Discounts on direct train tickets for the Airport Railroad

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Vacation season has finally begun! With life slowly picking back up after the pandemic, many people are planning to travel either domestically or abroad. Did you know that there is a direct Airport Railroad train service that gets you from your home to Incheon Airport quickly and comfortably? Perfect especially in this summer heat!

We’re back with news to help you make the best use of this direct train service. Incheon Airport, in cooperation with the Airport Railroad, is offering a 15% discount on tickets. This is essential information for any airport visitor, so let’s dive in on how to make use of this service! ☺

“It only takes 43 minutes?!” A direct train to Incheon Airport.

The AREX service between Seoul Station and Incheon International Airport, which had been suspended due to COVID-19, resumed on May 30. The direct train service to Incheon Airport is an express train between Seoul Station and Incheon Airport.

If you take this direct train, you can travel from Seoul Station to Incheon Airport Terminal 1 in 43 minutes and Terminal 2 in 51 minutes. This is an ideal means of transportation for travelers as they can arrive at the airport at the expected time, reducing stress and anxiety over being late for airport procedures.

There is also free Wi-Fi on the train, so you can use the Internet without worrying about using up all your data and have an enjoyable ride to the airport. ☺

Seoul Station-Incheon Airport ✈ Schedule for direct trains to the airport

Get a 15% discount and even make reservations via the Incheon Airport mobile app. Quick and easy!

To buy your discounted ticket, first you need the Incheon Airport mobile app. It’s easy for even new users to navigate through, so just follow along step by step! First, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the ‘Incheon Airport Guide’ app.

Once you’ve installed the app, select “Public Transportation” on the home screen, choose the passenger terminal you plan to use, and press “Airport Railway” → “Airport Railway Reservation Discount” to proceed with the reservation. Once the reservation has been successfully made, you will receive a QR code for boarding.

Anyone can use the Incheon Airport direct train for about 15% off until March 23rd. Spread the news! ☺

Get on board with just a “QR Code”. No more waiting in line for ticketing!

If you’ve made a reservation on the app, you don’t have to worry about getting a paper ticket issued at the station. Just head straight over to the boarding gate. Once there, simply scan the QR code issued through the app and hop on!

Direct trains stop on level B2 of Seoul Station, level B1 of Incheon Airport Terminal 1, and level B1 of Incheon Airport Terminal 2. Note your boarding location in advance and have a comfortable trip!

A direct train service connecting Seoul Station and Incheon Airport at a more reasonable, discounted price! What mode of transportation did you usually use when getting to the airport? For your next trip, take the Incheon Airport direct train and experience a faster and more pleasant ride to the airport! Incheon Airport will continue to work hard to ensure you have a safe and comfortable trip.☺

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