Incheon International Airport Corporation President Kyung Wook Kim Becomes ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Board Director!

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Airports are distributed in all regions of the world. Sometimes these airports cooperate with each other, and at other times compete with each other, in order to provide better quality and services to those who visit.☺

International airports around the world have formed an organization to pursue improvements, and this organization is known as Airport Council International. ACI contributes to the development of airports all around the world, and Incheon International Airport President Kyung Wook Kim has been appointed as one of ACI’s regional board directors! 🎉 So let’s learn a little more about ACI and what it does.

ACI’ Contributes to the Safety and Improvements of the World’s Airports

Airports Council International (ACI) was established on January 1, 1991, with an aim to contribute to the safety of airports around the world and the development of the airport industry. Its headquarters are based in Montreal, Canada, and currently there are 646 members from 176 countries, operating a total of 1,960 airports around the world. That’s a lot of airports!✈

One of ACI’s major initiatives is assessing the Airport Service Quality (ASQ). Through the ASQ program, ACI surveys and measures passengers’ satisfaction levels, and by announcing the results every year, enhances the competitiveness of airports while helping them improve together. And of course, it’s no secret that Incheon International Airport set a record by topping the rankings for 12 consecutive years~😎

In addition, ACI maintains close cooperative relationships with various other aviation-related organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), while also promoting the development of the global airport industry through diverse statistics and reports. Seeing as how it helps the world’s airports improve in order to provide the customers with safer, better quality services, ACI is an organization we definitely need! 😄

ICN President Kyung Wook Kim Named ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Board Director

And now to the great news! Incheon International Airport Corporation President Kyung Wook Kim has been appointed as Airport Council International’s Asia-Pacific Regional Board Director! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Until 2025, for 3 years, he will represent airports in the region to participate in various policies and decision-making, and contribute to the development of airports around the world!

Although ACI is based in Montreal, Canada, because its members are spread all across the world, it operates 5 regional offices: ACI-North America in Washington, D.C., ACI Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong, ACI-Europe in Brussels, ACI-Latin America in Panama City, and ACI-Africa in Casablanca. By dividing regions by continent, the members can cooperate, support and exchange information more efficiently.

The Asia-Pacific region in particular is the region with the highest number of passengers. In 2018, of the 8.8-billion air travelers around the world, over 4.85-billion used airports within the Asia-Pacific Region! President Kyung Wook Kim had said that he “will work for the development and prosperity of the global airport industry,” raising expectations as to how much the airport industry of the Asia-Pacific region would improve under Korea’s leadership!

We’re happy to have been able to share this proud news with you today! We hope you’ll support and applaud Incheon Airport and its president, who will represent the Asia-Pacific region as an ACI’ board director. ☺ Incheon Airport✈ will continue to work harder to promote the development of Korea and global airports.

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