events and experience programs will be offered at the “Build the ICN” booth? Being that Incheon Airport will be built in brick form, we wanted to prepare programs that allow our visitors to get hands-on with bricks

Take a picture with the adorable Choonsik in the “Brick Experience Zone”, fill the brick runway with brick planes you created in the “Transfer Lounge”, and add your finishing touches to the Incheon Airport made of bricks in the “Brick Wall”.  We’ve prepared programs that everyone can enjoy, so bring your loved ones for an unforgettable weekend!

Also, we can’t leave out the other on-site events! At the “Build the ICN” booth, you’ll be able to receive a random photo cards with the cute Kakao Friends characters on them. You can also receive special goods if you complete three assigned missions.

A mini Incheon Airport that can fit in your room! You completed the “Incheon Airport X Kakao Friends Special Edition Brick” set, but there’s nobody there to appreciate it.  No worries! Take a photo and upload it to your personal Instagram account with the hashtags #ICNSpecialGoods and #IncheonAirport. We’ll pick out twenty people to send out a prize of a Starbucks Americano gift certificate to!

That’s not it! There will be a hashtag event prepared for those who can’t make it to the event. If you upload a photo of yourself in front of any spot at Incheon Airport that’s marked “Incheon Airport X Kakao Friends Special Edition Brick,” your name will be added to a prize giveaway drawing for limited edition goods! We ask for your support and participation! ☺

Sky Garden, the venue for the event, is already decorated with beautiful cosmos flowers. 🌸 The fields of colorful flowers, shades of purple, red, and white, are a sight to see in and of themselves! Visit this weekend to enjoy Incheon Airport’s Build the ICN campaign with your family and loved ones!

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